(1) A person is guilty of unlawfully using slugs in the first degree when:
(a) He makes, possesses or disposes of slugs with intent to enable a person to insert, deposit or use them in a coin machine; and

Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes 516.120

  • Coin machine: means a coin box, turnstile, vending machine, or other mechanical or electronic device or receptacle designed:
    (a) To receive a coin or bill or token made for the purpose. See Kentucky Statutes 516.010
  • Felony: A crime carrying a penalty of more than a year in prison.

(b) The value of such slugs exceeds $100.
(2) Unlawfully using slugs in the first degree is a Class D felony.
Effective: January 1, 1975
History: Created 1974 Ky. Acts ch. 406, sec. 143, effective January 1, 1975.