§ 65.010 Adoption
§ 65.020 Adoption, abolishment — vote necessary.
§ 65.030 Proposition submitted — election held, when — form of ballot.
§ 65.040 Abstract of returns
§ 65.110 Officers to be chosen
§ 65.130 List of the officers elected
§ 65.140 Officers — notification of election.
§ 65.150 Eligibility for office
§ 65.160 Oath — shall assume office, when.
§ 65.170 Certificate — acceptance.
§ 65.180 Refusal to serve — forfeiture.
§ 65.183 Removal of township officers, procedure
§ 65.190 Failure to take oath — forfeiture.
§ 65.200 Vacancies in office — how filled.
§ 65.210 Warrant of appointment — notification to appointee.
§ 65.220 Resignations, how accepted
§ 65.230 Compensation of officers
§ 65.250 No fee for oath
§ 65.260 Powers of townships
§ 65.270 Corporate power, limitations of
§ 65.280 Proceedings by or against township — conveyances.
§ 65.290 Board of directors — duties.
§ 65.295 Board may expend one-fourth of revenue on city streets
§ 65.300 Board of directors — meetings.
§ 65.310 Board of directors — president.
§ 65.320 Claims against township — procedure.
§ 65.330 Audited accounts to be on file
§ 65.340 Claims against township, collection
§ 65.350 Board compelled to allow appeal, when
§ 65.360 Township charges
§ 65.370 Moneys to be collected, how
§ 65.380 Estimate of expenses
§ 65.390 Division of townships into road districts
§ 65.400 Missouri products — purchase of.
§ 65.410 Clerk — general powers and duties.
§ 65.420 Township clerk to be clerk of township board
§ 65.440 Copies of papers to be evidence in courts of record
§ 65.450 Procurement of books and stationery
§ 65.460 Township trustee, collector
§ 65.470 Trustee to receive and pay over moneys — suits on default.
§ 65.480 Action to enforce penalties and forfeitures — employment of counsel.
§ 65.490 Township funds, how paid out — school district funds, duties of trustees.
§ 65.500 Accounts — annual settlement — report to board.
§ 65.510 All books and papers to be delivered to successors
§ 65.520 Treasurer to settle annually with board for school funds — certified copy.
§ 65.530 Township boundaries and new townships, how changed and constituted
§ 65.540 Creation of new township — duties of county clerk.
§ 65.550 Proceedings in case of neglect or refusal to organize
§ 65.560 Failure of appointed officers to qualify — annexation of townships.
§ 65.570 Division of township — disposition of property.
§ 65.580 Meetings to carry this law into effect, how called
§ 65.590 Debts of divided township, how charged
§ 65.600 County collector and assessor — tenure upon adoption of township organization.
§ 65.610 Abolition of township organization — procedure.
§ 65.620 Abolition of township government — effect.
§ 65.650 Township zoning, submitted to the voters, when — township plan, formulated.
§ 65.652 Planning commission, established when, members, terms, compensation, chairman
§ 65.657 Ballot, form — majority vote required.
§ 65.660 Commission, powers — may collect fee, adopt rules — records, commission to keep.
§ 65.662 Master plan developed, purpose — contents — procedure to adopt.
§ 65.665 Improvements, must be approved by commission, exceptions
§ 65.667 Regulations of commission, scope, commission may change, how
§ 65.670 Subdivision plats, must be approved, when, exceptions
§ 65.672 County commission may establish setback lines from roads, how
§ 65.675 Board of adjustment, established when, powers
§ 65.677 Building regulations, unincorporated areas, township board to regulate, when
§ 65.680 Division of unincorporated territory into districts, purposes
§ 65.682 Zoning commission, appointed when, powers, duties
§ 65.685 Change in prescribed use of land, hearing required
§ 65.687 Designation of zoning official, when — permit required for building …
§ 65.690 Board of zoning adjustment, members, terms, compensation not allowed — …
§ 65.692 Regulations, change of by township board, procedure, hearing required
§ 65.695 Regulations more restrictive than private restrictions, regulations control
§ 65.697 Violation of zoning regulations, penalty — injunctions may be issued, …
§ 65.700 Termination of township zoning, procedure, effect
§ 65.701 Definitions
§ 65.702 Sawmill or planing mill included in agricultural or horticultural ..

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