1.  A license shall be granted by the board to any person who meets the requirements of this chapter and who:

 (1)  Is a resident of this state or has a place of business in this state or, as an employee, is regularly employed in this state;

Terms Used In Missouri Laws 326.280

  • Board: the Missouri state board of accountancy established under section Missouri Laws 326.256
  • Compilation: providing a service to be performed in accordance with Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services (SSARS) that is presented in the form of financial statements information that is the representation of management (owners) without undertaking to express any assurance on the statements. See Missouri Laws 326.256
  • License: a license issued under section Missouri Laws 326.256
  • Licensee: the holder of a license as defined in this section. See Missouri Laws 326.256
  • Permit: a permit to practice as a certified public accounting firm issued under section Missouri Laws 326.256
  • person: may extend and be applied to bodies politic and corporate, and to partnerships and other unincorporated associations. See Missouri Laws 1.020
  • State: any state of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U. See Missouri Laws 326.256
  • this state: means the state of Missouri. See Missouri Laws 326.256

 (2)  Has attained the age of eighteen years;

 (3)  Is of good moral character;

 (4)  Either:

 (a)  Applied for the initial examination prior to June 30, 1999, and holds a baccalaureate degree conferred by an accredited college or university recognized by the board, with a concentration in accounting or the substantial equivalent of a concentration in accounting as determined by the board; or

 (b)  Applied for the initial examination on or after June 30, 1999, and has at least one hundred fifty semester hours of college education, including a baccalaureate or higher degree conferred by an accredited college or university recognized by the board, with the total educational program including an accounting concentration or equivalent as determined by board rule to be appropriate;

 (5)  Has passed an examination in accounting, auditing and such other related subjects as the board shall determine is appropriate; and

 (6)  Has had one year of experience.  Experience shall be verified by a licensee and shall include any type of service or advice involving the use of accounting, attest, compilation, management advisory, financial advisory, tax or consulting skills including governmental accounting, budgeting or auditing.  The board shall promulgate rules and regulations concerning the verifying licensee’s review of the applicant’s experience.

 2.  The board may prescribe by rule the terms and conditions for reexaminations and fees to be paid for reexaminations.

 3.  A person who, on August 28, 2001, holds an individual permit issued pursuant to the laws of this state shall not be required to obtain additional licenses pursuant to sections 326.280 to 326.286, and the licenses issued shall be considered licenses issued pursuant to sections 326.280 to 326.286.  However, such persons shall be subject to the provisions of section 326.286 for renewal of licenses.

 4.  Upon application, the board may issue a temporary license to an applicant pursuant to this subsection for a person who has made a prima facie showing that the applicant meets all of the requirements for a license and possesses the experience required.  The temporary license shall be effective only until the board has had the opportunity to investigate the applicant’s qualifications for licensure pursuant to subsection 1 of this section and notify the applicant that the applicant’s application for a license has been granted or rejected.  In no event shall a temporary license be in effect for more than twelve months after the date of issuance nor shall a temporary license be reissued to the same applicant.  No fee shall be charged for a temporary license.  The holder of a temporary license which has not expired, been suspended or revoked shall be deemed to be the holder of a license issued pursuant to this section until the temporary license expires, is terminated, suspended or revoked.

 5.  Prior to June 30, 2021, an applicant for an examination who meets the educational requirements of subdivision (4) of subsection 1 of this section or who reasonably expects to meet those requirements within sixty days after the examination shall be eligible for examination if the applicant also meets the requirements of subdivisions (2) and (3) of subsection 1 of this section.  For an applicant admitted to examination on the reasonable expectation that the applicant will meet the educational requirements within sixty days, no license shall be issued nor credit for the examination or any part thereof given unless the educational requirement is in fact met within the sixty-day period.