§ 13-3601 Domestic violence; definition; classification; sentencing option; arrest and procedure for violation; weapon seizure
§ 13-3601.01 Domestic violence; treatment; definition
§ 13-3601.02 Aggravated domestic violence; classification; definition
§ 13-3602 Order of protection; procedure; contents; arrest for violation; penalty; protection order from another jurisdiction
§ 13-3603 Definition; punishment
§ 13-3603.01 Partial-birth abortions; classification; civil action; definitions
§ 13-3603.02 Abortion; sex and race selection; injunctive and civil relief; failure to report; definition
§ 13-3604 Soliciting abortion; punishment; exception
§ 13-3605 Advertising to produce abortion or prevent conception; punishment
§ 13-3606 Bigamy; classification; exception
§ 13-3607 Marrying spouse of another; classification
§ 13-3608 Incest; classification
§ 13-3609 Child bigamy; classification; definitions
§ 13-3610 Abandonment of spouse; classification
§ 13-3611 Refusal or neglect to provide for spouse; classification
§ 13-3612 Definitions; contributing to dependency or delinquency
§ 13-3613 Contributing to delinquency and dependency; classification; procedure
§ 13-3614 Proof of guilt
§ 13-3615 Suspension of sentence upon posting bond; custody of child; revocation of suspension
§ 13-3616 Conditions of bond; forfeiture; disposition of proceeds recovered
§ 13-3617 Limitation on period of suspension or stay; discharge of defendant
§ 13-3618 Construction and effect of chapter
§ 13-3619 Permitting life, health or morals of minor to be imperiled by neglect, abuse or immoral associations; classification
§ 13-3620 Duty to report abuse, physical injury, neglect and denial or deprivation of medical or surgical care or nourishment of minors; medical records; exception; violation; classification; definitions
§ 13-3620.01 False reports; violation; classification
§ 13-3621 Hire or use of child under sixteen for public vocation; classification
§ 13-3622 Furnishing of tobacco product, vapor product or tobacco or shisha instruments or paraphernalia to minor; minor accepting or receiving tobacco product, vapor product or tobacco or shisha instruments or paraphernalia; illegally obtaining tobacco produc
§ 13-3623 Child or vulnerable adult abuse; emotional abuse; classification; exceptions; definitions
§ 13-3623.01 Safe haven for newborn infants; definitions
§ 13-3624 Emergency orders of protection
§ 13-3625 Unlawful sale or purchase of children; classification