§ 220 Action for Use and Occupation
§ 221 Rent Due On Life Leases Recoverable
§ 222 When Rent Is Apportionable
§ 223 Rights Where Property or Lease Is Transferred
§ 223-A Remedies of Lessee When Possession Is Not Delivered
§ 223-B Retaliation by Landlord Against Tenant
§ 224 Attornment by Tenant
§ 225 Notice of Action Adverse to Possession of Tenant
§ 226 Effect of Renewal On Sub-Lease
§ 226-A Effect of New Lease On Tenant’S Right to Remove Fixtures or Improvements
§ 226-B Right to Sublease or Assign
§ 227 When Tenant May Surrender Premises
§ 227-A Termination of Residential Lease by Senior Citizens Moving to a Residence of a Family Member or Entering Certain Health Care Facilities, Adult Care
§ 227-B Termination of Certain Contracts by Senior Citizens
§ 227-C Termination of Residential Lease by Victims of Domestic Violence
§ 227-D Discrimination Based On Domestic Violence Status; Prohibited
§ 228 Termination of Tenancies At Will or by Sufferance, by Notice
§ 229 Liability of Tenant Holding Over After Giving Notice of Intention to Quit
§ 230 Right of Tenants to Form, Join or Participate in Tenants’ Groups
§ 231 Lease, When Void; Liability of Landlord Where Premises Are Occupied for Unlawful Purpose
§ 231-A Sprinkler System Notice in Residential Leases
§ 232 Duration of Certain Agreements in New York
§ 232-A Notice to Terminate Monthly Tenancy or Tenancy From Month to Month in the City of New York
§ 232-B Notification to Terminate Monthly Tenancy or Tenancy From Month to Month Outside the City of New York
§ 232-C Holding Over by a Tenant After Expiration of a Term Longer Than One Month; Effect of Acceptance of Rent
§ 233 Manufactured Home Parks; Duties, Responsibilities
§ 233-A Sale of Manufactured Home Parks
§ 234 Tenants’ Right to Recover Attorneys’ Fees in Actions or Summary Proceedings Arising Out of Leases of Residential Property
§ 235 Wilful Violations
§ 235-A Tenant Right to Offset Payments and Entitlement to Damages in Certain Cases
§ 235-B Warranty of Habitability
§ 235-BB Certificates of Occupancy; Required Disclosure to Tenant
§ 235-C Unconscionable Lease or Clause
§ 235-D Harassment
§ 235-E Duty of Landlord to Provide Written Receipt
§ 235-F Unlawful Restrictions On Occupancy
§ 235-G Electronic Billing And/or Payment of Rent
§ 236 Assignment of Lease of a Deceased Tenant
§ 237 Discrimination in Leases With Respect to Bearing of Children
§ 237-A Discrimination Against Children in Dwelling Houses and Manufactured Home Parks
§ 238 Agreements or Contracts for Privileges to Deal With Occupants of Tenements, Apartment Houses or Bungalow Colonies

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