A business which is awarded a job training grant or a training grant shall provide annual performance reports to the Department of Economic Development and a final performance report upon the completion of the project. The department shall provide a status report to the Appropriations Committee of the Legislature on July 1 of each year. The status report shall include information on each active grant, including specific information regarding the number of positions to be trained, whether new or existing employees are to be trained, the length of time that the project has been active, the amount of funding committed to the project, the amount of funding paid out to date, and the projected completion date. The status report shall also provide information on grants closed during the reporting year, including the total number of employees trained, whether new or existing employees were trained, total project expenditures, and the duration time of the project. The status report shall also provide information summarizing the use of community college areas to provide training services and list specific projects where a community college area is providing all or a component of the training services. If private or inhouse training services are used, the status report shall provide information regarding the name of the private or inhouse training service and the qualifications of the training service. The report submitted to the Appropriations Committee shall be submitted electronically.

Terms Used In Nebraska Statutes 81-1205