Chapter 309 Miscellaneous Occupations and Professions
Chapter 310 Dietitians and Nutritionists
Chapter 311 Physicians, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, and Related Medical Practitioners
Chapter 311A Emergency Medical Services
Chapter 311B Medical Imaging, Radiation Therapy, and Related Occupations
Chapter 312 Chiropractors
Chapter 313 Dentists and Dental Specialists
Chapter 314 Registered Nurses — Practical Nurses
Chapter 314A Respiratory Care Practitioners
Chapter 315 Pharmacists and Pharmacies
Chapter 316 Embalmers and Funeral Directors
Chapter 317 Barbers
Chapter 317A Cosmetologists
Chapter 318 Plumbers and Plumbing
Chapter 319 Psychologists
Chapter 319A Occupational Therapists
Chapter 319B Prosthetists, Orthotists, and Pedorthists
Chapter 319C Applied Behavior Analysts
Chapter 320 Optometrists
Chapter 321 Veterinarians
Chapter 322 Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
Chapter 322A Professional Geologists
Chapter 323 Architects
Chapter 323A Landscape Architecture
Chapter 324 Real Estate Brokers and Salesmen
Chapter 324A Real Estate Appraisers
Chapter 324B Department of Professional Licensing — Kentucky Real Estate Authority
Chapter 325 Public Accountants
Chapter 326 Ophthalmic Dispensers
Chapter 327 Physical Therapists
Chapter 329 Detection of Deception Examiners
Chapter 329A Private Investigators
Chapter 330 Auctioneers and Auction House Operators
Chapter 332 Driver Training Schools and Instructors
Chapter 333 Medical Laboratories
Chapter 334 Specialists in Hearing Instruments
Chapter 334A Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
Chapter 335 Social Workers and Professional Counselors
Chapter 335B Licensing and Public Employment Qualifications