§ 13-2201 Definitions
§ 13-2202 Deceptive business practices; classification
§ 13-2203 False advertising; classification
§ 13-2204 Defrauding secured creditors; definition; classification
§ 13-2205 Defrauding judgment creditors; classification
§ 13-2206 Fraud in insolvency; classification
§ 13-2207 Receiving deposits in an insolvent financial institution; classification
§ 13-2208 Usury; classification

Terms Used In Arizona Laws > Title 13 > Chapter 22 - Business and Commercial Frauds

  • Adulterated: means varying from the standard of composition or quality prescribed by statute or administrative regulation or, if none, as set by established commercial usage. See Arizona Laws 13-2201
  • Assets: (1) The property comprising the estate of a deceased person, or (2) the property in a trust account.
  • Benefit: means anything of value or advantage, present or prospective. See Arizona Laws 13-105
  • Board: means the state liquor board. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Club: includes any of the following organizations where the sale of spirituous liquor for consumption on the premises is made only to members, spouses of members, families of members, bona fide guests of members and guests at other events authorized in this title:

    (a) A post, chapter, camp or other local unit composed solely of veterans and its duly recognized auxiliary that has been chartered by the Congress of the United States for patriotic, fraternal or benevolent purposes and that has, as the owner, lessee or occupant, operated an establishment for that purpose in this state. See Arizona Laws 4-101

  • Control: means the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of an applicant or licensee, whether through the ownership of voting securities or a partnership interest, by agreement or otherwise. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Department: means the department of liquor licenses and control. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Director: means the director of the department of liquor licenses and control. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Executor: A male person named in a will to carry out the decedent
  • Farm winery: means a winery in the United States or in a territory or possession of the United States that holds a license pursuant to Section 4-205. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Financial institution: means a bank, insurance company, credit union, savings and loan association, investment trust or other organization held out to the public as a place of deposit for funds or medium of savings or collective investment. See Arizona Laws 13-2201
  • Insolvent: means that, for any reason, a financial institution is unable to pay its obligations in the ordinary or usual course of business or the present fair salable value of its assets is less than the amount that will be required to pay its probable liabilities on its existing debts as they become absolute and matured. See Arizona Laws 13-2201
  • Knowingly: means , with respect to conduct or to a circumstance described by a statute defining an offense, that a person is aware or believes that the person's conduct is of that nature or that the circumstance exists. See Arizona Laws 13-105
  • Liabilities: The aggregate of all debts and other legal obligations of a particular person or legal entity.
  • License: means a license or an interim retail permit issued pursuant to this title. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • licensed premises: means the area from which the licensee is authorized to sell, dispense or serve spirituous liquors under the provision of the license. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Licensee: means a person who has been issued a license or an interim retail permit pursuant to this title or a special event licensee. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Mislabeled: means :

    (a) Varying from the standard of truth or disclosure in labeling prescribed by statute or administrative regulation or, if none, as set by established commercial usage; or

    (b) Represented as being another person's product, though otherwise labeled accurately as to quality and quantity. See Arizona Laws 13-2201

  • Misleading statement: means an offer to sell property or services when the offerer does not intend to sell or provide the advertised property or services:

    (a) At a price equal to or lower than the price offered; or

    (b) In a quantity sufficient to meet the reasonably expected public demand, unless the quantity available is specifically stated in the advertisement; or

    (c) At all. See Arizona Laws 13-2201

  • National Credit Union Administration: The federal regulatory agency that charters and supervises federal credit unions. (NCUA also administers the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, which insures the deposits of federal credit unions.) Source: OCC
  • Person: includes a partnership, limited liability company, association, company or corporation, as well as a natural person. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Person: means a human being and, as the context requires, an enterprise, a public or private corporation, an unincorporated association, a partnership, a firm, a society, a government, a governmental authority or an individual or entity capable of holding a legal or beneficial interest in property. See Arizona Laws 13-105
  • Personal property: includes money, goods, chattels, things in action and evidences of debt. See Arizona Laws 1-215
  • Personal property: All property that is not real property.
  • Property: means anything of value, tangible or intangible. See Arizona Laws 13-105
  • Recklessly: means , with respect to a result or to a circumstance described by a statute defining an offense, that a person is aware of and consciously disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the result will occur or that the circumstance exists. See Arizona Laws 13-105
  • Registered retail agent: means any person who is authorized pursuant to section 4-222 to purchase spirituous liquors for and on behalf of the person and other retail licensees. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Security interest: means an interest in personal property or fixtures pursuant to Title 47, Chapter 9. See Arizona Laws 13-2201
  • Sell: includes soliciting or receiving an order for, keeping or exposing for sale, directly or indirectly delivering for value, peddling, keeping with intent to sell and trafficking in. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Spirituous liquor: includes alcohol, brandy, whiskey, rum, tequila, mescal, gin, wine, porter, ale, beer, any malt liquor or malt beverage, absinthe, a compound or mixture of any of them or of any of them with any vegetable or other substance, alcohol bitters, bitters containing alcohol, any liquid mixture or preparation, whether patented or otherwise, that produces intoxication, fruits preserved in ardent spirits, and beverages containing more than one-half of one percent of alcohol by volume. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Testify: includes every manner of oral statement under oath or affirmation. See Arizona Laws 1-215
  • Testify: Answer questions in court.
  • Trustee: A person or institution holding and administering property in trust.
  • Usury: Charging an illegally high interest rate on a loan. Source: OCC
  • Wine: means the product obtained by the fermentation of grapes, other agricultural products containing natural or added sugar or cider or any such alcoholic beverage fortified with grape brandy and containing not more than twenty-four percent of alcohol by volume. See Arizona Laws 4-101