Chapter 455A Department of Natural Resources 455A.1 – 455A.21
Chapter 455B Jurisdiction of Department of Natural Resources 455B.101 – 455B.851
Chapter 455C Beverage Containers Control 455C.1 – 455C.17
Chapter 455D Waste Volume Reduction and Recycling 455D.1 – 455D.26
Chapter 455E Groundwater Protection 455E.1 – 455E.11
Chapter 455F Household Hazardous Material 455F.1 – 455F.11
Chapter 455G Fuel Storage Tanks and Dispensing Infrastructure 455G.1 – 455G.31
Chapter 455H Land Recycling and Remediation Standards 455H.101 – 455H.511
Chapter 455I Uniform Environmental Covenants Act 455I.1 – 455I.12
Chapter 455J Environmental Management Systems 455J.1 – 455J.7
Chapter 455K Environmental Audit Privilege and Immunity 455K.1 – 455K.13
Chapter 456 Geological Survey 456.1 – 456.14
Chapter 456A Regulation and Funding — Natural Resources Department 456A.1 – 456A.38
Chapter 456B Special Provisions — Natural Resources Department 456B.1 – 456B.14
Chapter 457A Conservation Easements 457A.1 – 457A.8
Chapter 457B Midwest Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact 457B.1
Chapter 458A Oil, Gas, and Other Minerals 458A.1 – 458A.25
Chapter 459 Animal Agriculture Compliance Act 459.101 – 459.605
Chapter 459A Open Feedlot Operations and Animal Truck Wash Facilities 459A.101 – 459A.502
Chapter 459B Dry Bedded Confinement Feeding Operations 459B.101 – 459B.402
Chapter 460 Agricultural Drainage Wells and Sinkholes 460.101 – 460.305
Chapter 461 Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation 461.1 – 461.38
Chapter 461A Public Lands and Waters 461A.1 – 461A.81
Chapter 461B Use of State Waters by Nonresidents 461B.1 – 461B.14
Chapter 461C Public Use of Private Lands and Waters 461C.1 – 461C.8
Chapter 462 Landowner Liability to Trespassers 462.1
Chapter 462A Water Navigation Regulations 462A.1 – 462A.85
Chapter 462B Protected Water Area System 462B.1 – 462B.16
Chapter 463B Missouri River Preservation and Land Use Authority 463B.1 – 463B.3
Chapter 464A Dams and Spillways 464A.1 – 464A.11
Chapter 464B Dams 464B.23 – 464B.25
Chapter 465A Open Space Lands 465A.1 – 465A.4
Chapter 465B Recreation Trails 465B.1 – 465B.4
Chapter 465C State Preserves 465C.1 – 465C.14
Chapter 466 Improvement of Watershed Attributes 466.1 – 466.9
Chapter 466B Surface Water Protection, Flood Mitigation, and Watershed Management 466B.1 – 466B.49
Chapter 466C Iowa Flood Center 466C.1
Chapter 468 Levee and Drainage Districts and Improvements 468.1 – 468.634
Chapter 469A Hydroelectric Plants 469A.1 – 469A.8
Chapter 470 Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Public Facilities 470.1 – 470.8
Chapter 473 Energy Development and Conservation 473.1 – 473.44
Chapter 473A Midwest Energy Compact 473A.1
Chapter 474 Utilities Division 474.1
Chapter 475A Consumer Advocate 475A.1 – 475A.7
Chapter 476 Public Utility Regulation 476.1 – 476.104
Chapter 476A Electric Power Generation and Transmission 476A.1 – 476A.36
Chapter 476B Wind Energy Production Tax Credit 476B.1 – 476B.10
Chapter 476C Renewable Energy Tax Credit 476C.1 – 476C.7
Chapter 477 Telegraph and Telephones — Cable Systems 477.1 – 477.14
Chapter 477A Cable or Video Service Franchises 477A.1 – 477A.12
Chapter 477C Dual Party Relay Service 477C.1 – 477C.7
Chapter 478 Electric Transmission Lines 478.1 – 478.36
Chapter 478A Gas Lamps 478A.7
Chapter 479 Pipelines and Underground Gas Storage 479.1 – 479.49
Chapter 479A Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines 479A.1 – 479A.18
Chapter 479B Hazardous Liquid Pipelines and Storage Facilities 479B.1 – 479B.33
Chapter 480 Underground Facilities Information 480.1
Chapter 480A Public Utilities in Public Rights-of-Way 480A.1 – 480A.6
Chapter 481A Wildlife Conservation 481A.1 – 481A.151
Chapter 481B Endangered Plants and Wildlife 481B.1 – 481B.10
Chapter 481C Wild Animal Depredation Procedures 481C.1 – 481C.3
Chapter 482 Commercial Fishing 482.1 – 482.15
Chapter 483A Fishing and Hunting Licenses, Contraband, and Guns 483A.1 – 483A.56
Chapter 484A Migratory Game Birds 484A.1 – 484A.6
Chapter 484B Hunting Preserves 484B.1 – 484B.14
Chapter 484C Preserve Whitetail 484C.1 – 484C.13