Chapter 160 Schools — General Provisions
Chapter 161 Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Chapter 162 School Districts
Chapter 163 State Aid
Chapter 164 Tax Levies and Bonded Indebtedness
Chapter 165 Budget and Current Financing
Chapter 166 Permanent Funds and Trusts
Chapter 167 Pupils and Special Services
Chapter 168 Personnel — Teachers and Others
Chapter 169 Teacher and School Employee Retirement Systems
Chapter 170 Instruction — Materials and Subjects
Chapter 171 School Operations
Chapter 172 State University — University of Missouri
Chapter 173 Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development
Chapter 174 State Colleges and Universities
Chapter 175 Lincoln University
Chapter 176 Revenue Bonds of State Educational Institutions — Higher Education Risk Management Associations
Chapter 177 School Property and Equipment
Chapter 178 Special Schools and Instruction and Special Districts
Chapter 180 Supreme Court Library
Chapter 181 State Library
Chapter 182 County and City Libraries — Libraries Generally
Chapter 183 State Historical Society
Chapter 184 Museums — Metropolitan Park Districts and Memorials
Chapter 185 State Council on the Arts
Chapter 186 Advisory Commissions, Committees and Councils, Business and Education