1.  The board shall elect annually one of its members as president, one as vice president, one as secretary and one as treasurer, and shall make an annual report to the governor and the general assembly.  The board shall file and preserve all written applications, petitions, complaints, charges or requests made or presented to the board and all affidavits and other verified documents, and shall keep accurate records and minutes of its proceedings.  A copy of any entry in the register, or of any records or minutes of the board, certified by the president or secretary of the board under its seal shall constitute and have the full force and effect of the original.

 2.  The board may employ legal counsel and board personnel as defined in section 324.001 and incur such travel and other expense as in its judgment shall be necessary for the effective administration of this chapter.

Terms Used In Missouri Laws 326.265

  • Board: the Missouri state board of accountancy established under section Missouri Laws 326.256
  • Report: when used with reference to any attest or compilation service, means an opinion, report or other form of language that states or implies assurance as to the reliability of the attested information or compiled financial statements, and that also includes or is accompanied by any statement or implication that the person or firm issuing it has special knowledge or competence in accounting or auditing. See Missouri Laws 326.256
  • this state: means the state of Missouri. See Missouri Laws 326.256

 3.  The board may also appoint a continuing education committee of not less than five members consisting of certified public accountants of this state.  Such committee shall:

 (1)  Evaluate continuing education programs to determine if they meet continuing education regulations adopted by the board;

 (2)  Consider applications for exceptions to continuing education regulations adopted pursuant to the provisions of section 326.271; and

 (3)  Consider other matters regarding continuing education as may be assigned by the board.