160.915.  Regional office proposals, contents. — 1.  Each regional office shall include in their proposal the following assurances and documentation of their plan to:

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 (1)  Provide those functions that are specifically identified under federal and state regulations implementing Part C of IDEA, 20 U.S.C. Section 1431, as functions to be provided at public expense, with no cost to the parent;

 (2)  Contract with established community early intervention providers or hire providers as geographic necessity requires to ensure all services are available and accessible within the region;

 (3)  Implement a system of provider oversight to ensure:

 (a)  That all services are available and accessible within that region including the use of providers hired by the regional office where geographic necessity requires this practice; and

 (b)  Compliance by all providers in the regional office’s provider network, including but not limited to upholding the requirements of Part C of IDEA;

 (4)  Include in each child’s individual family service plan family-oriented approaches to support the child’s developmental goals;

 (5)  Incorporate as the focus of the individualized family service plan best available practices and coaching approaches that support the family’s capacity to meet the developmental needs of their child;

 (6)  Develop or maintain resources or utilize multiple funding sources for providing early intervention services for children with disabilities in the region for which they are bidding; and

 (7)  Implement a system for reutilization of assistive technology devices and oversight of assistive technology authorizations.

 2.  The lead agency may determine other assurances and request additional documentation they deem to be necessary and reasonable to achieve the purpose of this section and to comply with applicable federal law and regulation.

 3.  Notwithstanding the provisions of section 23.253 to the contrary, the provisions of this section shall not sunset.