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Terms Used In Michigan Laws 53.91

  • in writing: shall be construed to include printing, engraving, and lithographing; except that if the written signature of a person is required by law, the signature shall be the proper handwriting of the person or, if the person is unable to write, the person's proper mark, which may be, unless otherwise expressly prohibited by law, a clear and classifiable fingerprint of the person made with ink or another substance. See Michigan Laws 8.3q
    (1) The register of deeds shall appoint a deputy or deputies, 1 of whom shall serve as the chief deputy. The register shall employ personnel necessary to perform the functions and duties of the office of register of deeds. The number of employees shall be approved by the county board of commissioners.
    (2) Before taking office, a person appointed under this section shall take the constitutional oath of office as required by section 1 of 1951 PA 22, MCL 15.151.
    (3) The register of deeds may revoke his or her appointment at any time.
    (4) An appointment or revocation made under this section shall be in writing and filed with the county clerk.