7-3-111. Statutory basis for elected county official government. (1) For the purpose of determining the statutory basis of existing units of local government after May 2, 1977, each unit of local government organized under the general statutes authorizing the elected county official form of government shall be governed by the following sections:

Terms Used In Montana Code 7-3-111

(a) 7-3-401;

(b) 7-3-402;

(c) 7-3-412(3);

(d) 7-3-413;

(e) 7-3-414(1);

(f) 7-3-415(2);

(g) 7-3-416(2);

(h) 7-3-417(2);

(i) 7-3-418;

(j) 7-3-432(1);

(k) 7-3-433(1);

(l) 7-3-434(1);

(m) 7-3-435(1);

(n) 7-3-436(1);

(o) 7-3-437(1);

(p) 7-3-438(1);

(q) 7-3-439(1);

(r) 7-3-440(1);

(s) 7-3-441(1);

(t) 7-3-442(1) if the county has elected an auditor;

(u) 7-3-442(6) if the county has not elected an auditor.

(2) This form has terms of 4 years for all elected officials except commissioners who are elected to 6-year terms. The commission consists of three members.