§ 50B-1 Domestic violence; definition
§ 50B-2 Institution of civil action; motion for emergency relief; temporary orders; temporary custody
§ 50B-3 Relief
§ 50B-3.1 Surrender and disposal of firearms; violations; exemptions
§ 50B-4 Enforcement of orders
§ 50B-4.1 Violation of valid protective order
§ 50B-4.2 False statement regarding protective order a misdemeanor
§ 50B-5 Emergency assistance
§ 50B-5.5 Employment discrimination unlawful
§ 50B-6 Construction of Chapter
§ 50B-7 Remedies not exclusive
§ 50B-8 Effect upon prosecution for violation of § 14-184 or other offense against public morals
§ 50B-9 Domestic Violence Center Fund

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