R. 2A-7.001 Definitions
R. 2A-7.0021 Eligibility
R. 2A-7.0022 Application Process
R. 2A-7.0023 Participant Responsibilities
R. 2A-7.0024 Applicant Assistant Duties and Responsibilities
R. 2A-7.003 Responsibility of State and Local Agencies and Governmental Entities
R. 2A-7.005 Certification Withdrawal, Invalidation, Expiration, and Cancellation
R. 2A-7.006 Information Release to Law Enforcement Agency
R. 2A-7.007 Agency Use of Designated Address and Agency Exemption Request
R. 2A-7.008 Service of Process
R. 2A-7.009 Maintaining Protected Records Voter Information