475.336.  Effect of filing letters of foreign guardian or curator. — If no local conservator has been appointed and no petition in a conservatorship proceeding is pending in this state, a domiciliary foreign guardian, curator, committee or conservator may file with a court of a county in this state in which property belonging to the minor or disabled person is located, authenticated copies of his appointment and of any official bond he has given.  Thereafter, he may exercise as to assets in this state all powers of a local conservator and may maintain actions and proceedings in this state subject to any conditions imposed upon nonresident parties generally.

Terms Used In Missouri Laws 475.336

  • conservator: as used in this chapter , includes limited conservator unless otherwise specified or apparent from the context. See Missouri Laws 475.010
  • Guardian: one appointed by a court to have the care and custody of the person of a minor or of an incapacitated person. See Missouri Laws 475.010
  • Minor: any person who is under the age of eighteen years. See Missouri Laws 475.010
  • person: may extend and be applied to bodies politic and corporate, and to partnerships and other unincorporated associations. See Missouri Laws 1.020
  • Property: includes real and personal property. See Missouri Laws 1.020
  • State: when applied to any of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the territories, and the words "United States" includes such district and territories. See Missouri Laws 1.020