(1) No person under the age of eighteen (18) shall possess or use tobacco products, alternative nicotine products, or vapor products.
(2) Any tobacco product, alternative nicotine product, or vapor product found in the possession of a person under the age of eighteen (18) and in plain view of the law enforcement officer shall be confiscated by the law enforcement officer making the charge.
(3) This section shall not apply to persons exempted as provided by KRS 438.311 and
(4) The terms “alternative nicotine product,” “tobacco product,” and “vapor product,” shall have the same meanings as in KRS 438.305.
Effective: April 10, 2014
History: Amended 2014 Ky. Acts ch. 111, sec. 9, effective April 10, 2014. — Created
2000 Ky. Acts ch. 160, sec. 1, effective July 14, 2000.