1.  Active state service.  As used in this Title, “active state service” means all military duty performed as a member of the state military forces pursuant to this Title or the United States Code, Title 32.  

[PL 1995, c. 196, Pt. B, §1 (AMD).]

Terms Used In Maine Revised Statutes Title 37-B Sec. 101-A

2.  Military forces“Military forces” means the state military forces, as defined in section 102.  

[PL 1987, c. 230, §1 (NEW).]

3.  State military welfare society“State military welfare society” means a nonprofit agency composed primarily of serving or former Maine Army National Guard or Maine Air National Guard members established to solicit and accept donations for the purpose of providing emergency financial relief to members of the state military forces. A state military welfare society may be the same organization as a military welfare society as defined in 10 United States Code, Section 1033(b)(2).  

[PL 2017, c. 114, §2 (NEW).]


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