(1) Upon the request of a victim, a professional shall report an act of domestic violence and abuse or dating violence and abuse to a law enforcement officer.
(2) A professional who makes a report under this chapter shall discuss the report with the victim prior to contacting a law enforcement officer.

Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes 209A.100

  • Domestic: when applied to a corporation, partnership, business trust, or limited liability company, means all those incorporated or formed by authority of this state. See Kentucky Statutes 446.010
  • Law enforcement officer: means a member of a lawfully organized police unit or police force of county, city, or metropolitan government who is responsible for the detection of crime and the enforcement of the general criminal laws of the state, as well as a sheriff, sworn deputy sheriff, campus police officer, law enforcement support personnel, public airport authority security officer, other public and federal peace officer responsible for law enforcement, special local peace officer appointed pursuant to KRS 61. See Kentucky Statutes 209A.020
  • Professional: means a physician, osteopathic physician, coroner, medical examiner, medical resident, medical intern, chiropractor, nurse, dentist, optometrist, emergency medical technician, paramedic, licensed mental health professional, therapist, cabinet employee, child-care personnel, teacher, school personnel, ordained minister or the denominational equivalent, victim advocate, or any organization or agency employing any of these professionals. See Kentucky Statutes 209A.020
  • Victim: means an individual who is or has been abused by a spouse or former spouse or an intimate partner who meets the definition of a member of an unmarried couple as defined in KRS 403. See Kentucky Statutes 209A.020

Effective:June 29, 2017
History: Created 2017 Ky. Acts ch. 191, sec. 5, effective June 29, 2017.