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Indiana Code 25-14-5-2.5. Minority

   Sec. 2.5. As used in this chapter, “minority” means an individual identified as any of the following:

(1) Black or African-American.

(2) Hispanic or Latino.

As added by P.L.177-2009, SEC.34.

Indiana Code 25-14.5-2-5. Adoption of rules

   Sec. 5. (a) The board shall adopt rules under IC § 4-22-2 establishing standards for:

(1) professional responsibility or a code of ethics for the profession of dietetics;

(2) applicant qualifications of a licensed dietitian;

(3) the administration of this article;

(4) the number of hours of continuing education needed for renewal of licensure and the procedures for approving continuing education courses and programs; and

(5) establishing fees under IC § 25-1-8-2 as described in subsection (b).

     (b) The board shall establish, charge, and collect fees under IC § 25-1-8-2 for:

(1) the filing of an application for a license under this article;

(2) the original issuance of a license under this article;

(3) a renewal of a license issued in accordance with this article;

(4) the replacement of a license or renewal license lost or destroyed; and

(5) any other purposes prescribed by IC § 25-1-8-2.

As added by P.L.124-1994, SEC.7. Amended by P.L.90-2019, SEC.26.