§ 436.026 Sale or transfer of viable aborted child for use in experimentation prohibited
§ 436.160 Working on Sunday — Work of necessity or charity, athletic games and certain businesses and employers excluded — Penalty
§ 436.165 Retail sales and activities on Sunday subject to control of legislative body of city or county — Restrictions — Public vote
§ 436.185 Exhibition of walking horse where the horse’s front legs or hoofs show evidence of burns, drugs, lacerations or any pain inflicting device
§ 436.320 Minor to furnish identification to play billiards or pool — Owner of table to supply blank cards
§ 436.480 Pari-mutuel wagering exempt from KRS Ch. 528
§ 436.510 Witnesses in investigation or prosecution for gambling
§ 436.575 Motion picture rating required to be included in any motion picture advertising placed or accepted
§ 436.600 Dyeing or selling dyed baby fowl or rabbits
§ 436.605 Animal control officers and humane agents have powers of peace officers, except power of arrest — Search warrants — Execution of search warrants — Arrest by peace officer
§ 436.610 Confiscation of animals on premises where violations of KRS 525.125 and 525.130 occur

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