(1) The board, by duly-promulgated administrative regulation, shall establish fees for the application, reinstatement, and renewal of a license or certificate and fees for reciprocal and duplicate licensure or certification.
(2) No fee shall exceed fifty dollars ($50).

Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes 310.050

(3) A license or certificate shall be renewed annually and only upon timely payment of the renewal fee and documented successful completion of continuing education as required by the board.
(4) A licensee or certificate holder who fails to renew his or her license or certificate within sixty (60) days after renewal becomes due shall have the license or certificate automatically revoked without further notice or hearing. Any person whose license or certificate is automatically revoked as provided in this subsection may have the license or certificate reinstated by the board in its discretion upon payment of all past-due renewal fees and a reinstatement fee.
(5) Subsections (3) and (4) of this section shall not apply if the board has granted the license or certificate holder a special license or certificate status under KRS
310.041(9) or (10).
Effective: July 15, 2008
History: Amended 2008 Ky. Acts ch. 51, sec. 2, effective July 15, 2008. — Amended
1994 Ky. Acts ch. 319, sec. 8, effective July 15, 1994. — Created 1988 Ky. Acts ch.
246, sec. 5, effective July 15, 1988.