Deferred Building Renewal Act
Nebraska Apiary Act
Nebraska Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act of 1969
Arson Reporting Immunity Act
Boiler Inspection Act
Nebraska Amusement Ride Act
Conveyance Safety Act
Parkinson’s Disease Registry Act
Outpatient Surgical Procedures Data Act
Emergency Management Act
Nebraska Real Estate License Act
State Tort Claims Act
State Miscellaneous Claims Act
State Contract Claims Act
State Government Recycling Management Act
Rural Workforce Housing Investment Act
Business Development Partnership Act
Nebraska Operational Assistance Act
Site and Building Development Act
Business Innovation Act
State Employees Collective Bargaining Act
Environmental Protection Act
Nebraska Litter Reduction and Recycling Act
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Act
Petroleum Products and Hazardous Substances Storage and Handling Act
Wastewater Treatment Operator Certification Act
Wastewater Treatment Facilities Construction Assistance Act
Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Act
Nebraska Environmental Trust Act
Remedial Action Plan Monitoring Act
Nebraska Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act
Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Contractors Certification and System Registration Act
Nebraska Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act
Nebraska Crime Victim’s Reparations Act
Licensing of Truth and Deception Examiners Act
Nebraska State Patrol Retirement Act
State Electrical Act
Nebraska Community Aging Services Act
Long-Term Care Ombudsman Act
Nebraska Senior Volunteer Program Act
Prompt Payment Act
State Government Effectiveness Act
Health and Human Services Act
Engineers and Architects Regulation Act
Geologists Regulation Act
Nebraska Visitors Development Act
§ 81-101 Executive department; civil administration vested in Governor; departments created
§ 81-102 Department heads; enumeration; appointment and confirmation; removal
§ 81-103 Department heads; salaries; powers of Governor
§ 81-104 Expending agency; special funds; available for expenditure upon approval of estimate of expenses
§ 81-104.01 Agency; petty cash funds; how established; voucher; warrant
§ 81-106 Tax Commissioner; examination andaudit of books of Auditor of Public Accounts; report to Governor and Clerkof the Legislature
§ 81-107 Departments; assistants and employees; appointment; termination; compensation
§ 81-108 Department heads; restrictions on office holding or employment; exceptions
§ 81-109 Department heads; serve without term; exception
§ 81-110 Departments; officers; oath
§ 81-111 Departments; officers; bond or insurance required
§ 81-112 Department heads; rules and regulations; power to make
§ 81-113 Departments; business hours
§ 81-114 Departments; official seal
§ 81-117 Department heads; employees; extra services; compensatory time off or payment; employees on hourly basis; guaranteed workweek; work period; how treated
§ 81-117.01 Terms, defined
§ 81-117.02 Compensatory time off or payment; when not applicable
§ 81-118 Departments; receipts; payment to treasury; expenditures; when authorized
§ 81-118.01 Electronic payment; acceptance; conditions
§ 81-118.02 State purchasing card program; created; requirements; State Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services; duties
§ 81-119 Departments; investigations; power to compel testimony and produce documents
§ 81-120 State agency; securities; held for safekeeping; book entry account
§ 81-125 State budget;submission to Legislature by Governor; when; contents
§ 81-125.01 State budget; include reserve
§ 81-126 Governor; recommendations as to deficiency funding; bill form
§ 81-129 Director of Administrative Services; investigation of all spending agencies; reports
§ 81-132 State budget; departmental budget estimates; duty to submit; contents; proposed changes; filing
§ 81-133 State budget; estimates and recommendations; duty of Director of Administrative Services
§ 81-134 State budget; departmental budget estimates; Governor may alter
§ 81-135 State budget; departmental needs; duty to supply information requested by Governor
§ 81-136 State budget; estimates; hearing; when authorized
§ 81-137 State budget; appropriations bill; increase; when authorized
§ 81-138 Appropriations; quarterly estimates required before expending
§ 81-138.01 Valid encumbrance; what constitutes
§ 81-138.02 Contracts; not valid encumbrances; exception
§ 81-138.03 Encumbrance; when paid; lapse
§ 81-138.04 State budget officer; review encumbrances; lapse
§ 81-145 Materiel division; terms, defined
§ 81-146 Sections; applicability
§ 81-147 Materiel administrator; appointment
§ 81-148 Materiel administrator; salary
§ 81-149 Materiel administrator; qualifications
§ 81-150 Materiel administrator; oath
§ 81-151 Materiel administrator; bond or insurance
§ 81-153 Materiel division;powers and duties; enumerated
§ 81-154 Materiel division; standard specifications; establish and maintain; cooperation of using agencies; competitive bids
§ 81-154.01 Materiel division; University of Nebraska; purchase agreements
§ 81-156 Laboratory tests; fee
§ 81-159 Requisitions by using agency; procedures used by materiel division
§ 81-161 Competitive bids; award to lowestresponsible bidder; elements considered;energy star certified appliances
§ 81-161.01 Competitive bids; time requirements; waiver
§ 81-161.02 Competitive bids; rejection by materiel division; grounds; new bids
§ 81-161.03 Direct purchases, contracts, or leases; approval required, when; report required; materiel division; duties; Department of Correctional Services; purchases authorized
§ 81-161.04 Materiel division; surplus property; sale; procedure; proceeds of sale, how credited
§ 81-161.05 Materiel administrator or employee; financial or beneficial personal interest forbidden; gifts and rebates prohibited; violations; penalty
§ 81-161.06 State Surplus Property Revolving Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-162 Purchases or leases; form of contract
§ 81-164 Central mailing room; equipment required
§ 81-165 Official outgoing mail to be metered; members of Legislature, when exempt
§ 81-166 Postage records; requirements
§ 81-167 Advances for postage; monthly statement by materiel division; remittance by warrant; overdrafts not allowed
§ 81-168 Central mailing room; employees; hours staggered
§ 81-169 Rules and regulations; authority of materiel division
§ 81-171 Delivery of mail to mailing room for unofficial business; violation; penalty
§ 81-201 Department of Agriculture; general powers
§ 81-201.03 Office services; authorized; powers
§ 81-201.04 Office services; billings and charges; Management Services Expense Revolving Fund; created; receipts; disbursements; investment
§ 81-201.05 Weed BookCash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-202 Department of Agriculture; Bureau of Animal Industry; State Veterinarian; exercise of powers
§ 81-202.01 State Veterinarian; office created; appointment; salary; qualifications
§ 81-202.02 State Veterinarian; rules and regulations; adoption
§ 81-2,147 Law, how cited
§ 81-2,147.01 Terms, defined
§ 81-2,147.02 Container; labeling requirements
§ 81-2,147.03 Sale; unlawful acts
§ 81-2,147.04 Records; samples; subject to inspection
§ 81-2,147.05 Exempt seed or grain
§ 81-2,147.06 Director; powers and duties
§ 81-2,147.07 Seeds not in compliance with law; remedies; procedure
§ 81-2,147.08 Restraining order or injunction; application by director; issued without bond
§ 81-2,147.09 Violations; penalty; hearing; enforcement
§ 81-2,147.10 Sale of labeled seeds; permit required; fees; delinquency fee; renewal; exceptions; refusal or cancellation of permit; hearing
§ 81-2,147.11 NebraskaSeed Administrative Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2,147.12 Preemption of local law
§ 81-2,149 State-certified seeds; plant parts; approval of standards; certification, defined
§ 81-2,150 State-certified seeds; dealers; observance of rules of University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources required
§ 81-2,151 State-certified seeds; certification agencies; nonprofit basis
§ 81-2,152 State-certified seeds; certification agencies; legal obligations; University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources not liable
§ 81-2,153 State-certified seeds; growers; violations; dishonest practices; certification may be withheld
§ 81-2,154 State-certified seeds; violations; penalty
§ 81-2,155 Hybrid seed corn; practices forbidden
§ 81-2,156 Hybrid seed corn; cross, defined
§ 81-2,157 Hybrid seed corn; violations; penalty; enforcement action; Director of Agriculture; duties
§ 81-2,162.01 Act; administration
§ 81-2,162.02 Terms, defined
§ 81-2,162.03 Soil conditioner; registration; expiration; application; contents; custom-blended products exempt; information required
§ 81-2,162.04 Soil conditioner; label; contents; bulk; statement; common name; pesticide; how labeled
§ 81-2,162.05 Commercial fertilizer; label affixed to package; contents; common name; custom-blended products; requirements
§ 81-2,162.06 Commercial fertilizer and soil conditioner; inspection fee; amount; tonnage report; additional administrative fee; confidential information
§ 81-2,162.07 Enforcement of act; inspections; testing; methods of analysis; results; distribution
§ 81-2,162.08 Commercial fertilizer; superphosphate; requirements
§ 81-2,162.11 Commercial fertilizer and soil conditioner; sales information; director make available; contents
§ 81-2,162.12 Commercial fertilizers and soil conditioners; rules and regulations
§ 81-2,162.13 Commercial fertilizer or soil conditioner; registration or license; cancellation; reasons; hearing
§ 81-2,162.14 Commercial fertilizer or soil conditioner; stop-sale, stop-use, or removal order; effect; release, when
§ 81-2,162.15 Commercial fertilizer or soil conditioner; noncompliance; condemnation; court order; opportunity to comply
§ 81-2,162.16 Commercial fertilizer or soil conditioner; rules and regulations; violation; notice; hearing; certification to county attorney or Attorney General
§ 81-2,162.17 Commercial fertilizer or soil conditioner; act; violations; penalty
§ 81-2,162.18 Commercial fertilizer or soil conditioner; unlawful practices; director; waiver, when
§ 81-2,162.19 Commercial fertilizer or soil conditioner; Attorney General; county attorney; duties
§ 81-2,162.20 Commercial fertilizer or soil conditioner; injunction; director; application; no bond required
§ 81-2,162.21 Commercial fertilizer or soil conditioner; sales or exchanges; restriction or avoidance; exception
§ 81-2,162.22 Act, howcited
§ 81-2,162.23 Manufacture or distribution of commercial fertilizers or soil conditioners; license required; exception; application; fee; posting of license; records; contents
§ 81-2,162.25 Misbranded commercial fertilizer or soil conditioner; distribution unlawful; how determined
§ 81-2,162.26 Adulterated commercial fertilizer or soil conditioner; distribution unlawful; how determined
§ 81-2,162.27 Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners Administrative Fund; created; use; transfers; investment
§ 81-2,162.28 Preemption of local law
§ 81-2,163 State agricultural resources, industries, and development; department; publications; powers
§ 81-2,164.03 Agricultural Products Marketing Information Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2,181 Honey; Department of Agriculture;adopt standard; label restrictions; violation; remedy or penalty
§ 81-2,236 Director; contract and cooperatewith federal government; expenditure of funds
§ 81-2,237 Animal Damage Control Cash Fund; created; investment
§ 81-2,238 Director; cooperation with state agencies; receipt of funds
§ 81-2,239 Nebraska Pure Food Act; provisions included; how cited
§ 81-2,240 Definitions, where found
§ 81-2,241 Advertising, defined
§ 81-2,242 Bed and breakfast establishment, defined
§ 81-2,242.01 Caterer, defined
§ 81-2,242.02 Commissary, defined
§ 81-2,242.03 Convenience store, defined
§ 81-2,242.04 Commercial food establishment, defined
§ 81-2,243 Department, defined
§ 81-2,243.01 Egg handler, defined
§ 81-2,244 Director, defined
§ 81-2,244.01 Food Code, defined
§ 81-2,245 Food delivery service, defined
§ 81-2,245.01 Food establishment, defined
§ 81-2,248 Itinerant food vendor, defined
§ 81-2,251 Labeling, defined
§ 81-2,251.01 Limited food vending machine, defined
§ 81-2,251.02 Licensed beverage establishment, defined
§ 81-2,251.03 Limited food service establishment, defined
§ 81-2,251.04 Mobile food unit, defined
§ 81-2,251.05 Person in charge, defined
§ 81-2,251.06 Pushcart, defined
§ 81-2,252 Regulatory authority, defined
§ 81-2,253.01 Salvage operation, defined
§ 81-2,254 Single event food vendor, defined
§ 81-2,257 Priority items; priority foundation items; designation
§ 81-2,257.01 Food Code; adoption
§ 81-2,259 Current Good Manufacturing Practice In Manufacturing, Packing, or Holding Human Food; adoption
§ 81-2,262 Code and practice; where filed
§ 81-2,263 Inconsistencies; sections control
§ 81-2,267 Food establishment, food processing plant, or salvage operation; construction, conversion, or remodeling; plans and specifications; requirements
§ 81-2,268 Food establishment, food processing plant, or salvage operation facilities and equipment; design and fabrication requirements
§ 81-2,270 Food establishment, food processing plant, or salvage operation; permits; application; contents; fees; late fee; exemptions
§ 81-2,270.01 Eggs
§ 81-2,271 Food establishment, food processing plant, or salvage operation; permit; posting; food delivery service; location; change of ownership or location; duties; movement authorized; mobile food unit or pushcart; copy of permit
§ 81-2,272 Food establishment, food processing plant, or salvage operation; inspection; denial of permit; hearing
§ 81-2,272.01 Time/temperature control for safety food; temperature; equipment
§ 81-2,272.10 Food employees; hand washing; food contact; restrictions
§ 81-2,272.24 Time/temperature control for safety food; date marking; sale, consumption, or discard requirements
§ 81-2,272.31 Water supply; requirements
§ 81-2,272.32 Food employee; fingernail requirements
§ 81-2,273 Permitholder; duties; disciplinary action; effect; hearing; reinstatement of permit
§ 81-2,274 Notice or order; service; contents; hearings; procedure
§ 81-2,275 Food establishment, food processing plant, or salvage operation; unlawful operation
§ 81-2,276 Food establishment, food processing plant, or salvage operation regulation
§ 81-2,277 Food processing plants and salvage operations; compliance required
§ 81-2,280 Certain sales direct to consumer; producer; registration; contents
§ 81-2,281 Department; enforce act; powers; contract for conduct of certain regulatory functions; exemption from inspection fee; inspections; how conducted; by whom
§ 81-2,282 Adulteration of food; prohibited; adulteration, defined
§ 81-2,283 Misbranded food; prohibited; misbranded, defined
§ 81-2,284 Deceptive packaging of food; prohibited; deceptively packed or packaged, defined
§ 81-2,285 False advertisement regarding food; prohibited; false advertisement, defined
§ 81-2,286 Regulatory authority; determination of violations; use of federal regulations; when
§ 81-2,287 Regulatory authority; enforcement; issue stop-sale, stop-use, removal orders; procedure
§ 81-2,288 Department; adopt rules and regulations; contracts with federal agencies authorized; exemptions from act
§ 81-2,288.01 Regulatory authority; inspection reporting requirements
§ 81-2,288.02 Regulatory authority; inspection intervals
§ 81-2,289 Restraining orders and injunctions; department; county attorney; duties
§ 81-2,290 Violations; penalty; county attorney; duties
§ 81-2,291 Pure FoodCash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2,292 Bed and breakfast establishments; exempt from act
§ 81-2,293 Laboratory testing services; system of billing; Agricultural Laboratory Testing Services Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2,294 Conditional use permit or special exception application; department; develop assessment matrix; criteria; committee; advise department; use
§ 81-301 Department of Banking and Finance; general powers
§ 81-302 Department of Banking and FinanceSettlement Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-401 Department of Labor; general powers
§ 81-403 Department of Labor; educational opportunities for youth; identify resources
§ 81-406 Contractor and Professional Employer Organization Registration Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-501.01 State Fire Marshal; powers and duties; appointment; confirmation by Legislature; removal
§ 81-502 State Fire Marshal; fire prevention and safety; duties; delegation of authority to local fire prevention personnel
§ 81-502.01 Nebraska Fire Safety Appeals Board; members; appointment; qualifications; term
§ 81-502.02 Nebraska Fire Safety Appeals Board; duties; expenses; meetings
§ 81-502.03 Nebraska Fire Safety Appeals Board; disagreement; hearing; notice; decision; written report prior to order; exception
§ 81-502.04 Rules and regulations; enforcement; procedure
§ 81-503 State Fire Marshal; first assistant; appointment; other employees; duties; uniforms
§ 81-503.01 State Fire Code; State Fire Marshal; duties; contents; enforcement; plans; review; late penalty
§ 81-504 State Fire Marshal; legal counsel; appointment by Attorney General; compensation
§ 81-505 First assistant and deputies; duties
§ 81-505.01 State Fire Marshal; establish and assess fees; procedures
§ 81-506 Fires; investigation by city or county authorities; reports to State Fire Marshal required
§ 81-507 State Fire Marshal; records and statistics on fires required
§ 81-508 State Fire Marshal; arson; investigations; evidence
§ 81-509 State Fire Marshal; investigations; witnesses; subpoena; oath; perjury; contempt
§ 81-510 State Fire Marshal; investigations; witnesses; disobedience of subpoena or contumacy; penalty
§ 81-511 Buildings; entry and inspection by State Fire Marshal; when authorized
§ 81-512 Buildings; entry and inspection; when authorized
§ 81-520 Buildings; fire hazards; abatement; penalty
§ 81-520.01 Statewide open burning ban; waiver;permit; fee
§ 81-520.02 Open burning ban; range-management burning; violations; penalty
§ 81-520.03 Land-management burning, defined; fire chief of local fire department;designate member of department
§ 81-520.04 Land-management burning; permit;issuance; when
§ 81-520.05 Land-management burning; applicationfor permit; plan; contents; fire chief; duties
§ 81-521 Fire insurance companies; reports to State Fire Marshal required; copies mailed to fire department of certain cities
§ 81-522 Fires; failure of city or county authorities to investigate and report; penalty
§ 81-523 State Fire Marshal; office; support and maintenance; tax on fire insurance companies; rate
§ 81-524 State Fire Marshal; office; salaries; expenses; payment
§ 81-525 State Fire Marshal; records public; exceptions
§ 81-526 State Fire Marshal; investigations; duty of county attorney to act
§ 81-527 State Fire Marshal; schools; exits; fire drills
§ 81-528 State Fire MarshalCash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-529 Sections, how construed
§ 81-530 Mechanical Safety Inspection Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-531 Fire chiefs; local officers; fire reports; compensation; mileage
§ 81-534 Hotels and apartments more than fifty-five feet in height; standpipes; specifications
§ 81-538 Violations; penalty
§ 81-551 State Fire Marshal; duties; powers
§ 81-5,132 Definitions, sections found
§ 81-5,133 Apartment house, defined
§ 81-5,134 Dwelling, defined
§ 81-5,135 Dwelling unit, defined
§ 81-5,136 Hotel, defined
§ 81-5,137 Lodging house, defined
§ 81-5,138 Mobile home, defined
§ 81-5,139 Remodeled, defined
§ 81-5,140 Certain mobile homes and modular housing units; exemption
§ 81-5,141 Adopt rules and regulations; administration of law; investigate violations
§ 81-5,142 Smoke detectors; installation required; when
§ 81-5,143 Smoke detector; number; location; operation
§ 81-5,144 Smoke detector; rental property; responsibility for installing, maintaining, and testing; procedure
§ 81-5,145 Political subdivisions; smoke detector standards; restrictions
§ 81-5,146 Violations; penalty
§ 81-5,147 Buildings and facilities; standards, specifications, and exclusions; adoption
§ 81-5,148 Enforcement of standards and specifications; responsibility; failure to comply; effect
§ 81-5,151 Training division; established; purpose; State Fire Marshal; powers and duties
§ 81-5,152 Training program; fees
§ 81-5,153 Training DivisionCash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-5,157 Fire Service and Safety Training Program; transfer to State Fire Marshal; personnel, records, and other property; transfer
§ 81-5,158 Terms, defined
§ 81-5,159 Contractor certificate; required; application; fee; examination; renewal; responsible managing employee
§ 81-5,160 Contractor; insurance required
§ 81-5,161 Sections; how construed
§ 81-5,162 Fees; penalties; distribution
§ 81-5,163 Violation; penalties
§ 81-5,164 Rules and regulations
§ 81-5,244 Certain appropriations to Department of Labor; how treated
§ 81-601 Department of Health and Human Services; powers
§ 81-602 Department of Health and Human Services; medical schools; inspection; examination of graduates
§ 81-603 Formal grievance process for familiesinvolved in child welfare system or juvenile justice system; duties; report
§ 81-604 Notice to Health and Human Services Committee of the Legislature; hearing
§ 81-604.01 Department of Health and Human Services; notified of facility not currently licensed; reports made; by whom; investigation
§ 81-604.02 Division of Public Health of Department of Health and Human Services; survey and certification agency for medicare program and federal clinical laboratory requirements
§ 81-604.03 Division of Public Health of Department of Health and Human Services; survey and certification agency for medicaid program; notice of violation; duties
§ 81-637 Cancer and smoking disease research; terms, defined
§ 81-638 Cancer and smoking disease research; appropriation; distribution; contracts; requirements
§ 81-639 Cancer and smoking disease research; department; make grants and contracts; considerations
§ 81-640 Cancer and smoking disease research; department; adopt rules and regulations
§ 81-640.01 Cancer research; legislative findings and declarations
§ 81-642 Cancer registry; legislative intent; information released
§ 81-643 Cancer registry; terms, defined
§ 81-644 Cancer registry; Department of Health and Human Services; establish and maintain; information released
§ 81-645 Cancer registry; Department of Health and Human Services; duties
§ 81-646 Cancer registry; hospital; health practitioner; provide data; contents
§ 81-647 Cancer registry; certain data; confidential; access for research
§ 81-648 Cancer registry; liability for providing information; limitation
§ 81-649 Cancer registry; sections, how construed; patient and patient’s family; privacy rights
§ 81-649.02 Cancer registry; hospital; failure to report; penalty
§ 81-650 Cancer registry; Department of Healthand Human Services; annual report
§ 81-651 Services authorized; powers
§ 81-652 Home health agency; funding authorized
§ 81-653 Act, how cited; brain injury registry; legislative intent
§ 81-654 Brain injury registry; terms, defined
§ 81-655 Brain injury registry; Department of Health and Human Services; establish and maintain; information released
§ 81-656 Brain injury registry; Department of Health and Human Services; duties
§ 81-657 Brain injury registry; physician, psychologist, hospital, and rehabilitation center; report required; contents
§ 81-659 Brain injury registry; certain data; confidential; access; when
§ 81-660 Brain injury registry; liability for providing information; limitation
§ 81-662 Brain injury; department; provide information regarding services
§ 81-663 Release of data; legislative findings
§ 81-664 Terms, defined
§ 81-665 Department of Health and Human Services; duties
§ 81-666 Approved researcher; application; contents; Department of Health and Human Services; powers
§ 81-667 Medical records; classification
§ 81-668 Case-specific and patient-identifying data; confidentiality; aggregate data; cost
§ 81-669 Case-specific and patient-identifying data; use in legal proceeding; prohibited
§ 81-670 Research project; department; review
§ 81-671 Release of information to public health departments and agencies; requirements
§ 81-672 Receipt or release of information; immunity; exception
§ 81-673 Patient and patient’s family; privacy rights
§ 81-674 Violations; penalty
§ 81-675 Rules and regulations
§ 81-676 Health care data analysis section; established
§ 81-677 Health care data analysis section; duties
§ 81-678 Health care data analysis section; data and research initiatives; requirements
§ 81-679 Health care data analysis section; public-sector health care programs; requirements
§ 81-680 Department; contracts and grants; authorized; data collection requirements
§ 81-6,120 Transportation services; restrictionson providers; criminal history record information check required; fingerprinting;costs; release of results; violation; penalty
§ 81-6,121 Persons with disabilities; legislative findings and declarations
§ 81-6,122 Strategic plan for providing services; department; duties; advisory committee; analysis and report
§ 81-701.01 Department of Transportation; Director-State Engineer; control, management, supervision, administration
§ 81-701.02 Director-State Engineer; powers; duties
§ 81-701.03 Department of Transportation; assume highway safety program of Department of Motor Vehicles; reference to Department of Roads in contracts or other documents; actions and proceedings; how treated; provisions of law; how construed
§ 81-701.04 Department of Transportation; fees; deposited with State Treasurer; credited to Highway Cash Fund
§ 81-701.05 Nebraska Railway Council agreement with railroad; oversight
§ 81-710 State wayside areas; powers and duties of department; rules and regulations; contracts authorized
§ 81-711 State wayside areas; requirements
§ 81-824 Council of State Governments declared a joint governmental agency
§ 81-825 Wildfire Control Act of 2013; act,how cited
§ 81-826 Wildfire Control Act of 2013; legislativefindings
§ 81-827 Wildfire control; Nebraska EmergencyManagement Agency; duties; legislative intent; report; contents
§ 81-828 Wildfire control; Nebraska ForestService; duties
§ 81-829.31 Adjutant General; Emergency Management Act; administer
§ 81-829.33 Governor’s Emergency Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-830 Office of Homeland Security; created;Director of State Homeland Security; Homeland Security Policy Group; created;members; duties
§ 81-887.01 Auctioneers; nonresident; reciprocity
§ 81-887.02 Auctioneers; nonresident; license; application; county clerk; fee; disposition
§ 81-887.03 Auctioneers; nonresident; additionalrequirements
§ 81-8,108 Land surveying; declaration of policy; prohibited acts
§ 81-8,108.01 Land Surveyors Regulation Act; act, how cited
§ 81-8,109 Land surveying; definitions
§ 81-8,110 Land surveying; board of examiners; duties
§ 81-8,110.01 Examining board; members; terms; qualifications; removal; vacancies
§ 81-8,110.02 Examining board; members; residence; qualifications
§ 81-8,110.03 State Surveyor; ex officio secretary of examining board
§ 81-8,110.04 Examining board; meetings
§ 81-8,110.05 Examining board; meetings; notice
§ 81-8,110.06 Examining board; officers; election; duties
§ 81-8,110.07 Examining board; secretary; duties; Land Surveyor Examiner’s Fund; created; purpose; investment
§ 81-8,110.08 Examining board; rules and regulations; publication
§ 81-8,110.11 Examining board; members; expenses
§ 81-8,110.12 Examining board; seal; adopt
§ 81-8,110.13 Examining board; registration certificate; issuance; replacement certificate, when; fee
§ 81-8,110.14 Examining board; record of proceedings and applications for registration; confidential
§ 81-8,110.15 Examining board; sue and be sued; liability of members
§ 81-8,111 Code of practice; contents; board; powers
§ 81-8,113 Examining board; record of proceedings; roster of surveyors
§ 81-8,114 Land surveying; application forregistration
§ 81-8,115 Land surveying; examination of applicants
§ 81-8,117 Land surveying; eligibility forregistration; requirements
§ 81-8,118 Land surveying; application and registration fees; examination fee; failure to pay fees, effect
§ 81-8,119.01 Certificate of registration; renewal; professional development requirements; inactive status
§ 81-8,119.02 Professional development programs; rules and regulations
§ 81-8,120 Land surveying; nonresident; registration; fee; service of process
§ 81-8,121 Land surveying; registered land surveyor; rights and privileges; seal
§ 81-8,122 Land survey; where filed
§ 81-8,122.01 Land survey; filing; contents
§ 81-8,122.02 Land survey; failure to file record; effect
§ 81-8,123 Land surveyor; complaint; probation, suspension, or revocation of registration; grounds
§ 81-8,124 Land surveyor; suspension or revocation of registration; hearing; notice
§ 81-8,125 Land surveyor; suspension or revocation of registration; hearing; attendance of witnesses; record; findings; order; effect
§ 81-8,126 Act; applicability
§ 81-8,127 Land surveying; unlawful practice or use of title; penalty
§ 81-8,128 State AthleticCommissioner; appointment; term; salary; bond or insurance; assistants
§ 81-8,128.01 State Athletic Commissioner; salary increase; when effective
§ 81-8,129 State Athletic Commissioner; jurisdiction; activities covered
§ 81-8,129.01 State Athletic Commissioner’s Cash Fund; created; receipts; disbursements
§ 81-8,130 Amateur mixed martialarts matches or exhibitions; license; fee
§ 81-8,130.01 Professional matches; promoters; licenses and permits; fee
§ 81-8,131 Mixed martial arts, defined
§ 81-8,132 Licensee; bond; conditions
§ 81-8,133 Referees; license; duties; fee
§ 81-8,133.01 Other officials and contestants; license required; fees; revocation of license
§ 81-8,134 Boxing, mixed martial arts, or sparringmatches; rules governing
§ 81-8,135 Licensee; reports; contents; gross receipts tax; amounts
§ 81-8,136 Tickets; sale; commissioner may supervise
§ 81-8,137 License; revocation or suspension; grounds
§ 81-8,138 Contestants; compensation; whenpayable; fake contests
§ 81-8,139 State Athletic Commissioner; rules and regulations; powers; suspension of contestant from competition; fine; hearing; notice
§ 81-8,141 Licensee; reports; failure to make; investigation; determination of tax; failure to pay; effect
§ 81-8,142 Violations; penalty
§ 81-8,142.01 Violations; Attorney General; duties
§ 81-8,183.01 Act,how cited
§ 81-8,184 Terms, defined
§ 81-8,184.01 Act; intent
§ 81-8,185 License required; display of certificateof licensure; current certificate holder; how treated
§ 81-8,186 State Board of Landscape Architects;members; appointment
§ 81-8,187 Board; members; term
§ 81-8,188 Board; members; vacancies
§ 81-8,189 Board; members; compensation; expenses
§ 81-8,190 Board; chairperson; meetings;quorum; personnel; employ
§ 81-8,191 Board; powers; Attorney General provide counsel
§ 81-8,191.01 Board; powers; rules and regulations;conflict of interest
§ 81-8,192 Board; certificates of licensure; list; filing
§ 81-8,193 Board; seal; adopt
§ 81-8,194 Board; fees;disposition; State Board of Landscape Architects Cash Fund; created; investment
§ 81-8,195 Applications for licensure; statements;fee
§ 81-8,196 Applicant for licensure; requirements
§ 81-8,197 Applicants; examination
§ 81-8,198 Licensee; seal; use;effect
§ 81-8,199 Certificate of licensure; annualfee, payment; issuance
§ 81-8,200 Certificate of licensure; fee;expiration; notice
§ 81-8,200.01 Certificate of licensure; renewal;professional development requirements
§ 81-8,200.02 Professional development programs;rules and regulations
§ 81-8,201 License without examination;when; fee
§ 81-8,202 License; probation,revocation, or suspension; appeal
§ 81-8,203 Warrants for payment of expensesand compensation; issuance
§ 81-8,204 Certificate of licensure; required;violation; injunction
§ 81-8,205 Injunction; prohibited acts; violation; penalty
§ 81-8,206 Persons exempt from act
§ 81-8,236 Correctional institution incident; costs of prosecution; claim by county; Risk Manager; powers and duties
§ 81-8,239.01 Risk ManagementProgram; risk management and state claims division of the Department of AdministrativeServices; established; Risk Manager; powers and duties
§ 81-8,239.02 State Insurance Fund; State Self-Insured Property Fund; State Self-Insured Indemnification Fund; State Self-Insured Liability Fund; created; purposes; report
§ 81-8,239.03 Risk Manager; present budget request; contents; deficiency appropriation; procedure; investment
§ 81-8,239.04 Money or property recovered by state; disposition
§ 81-8,239.05 Indemnification of state officialsand employees; when; Attorney General; duties; report
§ 81-8,239.06 Civil action against state officer or employee; Attorney General; represent; cooperation required; payment for defense; when required
§ 81-8,239.07 Risk Manager; self-insure; risk management services; procure insurance; amount of protection; premium; payments
§ 81-8,239.08 Civil action against provider of medical or dental services; Attorney General; represent; indemnification of provider
§ 81-8,239.09 Risk Management Administration Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-8,239.11 Settlements and judgments; state agency; Attorney General; filing required; insufficient funds; Risk Manager; duties
§ 81-8,240 Terms, defined
§ 81-8,241 Public Counsel; established; powers and duties; appointment
§ 81-8,242 Public Counsel; qualifications
§ 81-8,243 Public Counsel; term; removal; vacancy; salary
§ 81-8,244 Public Counsel; personnel; appointment; compensation; authority; appoint Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare; appoint Inspector General of the Nebraska Correctional System
§ 81-8,245 Public Counsel; powers; enumerated
§ 81-8,246 Public Counsel; particular administrative acts addressed
§ 81-8,247 Public Counsel; complaint; investigation; decision; notify complainant
§ 81-8,248 Public Counsel; complaint; conclusion or recommendation; consult with agency or person
§ 81-8,249 Public Counsel; agency; information; recommendations
§ 81-8,250 Public Counsel; conclusions; publish; inclusions
§ 81-8,251 Public Counsel; report to Clerkof the Legislature; time; contents
§ 81-8,252 Public Counsel; public officer or employee; acted to warrant criminal proceedings; refer to proper authorities
§ 81-8,253 Public Counsel; proceedings, opinion, expression; not reviewable by court; not subject to testify or produce evidence
§ 81-8,254 Violations; penalty; state employee; complaint; effect
§ 81-8,262 Commission on Latino-Americans; created; term, defined
§ 81-8,263 Commission; members; appointment; term
§ 81-8,264 Commission; officers
§ 81-8,265 Commission; functions
§ 81-8,266 Commission; meetings; quorum
§ 81-8,267 Commission; members; compensation
§ 81-8,268 Commission; director; qualifications; employ
§ 81-8,269 Director; duties
§ 81-8,270 Director; employ personnel
§ 81-8,271 Commission; powers
§ 81-8,271.01 Commission on Latino-Americans Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-8,309 Nebraska Sesquicentennial Commission;members; vacancy; termination
§ 81-8,310 Nebraska Sesquicentennial Commission; duties; powers; report
§ 81-901 Authority of state or political subdivision to withhold tax; payment to proper officer; record
§ 81-902 Tax Commissioner; forms and records
§ 81-907 Surplus property; purchase or receive from government
§ 81-908 Surplus property; advertisement for and submission of bids not necessary
§ 81-909 Department of Correctional Services; surplus property; act for recipient; negotiate with appropriate agencies and institutions
§ 81-910 State Department of Education; assist public schools; secure funds, services, and commodities made available by federal government
§ 81-911 Public schools; contracts in securing funds, services, and commodities; filed in office of State Department of Education; channeled and administered
§ 81-912 Federal Surplus Property Fund; created; purpose; investment
§ 81-913 Surplus and excess property program; legislative intent
§ 81-914 Department of Correctional Services; implementation of surplus and excess property plan
§ 81-916 Property and assets relating to surplus and excess property programs; transferred to Department of Correctional Services; when
§ 81-917 Surplus and excess property program; employees of Department of Transportation; transferred to Department of Correctional Services; conditions; benefits
§ 81-918 Department of Correctional Services; adopt rules and regulations
§ 81-1008 Transportation services bureau; created;responsibility
§ 81-1008.01 Transportation services bureau; purposes
§ 81-1009 Chief of transportation services bureau; appointment; qualifications
§ 81-1010 Chief of transportation servicesbureau; duties; responsibilities; Transportation Services Bureau RevolvingFund; created; use
§ 81-1011 Terms, defined
§ 81-1013 Agencies owning vehicles paid for other than from General Fund; transfer title to transportation services bureau; reimbursement by credit against future charges
§ 81-1014 Privately owned vehicle; mileage allowance; conditions
§ 81-1015 State-owned vehicles; title in bureau;purchases; restrictions
§ 81-1016 Rules andregulations
§ 81-1017 Sections; exceptions
§ 81-1018 State-owned vehicles that are passenger cars;intermediate or compact class or smaller; legislative intent
§ 81-1019 Bureau fleet vehicle; usestate fuel; surcharge
§ 81-1020 Permanent assignment of bureau fleet vehicle; approvalrequired
§ 81-1021 Identification requirements; exceptions
§ 81-1022 Nebraska State Patrol; additional equipment and marking required
§ 81-1023 Identification or marking; violation;penalty
§ 81-1024 Personal use prohibited; penalty
§ 81-1025 Reports; contents; open to public inspection; exception
§ 81-1101 Department of Administrative Services; declaration of legislative purpose
§ 81-1102 Terms, defined
§ 81-1103 Department of Administrative Services; creation; director; appointment; service
§ 81-1104 Director of Administrative Services; qualifications
§ 81-1105 Director of Administrative Services; compensation
§ 81-1106 Director of Administrative Services; offices
§ 81-1107 Director of Administrative Services; duties, powers, and responsibilities
§ 81-1107.01 Director of Administrative Services; accountant; record keeper
§ 81-1107.02 Director of Administrative Services; settlement of accounts; powers
§ 81-1107.03 Director of Administrative Services; records; copies; fee; maintenance
§ 81-1107.04 Director of Administrative Services; books and records; open to inspection
§ 81-1107.05 Director of Administrative Services;interfund borrowing; powers and duties
§ 81-1108 Department of Administrative Services; divisions; Director of Administrative Services; appointment of division heads; delegation of authority
§ 81-1108.01 Administrator of divisions; compensation
§ 81-1108.02 Department of Administrative Services Revolving Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1108.03 Master Lease Program Trust Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1108.05 Shared Services Revolving Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1108.09 Sections; exceptions
§ 81-1108.10 Terms, defined
§ 81-1108.11 Department of Administrative Services; state building division; State Building Administrator; compensation
§ 81-1108.12 State Building Administrator;qualifications
§ 81-1108.13 State Building Administrator; oath
§ 81-1108.14 State Building Administrator; bond or insurance
§ 81-1108.15 State building division; functions and responsibilities; facilities planning, construction, and administration
§ 81-1108.16 State Building Administrator; review program statements and contracts; file reports; contents; lease; approval of Department of Administrative Services
§ 81-1108.17 Department of Administrative Services;custodian of state property; director; administrator; powers and duties; CapitolBuildings Parking Revolving Fund; created; purpose; use
§ 81-1108.18 State Building Administrator; parking of motor vehicles; rules and regulations; violations; personal responsibility for violation
§ 81-1108.20 Administrator; employees; supplies
§ 81-1108.22 State building division; responsibility; office space outside the State Capitol; rental; approval; required; lease contract; filed; administrator; duties; State Building Revolving Fund; created; use; investment; applicability of section, when
§ 81-1108.23 Administrator; personnel
§ 81-1108.24 State Emergency Capital Construction Contingency Fund; created; investment
§ 81-1108.25 State Emergency Capital Construction Contingency Fund; purpose
§ 81-1108.26 University of Nebraska; heat and power plant; control; use; costs
§ 81-1108.27 State Capitol; state buildings; electric current; agreement
§ 81-1108.28 Board of Regents; Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Correctional Services; electric current; agreements
§ 81-1108.29 Board of Regents; Department of Administrative Services; heat, light, power; furnish; agreement
§ 81-1108.30 Nebraska State Fairgrounds; electric current; University of Nebraska may supply; when
§ 81-1108.31 State Capitol improvement district;powers
§ 81-1108.32 Nebraska Capitol Commission; creation;members; appointment; expenses
§ 81-1108.33 State building division;Task Force for Building Renewal; reviews required; report; approval; whenrequired
§ 81-1108.36 State-owned or leased sites or structures; naming
§ 81-1108.37 Administrator; state office building; powers
§ 81-1108.38 Nebraska Capitol Commission; duties; powers
§ 81-1108.41 State comprehensive capital facilitiesplan; State Comprehensive Capital Facilities Planning Committee; program statement;appropriation for drawings and construction; contracts; approval; report;contents
§ 81-1108.42 Contract for construction, reconstruction, remodeling, or repair of capital facility; final payment; conditions
§ 81-1108.43 Capital construction project; prohibited acts; exceptions; warrant; when issued
§ 81-1108.48 Capitol furniture; sections; purposes
§ 81-1108.49 Original capitol furniture, defined
§ 81-1108.50 Office of the Nebraska Capitol Commission; identify and locate original capitol furniture
§ 81-1108.51 Original capitol furniture; inventory
§ 81-1108.52 Original capitol furniture; returned to State Capitol
§ 81-1108.53 Original capitol furniture; repaired; maintained; assignment
§ 81-1108.54 State building division; purpose
§ 81-1108.55 Competitive bids; award to lowest responsible bidder; elements considered; procurement reports
§ 81-1108.56 State building division or employee; financial or beneficial personal interest forbidden; gifts and rebates prohibited; violations; penalty
§ 81-1108.57 Centralization and coordination of real property; legislative intent
§ 81-1109 Director of Administrative Services; technical assistance to Governor; reports to Governor
§ 81-1110 Department of Administrative Services; accounting division; Accounting Administrator; qualifications; compensation
§ 81-1110.01 Accounting division; purpose
§ 81-1110.03 Accounting Administrator; prepare schedule of fees
§ 81-1110.04 Accounting Division Revolving Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1110.05 Accounting division assessment payments; procedure
§ 81-1110.06 State Purchasing Card Distributive Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1110.07 Accounting Division Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1111 Department of Administrative Services; Accounting Administrator; powers; duties; bureaus; created
§ 81-1111.01 Director ofAdministrative Services; preaudits authorized
§ 81-1111.04 Department of Administrative Services; Accounting Administrator; administratively establish funds
§ 81-1112 Department of Administrative Services; budget administrator; qualifications; compensation
§ 81-1112.01 Budget division; purpose
§ 81-1113 Budget division; powers; duties
§ 81-1113.01 State budgets; department and agency budget requests; budget forms and instructions; when distributed; additional forms
§ 81-1114 Department of Administrative Services; building division; powers, duties, and responsibilities
§ 81-1114.01 Capital construction project;plan required; contents; revisions required; when; to whom submitted
§ 81-1114.02 Capital construction project;state building division; review and comment
§ 81-1115 Department of Administrative Services; budget division; budgetary planning; duties; responsibilities
§ 81-1116 Information management services division; administrator; qualifications; pay
§ 81-1116.01 Budget allowance; expend; restriction
§ 81-1116.02 Information management services division; purpose
§ 81-1117 Information management services administrator;powers, duties, and responsibilities; enumerated; restrictions on agency acquisitions;Information Management Revolving Fund; created; investment
§ 81-1117.01 Imprest Payroll Distributive Fund; created; use
§ 81-1117.02 Computer file data; release prohibited; written approval for release excepted; public records excepted
§ 81-1117.03 Computer file data; release; violations; penalties
§ 81-1117.04 Computer file data; public records defined
§ 81-1117.05 State employee; payment of wages;methods authorized
§ 81-1118 Materiel division; established; duties; administrator; branches; established
§ 81-1118.01 Materiel administrator; inventory record; state property; powers and duties
§ 81-1118.02 All officers, departments, andagencies; state property; inventory; how stamped; action to recover
§ 81-1118.03 Personal property; purchase or lease; approval; solicitation by Department of Administrative Services; duties
§ 81-1118.04 Materiel division; purposes
§ 81-1118.05 Materiel division; powers and duties
§ 81-1118.06 Materiel division; state purchasing bureau; purposes
§ 81-1118.07 State purchasing bureau; use reverseauction; powers and duties
§ 81-1119 Real property; purchases authorized
§ 81-1120 Materiel Division Revolving Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1120.01 Communications system; declaration of legislative purpose
§ 81-1120.02 Terms, defined
§ 81-1120.03 Office of Chief Information Officer; division of communications; creation; Director of Communications; appointment; qualifications
§ 81-1120.15 Director of Communications; powers,duties, and responsibilities
§ 81-1120.16 Director of Communications; powersand duties; investigation; report
§ 81-1120.17 Division of communications; powers and duties
§ 81-1120.18 Division of communications; form advisory boards; expenses
§ 81-1120.19 Division of communications; powers; limitation
§ 81-1120.20 Joint use of communications; departments; agencies; cooperation
§ 81-1120.22 Director of Communications; develop system of billings and charges; payment; deposit
§ 81-1120.24 Nebraska educational television network; exempt from sections; when
§ 81-1120.25 Emergency; Governor; direct assumption of control
§ 81-1120.26 Director of Communications; state or political subdivision; gifts, property; accept; purpose; procedure
§ 81-1120.27 Telecommunicationssystem; uses; member of Legislature; long-distance calls; how made
§ 81-1120.28 Communications system; not to function as news agency; information; privileged; exceptions
§ 81-1120.29 Communications Revolving Fund;established; use; investment
§ 81-1121 Warrants; preparation and issuance; funds transfer systems; payment by mistake; adjustment
§ 81-1125.01 Director ofAdministrative Services; reports and statements required; to whom made
§ 81-1139 Public Works and Economic Act; acceptance by State of Nebraska; state agencies, participate in excess property program
§ 81-1139.01 Stone Office Building; Department of Administrative Services; Department of Health and Human Services; limitations
§ 81-1170.01 Requests; examination and adjustmentby department; warrants for mileage
§ 81-1170.02 Requests; second presentation prohibited
§ 81-1170.03 Request; allowance in part; issuance of warrant
§ 81-1170.04 Request for payment; form of vouchers
§ 81-1170.05 False statement; penalty
§ 81-1171 Debt or request; treatment as setoff; presentation to director; required
§ 81-1174 Reimbursement for expenses; contents;automobile; airplane; statement required; receipts; limitation
§ 81-1175 Reimbursement for expenses; vouchers; written authorization; exceptions
§ 81-1176 Mileage; rates; how computed; adjustments; application
§ 81-1177 Uniform traveling expense account form; prescribed
§ 81-1178 Member of any commission, committee, or board created by statute; expenses; reimbursement; manner
§ 81-1179 Member of any commission, committee, or board created in compliance with federal action; expenses; reimbursement from federal funds
§ 81-1180 Member of any state commission, council, committee, or board; reimbursement for expenses; when
§ 81-1181 Reimbursement of expenses; retroactive effect
§ 81-1182 Conference expenses; payment; when
§ 81-1182.01 Volunteers and certain service providers; expenses; payment; when
§ 81-11,104 Performance evaluation process; department; duties; recommendations; cost
§ 81-11,105 Nebraska Public Safety Communication System Revolving Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-11,106 Public funds; record in state accounting system; investment; accounting division of Department of Administrative Services; duties
§ 81-1201.01 Terms, defined
§ 81-1201.02 Departmentof Economic Development; created; purpose; duties
§ 81-1201.03 Director ofEconomic Development; appointment; duties; personnel
§ 81-1201.07 Department; divisions and program;advisory committees and programs; authorized
§ 81-1201.09 Department; develop and implement economic development strategies; considerations
§ 81-1201.10 Department; long-term strategy; performance review; duties; Performance Review Revolving Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1201.11 Department; lead agency; clearinghouse;staff services; coordination; status report; duties
§ 81-1201.12 Department; plans, contracts, funds; tax credit program; duties
§ 81-1201.14 Existing Business Assistance Division; duties
§ 81-1201.15 Business Recruitment Division; duties; information withheld from public
§ 81-1201.16 Community and Rural Development Division; duties
§ 81-1201.18 Department;administer Community Development Block Grant Program
§ 81-1201.19 Divisions; avoid duplication
§ 81-1201.20 Department; adopt rules and regulations
§ 81-1201.21 Job Training Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1201.22 AdministrativeCash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1202 Job training grant, defined
§ 81-1203 Job training grant; business plan;project criteria; traininggrant; partners;training grants for rural areas or high-poverty areas; audit; report
§ 81-1204 Job training grant; approval; limitations
§ 81-1204.01 Training services; priority to community college areas
§ 81-1205 Job training grant or traininggrant; reports required; department; duties
§ 81-1206 Job training grants; monitor and audit project
§ 81-1207 Job traininggrant; repayment required; when;training grant; repayment required; when
§ 81-1208 Job training grant; relocation, abandonment, or sale; effect
§ 81-1209 Job training grant; repayments; credit to fund
§ 81-1210 Job training grant; rules and regulations
§ 81-1210.01 Interns; grants; terms, defined
§ 81-1210.02 Interns; grants; internships;application; certification; department; powersand duties
§ 81-1210.03 Interns; grants; rulesand regulations
§ 81-1210.04 Intern Nebraska Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1211 Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1213 Industrial Recovery Fund; created; administration; investment; use; termination
§ 81-1213.01 High Growth Business DevelopmentCash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1220 Nebraska Film Office Fund; created; investment
§ 81-1222.02 Director of Economic Development; fees; leases; collection; disposition
§ 81-1278 Nebraska AgriculturalProducts Research Fund; created; investment
§ 81-1279 Fund; use
§ 81-1280 Fund; patents; powers of director; royalties
§ 81-1281 Comprehensive housing affordability strategy; established; contents; advisory committee; powers and duties
§ 81-1301 Sections; purpose
§ 81-1302 Terms, defined
§ 81-1303 Personnel division within the Department of Administrative Services; director; appointment
§ 81-1304 Director of Personnel; qualifications
§ 81-1305 Director of Personnel; compensation
§ 81-1306 Director of Personnel; employees
§ 81-1307 Director of Personnel; duties
§ 81-1307.01 Director of Personnel; salarysurvey; duties
§ 81-1307.02 Legislature; salary survey; consideration
§ 81-1311 Agency heads; management personnel; powers and duties
§ 81-1312 Director of Personnel; administration; delegation of powers; exempted agency; coverage; agreement
§ 81-1314 Delegation of authority
§ 81-1315 Employees subject to sections; prohibited from political activities; when; disciplinary action
§ 81-1316 State Personnel System; exemptions
§ 81-1317 Director; adjust terms and conditions of employment; employees not covered by collective-bargaining agreements
§ 81-1317.01 Terms and conditions of employment; employees not covered under State Personnel System; adjustments
§ 81-1318 State Personnel Board; created; members; appointment; term; powers
§ 81-1318.01 State Personnel Board; duties
§ 81-1318.02 State Personnel Board; grievance appeal; procedure; hearing officer; qualifications
§ 81-1319 Board; appeal; procedure
§ 81-1320 Permanent state employees; sick leave; schedule
§ 81-1321 State employee, defined
§ 81-1322 State employee; terminated; returns within one year; sick leave computed; exceptions
§ 81-1323 Sick leave account; balanced as of December 31 each year
§ 81-1324 Sick leave; termination
§ 81-1325 Employee; retirement; death; payment for unused sick leave benefits
§ 81-1326 Permanent employee; transferred to another agency; sick leave transferred
§ 81-1328 State employees; vacation time; schedule; request to use vacation time; employing agency; duties
§ 81-1346 Employee suggestion system program; established; purpose; applicability
§ 81-1347 Employee suggestion system; Director of Personnel; adopt rules and regulations
§ 81-1347.01 Employee suggestion system; annual report
§ 81-1348 Suggestion Award Board; created; membership; expenses; rules and regulations
§ 81-1350 Employee suggestion system; award granted; amount
§ 81-1351 Employee suggestion system; award granted; limitations
§ 81-1352 Employee suggestion system; approved suggestions; warrants; issued by State Treasurer
§ 81-1353 Employee suggestion system; awards; paid from appropriated money saved
§ 81-1354 Employee suggestion system; suggestions; ineligible for award
§ 81-1354.01 Employee rights; not restricted
§ 81-1354.03 Training Revolving Fund; created; investment
§ 81-1354.04 Temporary Employee Pool Revolving Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1354.05 Personnel Division Revolving Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1355 Public policy; equal employment opportunity
§ 81-1356 Terms, defined
§ 81-1357 Affirmative Action Office; created
§ 81-1358 Affirmative Action Office; employees
§ 81-1359 Affirmative Action Administrator; selection
§ 81-1360 AffirmativeAction Administrator; duties; enumerated
§ 81-1361 Agency; plan;submit; update
§ 81-1362 Agency affirmative action individual; appointed
§ 81-1367 Affirmative action; cooperation
§ 81-1368 Agency plan;reviewed; noncompliance; effect; report
§ 81-1391 Certified disaster service volunteer of American Red Cross; leave authorized
§ 81-1392 Approved youth mentoring program; participation; request; Director of Personnel; powers; state agency; denial; grounds
§ 81-1394 Participation in employee discountprogram; authorized
§ 81-1395 Report of sexual harassment to Department of Administrative Services; duties; confidentiality; prohibited actions
§ 81-1401 Terms, defined
§ 81-1402 Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center; created; purposes
§ 81-1402.01 Individual training academies authorized
§ 81-1403 Council; duties; law enforcement agency; duties; administrativefine
§ 81-1404 Director of NebraskaLaw Enforcement Training Center; duties
§ 81-1405 Employees; eligible for other state or political subdivision employment
§ 81-1406 Nebraska PoliceStandards Advisory Council; created; purpose and duties; meetings
§ 81-1407 Nebraska Police Standards Advisory Council; members; qualifications; terms; appointment; removal; hearing
§ 81-1408 Membership on council; other public office or employment
§ 81-1409 Council; members; compensation; expenses
§ 81-1410 Training academies; admission; criteria
§ 81-1411 Training center; admission; requirements; waive; when
§ 81-1412 Law enforcement officer; handgun proficiency; records
§ 81-1412.01 Handgun qualification test
§ 81-1412.02 Handgun qualificationregister; requirements; fine
§ 81-1413 Training center; tuition, fees, andexpenses; how paid
§ 81-1413.01 NebraskaLaw Enforcement Training Center Cash Fund; created; purpose; investment
§ 81-1414 Law enforcementofficers; certificate or diploma; when required; issuance; waiver
§ 81-1414.03 Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center; cost of planning and construction; limitations
§ 81-1414.04 NebraskaLaw Enforcement Training Center Fund; created; deposits; investment
§ 81-1414.05 NebraskaLaw Enforcement Training Center Fund; proceeds; how expended
§ 81-1414.06 Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center; appropriations
§ 81-1414.07 Continuing education requirements;course offerings
§ 81-1414.08 Continuing education requirements;certified reports; central registry
§ 81-1414.09 Continuing education requirements;failure to complete; effect; fine
§ 81-1414.10 Continuing education requirements;suspended while on active duty with armed forces
§ 81-1415 Commission, defined
§ 81-1416 Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice; created; purpose
§ 81-1417 Commission; members; qualifications; appointment; terms; special committee
§ 81-1418 Commission; members; terms; vacancy
§ 81-1419 Commission; chairperson; designated by Governor
§ 81-1420 Commission; membership; no disqualification to other public office or employment or forfeiture thereof
§ 81-1421 Commission; members; compensation; expenses
§ 81-1422 Commission; members; quorum
§ 81-1423 Commission; powers; duties
§ 81-1424 Commission; executive director; appointment; qualifications; compensation; removal; hearing
§ 81-1425 Executive director; powers; duties
§ 81-1426 Public officers and agencies; information, records, reports; furnish to commission; violation; penalty
§ 81-1426.01 County Justice Reinvestment Grant Program; created; grant recipient; duties; report
§ 81-1427 Director ofJuvenile Diversion Programs; appointment; duties
§ 81-1428 Law EnforcementImprovement Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1429 Law EnforcementImprovement Fund; how funded
§ 81-1429.01 Crimes Against Children Fund; created; use; investment; termination
§ 81-1429.02 Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1429.03 Sexual assaults; forensic medical examination; payment; forensic DNA testing; requirements; Sexual Assault Payment Program; administrator; duties; Sexual Assault Payment Program Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1430 Task force; established; members; terms; duties; quorum; report; Department of Labor; posters
§ 81-1431 Training regarding issues in humantrafficking; task force; duties
§ 81-1438 Law enforcement reserve force; members; appointment
§ 81-1439 Law enforcementreserve force; commission; duties; delegation of responsibilities; continuing education requirements; reserveforce manual; contents
§ 81-1440 Law enforcement reserve officers; serve as peace officers; when
§ 81-1441 Law enforcement reserve officer; monetary assistance; hospital and medical benefits
§ 81-1442 Law enforcement reserve officer; not eligible for participation in certain pension funds or retirement systems
§ 81-1443 Law enforcement reserve officers; rights and duties when activated; weapon, when carried; subordinate to regular force officers
§ 81-1444 Law enforcement reserve officer; bond
§ 81-1445 Reserve officers; supplementary capacity; not to reduce or assume duties of peace officers
§ 81-1446 Reserve peace officers; procedure for appointment
§ 81-1447 Office of ViolencePrevention; established; director; advisory council; members; terms; vacancy
§ 81-1448 Membership on advisory council; noeffect on other office or position
§ 81-1449 Advisory council members; expenses
§ 81-1450 Office of Violence Prevention; director; administration and supervision; responsibilities; report; advisory council; meetings; duties
§ 81-1451 Violence Prevention Cash Fund; created;administration; investment
§ 81-1452 Body-worn cameras; terms, defined
§ 81-1453 Body-worn cameras; model policy; development and distribution; contents; law enforcement agency; duties
§ 81-1454 Body-worn camera policy; contents
§ 81-1455 Eyewitness suspect identification; written policy; contents; Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice; duties
§ 81-1456 Employment of law enforcement officer; submit personnel change in status form; record; contents; report of termination or resignation in lieu of termination
§ 81-1457 Employment of law enforcement officer; waiver to prospective employer; contents; form; former employer; duties
§ 81-1567 Terms, defined
§ 81-1568 Volunteer; limitation on liability
§ 81-1569 Limitation on liability; exceptions
§ 81-1570 Liability; when
§ 81-1577.01 Motor vehicle fuel storage tanks; aboveground tanks authorized
§ 81-15,166 Comprehensive plan; department; duties; legislative intent; Environmental Quality Council; duties
§ 81-15,177 Solid Waste Landfill Closure Assistance Fund; established; use; investment; council; grants; duties
§ 81-15,177.01 Solid Waste Landfill Closure Assistance Fund; applicant, defined
§ 81-15,178 Funding from Solid Waste Landfill Closure Assistance Fund; applicant; requirements
§ 81-15,179 Application for funds; department; powers and duties
§ 81-15,180 Superfund Cost Share Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-15,254 Department of Environment and Energy; Director of Environment and Energy; employees of State Energy Office; transfer; how treated
§ 81-15,255 Appropriation and salary limit of State Energy Office; how treated
§ 81-15,256 References to State Energy Office or Department of Environmental Quality in contracts or other documents; how construed; contracts and property; how treated
§ 81-15,257 Actions and proceedings; how treated
§ 81-15,258 Provisions of law; how construed
§ 81-15,259 Property of State Energy Office; transfer to Department of Environment and Energy
§ 81-15,260 Volkswagen Settlement Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1604 Legislative findings; strategic state energy plan; development; advisory committee; contents of plan
§ 81-1606 Department of Environment and Energy; energy statistics and information; develop and maintain; report
§ 81-1607 Director of Environment and Energy; comprehensive report; contents
§ 81-1607.01 State Energy Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-1608 Uniform energy efficiency standards; legislative findings
§ 81-1609 Terms, defined
§ 81-1611 Nebraska Energy Code; adoption; alternative standards; used; when
§ 81-1612 Director of Environment and Energy; adopt rules and regulations
§ 81-1613 Department; produce manuals; contents
§ 81-1614 Nebraska Energy Code; applicability
§ 81-1615 Nebraska Energy Code; exemptions
§ 81-1616 Procedures for insuring compliance with Nebraska Energy Code; costs; appeal
§ 81-1617 Nebraska Energy Code; inspections and investigations necessary to enforce
§ 81-1618 Local energy code; fees; waiver; procedure
§ 81-1620 Department; establish technical assistance program
§ 81-1622 No local energy code; contractor, architect, engineer; duties
§ 81-1625 Building; failure to comply with Nebraska Energy Code or equivalent standard; liability
§ 81-1626 Lighting and thermal efficiency; violation; penalty
§ 81-1635 Nebraska Energy Settlement Fund; established; source of funds; investment
§ 81-1636 Fund; plan for disbursement
§ 81-1637 Predisbursement plan; contents; hearing
§ 81-1638 Department of Environment and Energy; duties; political subdivision; application for disbursement
§ 81-1639 Disbursement of funds; requirements
§ 81-1640 Fund; proposed uses; hearing
§ 81-1641 Disbursement of funds; sections applicable
§ 81-1843 Legislative findings
§ 81-1844 Crime Victim and Witness Assistance Fund; created; administration; use
§ 81-1844.01 Pamphlet on rights and procedures; distribution
§ 81-1845 Victim andwitness assistance center; selection and establishment; Nebraska Commissionon Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice; duties; funding
§ 81-1846 Victim and witness assistance centers; purposes
§ 81-1847 Victim and witness assistance centers; services provided
§ 81-1848 Victims and witnesses of crimes; rights; enumerated
§ 81-1848.01 Appeal; notification required
§ 81-1848.02 Escape; notification required
§ 81-1848.03 Victim’s rights; waiver
§ 81-1849 Victim; duty
§ 81-1850 County attorney; Board of Parole; Department of Correctional Services; county corrections agency; Department of Health and Human Services; duties; notification of victim
§ 81-1851 Legislative intent
§ 81-2001 Nebraska State Patrol; established; chief officer
§ 81-2002 State patrol; superintendent; how designated; subordinate officers; employees; appointment; salaries; expense allowance; bond or insurance; premium, how paid
§ 81-2002.01 Officers appointed to carrier enforcement division; status and training
§ 81-2003 Superintendent; power to adopt rules and regulations; seal; maintenance of office
§ 81-2004 State patrol; duties in general; Nebraska State Patrol Criminal Investigation Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2004.01 CarrierEnforcement Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2004.02 Nebraska StatePatrol Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2004.03 Investigation Petty Cash Fund; authorized
§ 81-2004.04 Funds and accounts; records; report;accounting
§ 81-2004.05 Public SafetyCash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2004.06 Capitol Security Revolving Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2004.07 Nebraska State Patrol Vehicle Replacement Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2004.08 NebraskaPublic Safety Communication System Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2004.09 Combined Law Enforcement Information Network Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2004.10 Treasury Agency Forfeitures Cash Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2005 State patrol; powers and duties enumerated
§ 81-2006 State patrol; patrolling highways; cooperation; duties; extension to freeways
§ 81-2007 Uniform; badge
§ 81-2008 Rules, orders of state patrol; failure to obey; penalty
§ 81-2009 State patrol; officers, members; actions against; duty of Attorney General to defend; legal counsel; purpose
§ 81-2010 Criminalistics laboratory; establish; services included; accreditation
§ 81-2010.01 Child abuse and neglect; legislative findings
§ 81-2010.02 Child abuse and neglect; investigator; qualifications; duties
§ 81-2011 George Amos, Jr.; sympathy; financial assistance
§ 81-2012 George Amos, Jr.; appropriation; amount; payees
§ 81-2013 Michael B. Amos Educational Trust Fund; James M. Amos Educational Trust Fund; created; purposes; investment
§ 81-2013.01 Missing Native American women and children; Nebraska State Patrol; duties; report
§ 81-2229 Legislative intent
§ 81-2230 Purpose of sections
§ 81-2231 Care management units; certification; standards
§ 81-2232 Area agency on aging; prepare plan; procedure
§ 81-2234 Care management unit; fee scale; reimbursement
§ 81-2235 Care management unit; reimbursement by department
§ 81-2268 Medicaid waiver funds; use authorized
§ 81-2269 Statewide project; establishment
§ 81-2270 Purchase ofservices with state funds; sliding-fee scale
§ 81-2271 Rules and regulations
§ 81-2501 Commission; members; qualifications; nomination; appointment; terms
§ 81-2502 Commission; purpose
§ 81-2503 Commission; legal entity; executive director; qualifications; office
§ 81-2504 Commission; functions
§ 81-2505 Commission; alcohol rehabilitation programs; participation
§ 81-2506 Commission; members; compensation; expenses
§ 81-2507 Commission; meetings; quorum; attendance required; exception
§ 81-2508 Commission; executive board; purpose; members; powers
§ 81-2509 State assistanceto political subdivisions andnonprofit corporations; terms, defined
§ 81-2510 State assistanceto political subdivision ornonprofit corporation; application; use
§ 81-2511 State assistanceto political subdivision ornonprofit corporation; application; contents; commission; duties
§ 81-2513 State assistanceto political subdivision ornonprofit corporation; commission; approval of application; failure to approve applications; effect; quorum
§ 81-2514 State assistance to political subdivisions and nonprofit corporations;Designated Collection Fund; created; use; investment; commission; seek andaccept funds
§ 81-2515 State assistance to political subdivisions and nonprofit corporations;sections; termination
§ 81-2516 Commission on Indian Affairs CashFund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2517 Native American Scholarship and Leadership Fund; created; use; investment
§ 81-2801 Railroad right-of-way; acquisition by state agency; approval of Legislature; exception
§ 81-2901 State civil offices; vacancy; how filled
§ 81-3125 Personnel who work with sex offenders; duties; department; maintain records; contents
§ 81-3126 Chief executive officer; disclosure of information relating to certain children authorized; limitations; release of criminal history record check results
§ 81-3127 Program administration; terms, defined
§ 81-3128 Program administration; staffing;considerations; caseworkers; activities; appointments; equipment
§ 81-3129 Program administration; servicesfor clients; dedicated caseworkers; specialized department employees or units
§ 81-3130 Program administration; communitysupport specialists; duties; training required
§ 81-3131 Program administration; contractswith community-based organizations authorized; Department of Health and HumanServices; duties
§ 81-3132 Program administration; Departmentof Health and Human Services; implement requirements; report
§ 81-3133 Division of Children and Family Services; reports; strategic plan; key goals; benchmarks; progress reports
§ 81-3133.01 Division of Behavioral Health; strategic plan; key goals; benchmarks; progress reports
§ 81-3133.02 Division of Developmental Disabilities; strategic plan; key goals; benchmarks; progress reports
§ 81-3133.03 Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care; strategic plan; key goals; benchmarks; progress reports
§ 81-3134 Report to legislative committees;access of individuals with co-occurring conditions of intellectual disabilityand mental illness to services; report; contents
§ 81-3135 Department of Health and Human Services;reinstatement of lead agency prohibited in certain service areas
§ 81-3136 Departmentof Health and Human Services; develop model for alternative response to reportsof child abuse or neglect; contents; report
§ 81-3137 Procurement of managed care for long-termcare services and support; request for proposals; restriction
§ 81-3138 System of home and community-basedlong-term care services; grant application; department; duties; report
§ 81-3139 Health Care Homes for the Medically Underserved Fund; created; purpose; investment
§ 81-3140 Health Care Homes for the Medically Underserved Fund; distribution; use
§ 81-3607 Nebraska DevelopmentNetwork Program; created; Department of Economic Development; powersand duties
§ 81-3608 Nebraska Development Network Program; programs and strategies
§ 81-3609 Legislativefindings

Terms Used In Nebraska Statutes > Chapter 81

  • Action: shall include nonaction or the failure to take action. See Nebraska Statutes 81-5,119
  • Action shall: include any proceeding in any court of this state. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Action shall: include nonaction or the failure to take action. See Nebraska Statutes 81-5,119
  • Administrator: means any certified employee such as superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, assistant principal, school nurse, or other supervisory or administrative personnel who do not have as a primary duty the instruction of pupils in the public schools. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • Administrator: means the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,194
  • Advanced telecommunications capability service: means high-speed, broadband telecommunications capability provided by a local exchange carrier that enables users to originate and receive high-quality voice, data, graphics, and video communications using any technology. See Nebraska Statutes 86-103.01
  • Advice and consent: Under the Constitution, presidential nominations for executive and judicial posts take effect only when confirmed by the Senate, and international treaties become effective only when the Senate approves them by a two-thirds vote.
  • Advisory committee: means the Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Advisory Committee created in section 81-15,245 . See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,239
  • Affidavit: A written statement of facts confirmed by the oath of the party making it, before a notary or officer having authority to administer oaths.
  • Agency: shall mean each board, commission, bureau, council, department, officer, division, the University of Nebraska, the Nebraska state colleges, or other administrative office or unit of state government. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1705
  • Allegation: something that someone says happened.
  • Amendment: A proposal to alter the text of a pending bill or other measure by striking out some of it, by inserting new language, or both. Before an amendment becomes part of the measure, thelegislature must agree to it.
  • Amortization: Paying off a loan by regular installments.
  • Annuity: A periodic (usually annual) payment of a fixed sum of money for either the life of the recipient or for a fixed number of years. A series of payments under a contract from an insurance company, a trust company, or an individual. Annuity payments are made at regular intervals over a period of more than one full year.
  • Answer: The formal written statement by a defendant responding to a civil complaint and setting forth the grounds for defense.
  • Appellate: About appeals; an appellate court has the power to review the judgement of another lower court or tribunal.
  • Appropriation: The provision of funds, through an annual appropriations act or a permanent law, for federal agencies to make payments out of the Treasury for specified purposes. The formal federal spending process consists of two sequential steps: authorization
  • Architect: means a person who is licensed by the board to practice architecture. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3404
  • Area agency on aging: shall mean the agency formed or eligible pursuant to the Nebraska Community Aging Services Act which is designated by the department as responsible for the administration of the area program plan in each planning-and-service area. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2208
  • Area program plan: shall mean the document submitted to the department by an area agency on aging in order to receive funds under the Nebraska Community Aging Services Act and under the Older Americans Act, as now or hereafter amended, which details the area agency on aging's plan for a comprehensive, coordinated program of community aging services for such area. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2209
  • Arraignment: A proceeding in which an individual who is accused of committing a crime is brought into court, told of the charges, and asked to plead guilty or not guilty.
  • Assessment: means the act of listing the description of all real property and taxable tangible personal property, determining its taxability, determining its taxable value, and placing it on the assessment roll. See Nebraska Statutes 77-126
  • Assets: (1) The property comprising the estate of a deceased person, or (2) the property in a trust account.
  • Attachment: A procedure by which a person's property is seized to pay judgments levied by the court.
  • Automatic dialing-announcing device: means a device which selects and dials telephone numbers and automatically plays a recorded message. See Nebraska Statutes 86-238
  • Automatic location identification: means a feature by which the name and address associated with the calling party's telephone number is forwarded to the public safety answering point for display. See Nebraska Statutes 86-423
  • Automatic number identification: means a feature by which the calling party's automatic number identification telephone number is forwarded to the E-911 control office and to the public safety answering point's display and transfer units. See Nebraska Statutes 86-424
  • Award: means a grant of money by the commission to an eligible student for educational expenses. See Nebraska Statutes 85-1903
  • Award year: means the period beginning on July 1 through the following June 30. See Nebraska Statutes 85-1904
  • Bail: Security given for the release of a criminal defendant or witness from legal custody (usually in the form of money) to secure his/her appearance on the day and time appointed.
  • Bankruptcy: Refers to statutes and judicial proceedings involving persons or businesses that cannot pay their debts and seek the assistance of the court in getting a fresh start. Under the protection of the bankruptcy court, debtors may discharge their debts, perhaps by paying a portion of each debt. Bankruptcy judges preside over these proceedings.
  • Baseline: Projection of the receipts, outlays, and other budget amounts that would ensue in the future without any change in existing policy. Baseline projections are used to gauge the extent to which proposed legislation, if enacted into law, would alter current spending and revenue levels.
  • Basic local exchange rate: means the flat monthly charge for an access line, whether the telecommunications service is provided on a flat or measured basis, imposed by a telecommunications company for basic local exchange service but does not include any charge or tax imposed by or resulting from action by a governmental body which is billed by a telecommunications company to its customers. See Nebraska Statutes 86-104
  • Basic local exchange service: means the access and transmission of two-way switched voice communications within a local exchange area. See Nebraska Statutes 86-105
  • Beneficiary: A person who is entitled to receive the benefits or proceeds of a will, trust, insurance policy, retirement plan, annuity, or other contract. Source: OCC
  • Bequest: Property gifted by will.
  • Board: means the Board of Geologists. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3504
  • Board: means the Board of Engineers and Architects. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3405
  • Budget authority: Authority provided by law to enter into obligations that will result in outlays of Federal funds. Budget authority may be classified by the period of availability (one-year, multiyear, no-year), by the timing of congressional action (current or permanent), or by the manner of determining the amount available (definite or indefinite).
  • Building: means any structure used, or intended to be used, to support, shelter, or enclose any use or occupancy. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3405.02
  • Building official: means a person appointed by the state or a political subdivision having responsibility for the public safety and welfare and the enforcement of building codes with regard to buildings and other structures within such person's jurisdiction. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3405.01
  • Business service: means telecommunications service which is used for occupational, professional, or institutional purposes. See Nebraska Statutes 86-106
  • Byproduct material: shall mean (1) any radioactive material, except special nuclear material, yielded in or made radioactive by exposure to the radiation incident to the process of producing or utilizing special nuclear material and (2) the tailings or wastes produced by the extraction or concentration of uranium or thorium from any ore processed primarily for its source material content. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1582
  • Caucus: From the Algonquian Indian language, a caucus meant "to meet together." An informal organization of members of the legislature that exists to discuss issues of mutual concern and possibly to perform legislative research and policy planning for its members. There are regional, political or ideological, ethnic, and economic-based caucuses.
  • Certified professional: means a private onsite wastewater treatment system professional certified under the Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Contractors Certification and System Registration Act to perform the tasks for which the certification has been issued. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,240
  • Chambers: A judge's office.
  • Chief executive officer: shall mean the mayor, city manager, or chairperson of the board of trustees of a municipality. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1521.08
  • Class of subscribers: means a group of customers for which a telecommunications company has established a distinct pricing plan for telecommunications service. See Nebraska Statutes 86-107
  • Closure or site closure and stabilization: shall mean those actions that are taken upon completion of operations which prepare the disposal site for custodial care and which assure that the disposal site will remain stable and will not need ongoing active maintenance. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1583
  • Commercial hazardous waste management facility: shall mean a hazardous waste management facility which accepts hazardous waste for treatment, storage, or disposal which is generated by any person other than the person which owns or operates such facility. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1521.08
  • Commission: means the Nebraska Tourism Commission. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3704
  • Commission: means the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education. See Nebraska Statutes 85-1905
  • Commission: means the Public Service Commission. See Nebraska Statutes 86-108
  • Commission: means the Public Service Commission. See Nebraska Statutes 86-239
  • Commission: means the Public Service Commission. See Nebraska Statutes 86-260
  • Commission: means the Public Service Commission. See Nebraska Statutes 86-304
  • Commission: means the Public Service Commission. See Nebraska Statutes 86-319
  • Commission: shall mean the State Real Estate Commission. See Nebraska Statutes 81-885.50
  • Commission: means the State Emergency Response Commission. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,195
  • Committee: shall mean the specific site review committee established in response to a notice of intent filed pursuant to section 81-1521. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1521.08
  • Committee: shall mean the Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care Advisory Committee on Aging. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2205
  • Committee print: A publication used by committees for various purposes. For example, the rules of each standing committee may be published as a committee print, and drafts of bills or committee reports may be produced as committee prints.
  • Common law: The legal system that originated in England and is now in use in the United States. It is based on judicial decisions rather than legislative action.
  • Community aging services: means those activities and services which fulfill the goals of the Nebraska Community Aging Services Act, which are necessary to promote, restore, or support self-sufficiency and independence for older persons, and which include: (1) Congregate activities, including, but not limited to, senior centers, group meals, volunteerism, adult day services, and recreation. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2210
  • Community eligibility provision: means the alternative to household applications for free and reduced-price meals in high-poverty schools enacted in section 104(a) of the federal Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, section 11(a)(1) of the Richard B. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • Company shall: include any corporation, partnership, limited liability company, joint-stock company, joint venture, or association. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Compensation: shall mean the total amount paid by the agency for professional services. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1707
  • Complaint: A written statement by the plaintiff stating the wrongs allegedly committed by the defendant.
  • Consulting geologist: means a professional geologist whose principal occupation is the independent practice of geology. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3505
  • Consumer: means an actual or prospective purchaser, lessee, or recipient of consumer goods or services bought primarily for use for personal, family, or household purposes. See Nebraska Statutes 86-214
  • Consumer goods or services: means any tangible personal property, merchandise, or services normally used for personal, family, or household purposes and not for resale or for use or consumption in trade or business. See Nebraska Statutes 86-215
  • Consumer telephone call: means a telephone call made by a seller for the purpose of soliciting a sale of any consumer goods or services to the person called, for the purpose of soliciting an extension of credit for consumer goods or services to the person called, or for the purpose of obtaining information that may be used for the direct solicitation of a sale of consumer goods or services to the person called or an extension of credit for such purposes. See Nebraska Statutes 86-216
  • Continuance: Putting off of a hearing ot trial until a later time.
  • Continuing education: means the process of training and developing knowledge related to a profession after licensure is attained. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3506
  • Continuing education: means lifelong learning and training relevant to a licensee's professional practice. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3407
  • Coordinating professional: means a licensee who coordinates, as appropriate, the work of all licensees involved in a project. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3408
  • Council: shall mean the Environmental Quality Council. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1538
  • Council: shall mean the Environmental Quality Council. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1584
  • Council: means the Environmental Quality Council. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,241
  • County assessor: includes an elected or appointed county assessor or a county clerk who is an ex officio county assessor. See Nebraska Statutes 77-115
  • Custodial care: shall mean the continued observation, monitoring, and care of a facility for a minimum of one hundred years following the operational life of the facility and closure pursuant to the rules and regulations of the department. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1584.01
  • Damages: Money paid by defendants to successful plaintiffs in civil cases to compensate the plaintiffs for their injuries.
  • Dangerous sex offender: means (a) a person who suffers from a mental illness which makes the person likely to engage in repeat acts of sexual violence, who has been convicted of one or more sex offenses, and who is substantially unable to control his or her criminal behavior or (b) a person with a personality disorder which makes the person likely to engage in repeat acts of sexual violence, who has been convicted of two or more sex offenses, and who is substantially unable to control his or her criminal behavior. See Nebraska Statutes 83-174.01
  • Decedent: A deceased person.
  • Decommissioning: shall mean final operational activities at a facility to dismantle site structures, to decontaminate site surfaces and remaining structures, to stabilize and contain residual radioactive material, and to carry out any other activities to prepare the site for postoperational care. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1585
  • Deed: The legal instrument used to transfer title in real property from one person to another.
  • Defendant: In a civil suit, the person complained against; in a criminal case, the person accused of the crime.
  • Department: shall mean the Division of Developmental Disabilities of the Department of Health and Human Services. See Nebraska Statutes 83-1204
  • Department: shall mean the Department of Environment and Energy. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1537
  • Department: shall mean the Department of Environmental Quality. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1586
  • Department: means the Department of Environment and Energy. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,242
  • Department: shall mean the Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care of the Department of Health and Human Services. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2206
  • Department: means the Department of Health and Human Services. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2239
  • Dependent: A person dependent for support upon another.
  • Design: means the preparation of schematics, layouts, plans, drawings, specifications, calculations, and other diagnostic documents which show the features of an architectural or engineering project. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3409
  • Developer: shall mean any person or commercial entity seeking to site, license, or operate a facility within this state. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1586.01
  • Developmental disability: shall mean a severe, chronic disability, including an intellectual disability, other than mental illness, which:

    (1) Is attributable to a mental or physical impairment unless the impairment is solely attributable to a severe emotional disturbance or persistent mental illness. See Nebraska Statutes 83-1205

  • Devise: To gift property by will.
  • Direct supervision: means the degree of supervision by a person overseeing the work of another person by which the supervisor has control over and detailed professional knowledge of the work being done. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3507
  • Direct supervision: means having full professional knowledge and control over work that constitutes the practice of architecture or engineering. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3411
  • Director: shall mean the Director of Developmental Disabilities of the Division of Developmental Disabilities. See Nebraska Statutes 83-1206
  • Director: shall mean the Director of Environment and Energy. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1540
  • Director: shall mean the Director of Environmental Quality. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1587
  • Director: means the Director of Environment and Energy. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,196
  • Director: means the Director of Environment and Energy. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,243
  • Discovery: Lawyers' examination, before trial, of facts and documents in possession of the opponents to help the lawyers prepare for trial.
  • Dismissal: The dropping of a case by the judge without further consideration or hearing. Source:
  • Disposal: shall mean the isolation and final disposition of radioactive waste from the biosphere by emplacement in a facility that employs technology dictated by a zero-release objective. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1588
  • Division: means the division of communications of the office of Chief Information Officer. See Nebraska Statutes 86-407
  • Docket: A log containing brief entries of court proceedings.
  • Donor: The person who makes a gift.
  • Electronic funds transfer: The transfer of money between accounts by consumer electronic systems-such as automated teller machines (ATMs) and electronic payment of bills-rather than by check or cash. (Wire transfers, checks, drafts, and paper instruments do not fall into this category.) Source: OCC
  • Elementary grades: means grades kindergarten through eight, inclusive. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • Eligible postsecondary educational institution: means a public or private postsecondary educational institution:

    (1) Located in Nebraska. See Nebraska Statutes 85-1906

  • Embezzlement: In most states, embezzlement is defined as theft/larceny of assets (money or property) by a person in a position of trust or responsibility over those assets. Embezzlement typically occurs in the employment and corporate settings. Source: OCC
  • Emergency purposes: means any situation affecting the health and safety of a consumer. See Nebraska Statutes 86-240
  • Emeritus: means an architect or professional engineer who has relinquished his or her license and who is approved by the board to use the honorary title emeritus. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3412
  • En banc: In the bench or "full bench." Refers to court sessions with the entire membership of a court participating rather than the usual quorum. U.S. courts of appeals usually sit in panels of three judges, but may expand to a larger number in certain cases. They are then said to be sitting en banc.
  • Engineer-intern: means a person who has been duly enrolled as an engineer-intern by the board. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3414
  • Entitlement: A Federal program or provision of law that requires payments to any person or unit of government that meets the eligibility criteria established by law. Entitlements constitute a binding obligation on the part of the Federal Government, and eligible recipients have legal recourse if the obligation is not fulfilled. Social Security and veterans' compensation and pensions are examples of entitlement programs.
  • Environment: includes water, air, and land and the interrelationship which exists among and between water, air, and land and all living things. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,197
  • Equitable: Pertaining to civil suits in "equity" rather than in "law." In English legal history, the courts of "law" could order the payment of damages and could afford no other remedy. See damages. A separate court of "equity" could order someone to do something or to cease to do something. See, e.g., injunction. In American jurisprudence, the federal courts have both legal and equitable power, but the distinction is still an important one. For example, a trial by jury is normally available in "law" cases but not in "equity" cases. Source: U.S. Courts
  • Escheat: Reversion of real or personal property to the state when 1) a person dies without leaving a will and has no heirs, or 2) when the property (such as a bank account) has been inactive for a certain period of time. Source: OCC
  • Escrow: Money given to a third party to be held for payment until certain conditions are met.
  • Established business relationship: means a prior or existing relationship formed by a voluntary two-way communication between a person and a residential or business telephone subscriber, with or without an exchange of consideration, on the basis of an inquiry, application, purchase, or transaction by the subscriber regarding products or services offered by the person, which relationship has not been previously terminated by either party. See Nebraska Statutes 86-241
  • Ex officio: Literally, by virtue of one's office.
  • Examinee: shall mean the individual who is being examined, tested, or questioned by an examiner or intern for the purpose of verifying truthfulness or detecting deception. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1905
  • Examiner: shall mean any polygraph examiner, voice analysis examiner, or any other person, other than an intern, who does any of the following:

    (1) Purports to verify truthfulness or to detect deception or to provide a diagnostic opinion regarding such truthfulness or deception through instrumentation or the use of a mechanical device. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1911

  • Executive session: A portion of the Senate's daily session in which it considers executive business.
  • Executor: A male person named in a will to carry out the decedent
  • Extended area service: means a telecommunications service which groups two or more exchanges to allow subscribers of one exchange in the group to place and receive two-way switched communications to and from subscribers in one or more other exchanges in the group without an interexchange toll charge. See Nebraska Statutes 86-109
  • Extremely hazardous substance: means a substance which meets the threshold requirements identified on the List of Extremely Hazardous Substances under 40 C. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,198
  • Facility: shall mean the land, building, and equipment selected pursuant to the Central Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact and used or to be used for the disposal of low-level radioactive waste. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1590
  • Facility: means the buildings, equipment, structures, and other stationary items located on a single site or on contiguous or adjacent sites and owned or operated by the same person or by any person which controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with such person. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,199
  • Fair market value: The price at which an asset would change hands in a transaction between a willing, informed buyer and a willing, informed seller.
  • Federal act: means the federal Communications Act of 1934, as amended, including the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, as such acts existed on January 1, 2002. See Nebraska Statutes 86-110
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: A government corporation that insures the deposits of all national and state banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System. Source: OCC
  • Federal Reserve System: The central bank of the United States. The Fed, as it is commonly called, regulates the U.S. monetary and financial system. The Federal Reserve System is composed of a central governmental agency in Washington, D.C. (the Board of Governors) and twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks in major cities throughout the United States. Source: OCC
  • Fee simple: Absolute title to property with no limitations or restrictions regarding the person who may inherit it.
  • Fiduciary: A trustee, executor, or administrator.
  • Firm: shall mean any individual, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, association, or other legal entity permitted by law to practice architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, or land surveying in the state. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1706
  • Fixed Rate: Having a "fixed" rate means that the APR doesn't change based on fluctuations of some external rate (such as the "Prime Rate"). In other words, a fixed rate is a rate that is not a variable rate. A fixed APR can change over time, in several circumstances:
    • You are late making a payment or commit some other default, triggering an increase to a penalty rate
    • The bank changes the terms of your account and you do not reject the change.
    • The rate expires (if the rate was fixed for only a certain period of time).
  • Foreclosure: A legal process in which property that is collateral or security for a loan may be sold to help repay the loan when the loan is in default. Source: OCC
  • Foreign: when applied to corporations shall include all those created by authority other than that of this state. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Forgery: The fraudulent signing or alteration of another's name to an instrument such as a deed, mortgage, or check. The intent of the forgery is to deceive or defraud. Source: OCC
  • Fraud: Intentional deception resulting in injury to another.
  • Fund: means the Nebraska Telecommunications Relay System Fund. See Nebraska Statutes 86-306
  • Fund: means the Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund. See Nebraska Statutes 86-320
  • Fund: shall mean the Nebraska Litter Reduction and Recycling Fund. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1539
  • Garnishment: Generally, garnishment is a court proceeding in which a creditor asks a court to order a third party who owes money to the debtor or otherwise holds assets belonging to the debtor to turn over to the creditor any of the debtor
  • Geologist: means a person who is qualified to practice geology by reason of special knowledge and use of the earth sciences and the principles of geology and geologic data collection and analysis acquired by geologic education and geologic experience as provided in section 81-3539 . See Nebraska Statutes 81-3509
  • Geologist-intern: means a person who has passed an examination in the fundamentals of geology as provided in section 81-3540 . See Nebraska Statutes 81-3509.01
  • Geology: means the science which includes treatment of the earth and its origin and history, in general. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3510
  • Geology means the science which: includes treatment of the earth and its origin and history, in general. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3510
  • Gift: A voluntary transfer or conveyance of property without consideration, or for less than full and adequate consideration based on fair market value.
  • Good character: means such character as will enable a person to discharge the fiduciary duties of a geologist to his or her client and to the public for the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3512
  • Good ethical character: means such character as will enable a person to discharge the fiduciary duties of an architect or professional engineer to his or her client and to the public for the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3416
  • Governing body: means the county board, the city council of a city, the board of trustees of a village, or the board of directors of any rural or suburban fire protection district. See Nebraska Statutes 86-426
  • Governing body: means the governing body of a village, city, or county. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,200
  • Government certification: means a nontransferable recognition granted to an individual by an occupational board through a voluntary program in which the individual meets personal qualifications established by the Legislature. See Nebraska Statutes 84-935
  • Grantee: shall include every person to whom any estate or interest passes in or by any conveyance. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Grantee shall: include every person to whom any estate or interest passes in or by any conveyance. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Grantor: shall include every person from or by whom any estate or interest passes in or by any conveyance. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Greatest economic need: shall mean the need resulting from an income level at or below the poverty level as established by the Office of Management and Budget. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2211.01
  • Greatest social need: shall mean the need caused by noneconomic factors, including physical and mental disabilities, language barriers, and cultural, social, or geographic isolation including that caused by racial or ethnic status, which restricts an individual's ability to perform normal daily tasks, which threatens such individual's capacity to live independently, or which interferes with the exercise of rights and privileges. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2211.02
  • Gross estate: The total fair market value of all property and property interests, real and personal, tangible and intangible, of which a decedent had beneficial ownership at the time of death before subtractions for deductions, debts, administrative expenses, and casualty losses suffered during estate administration.
  • Gross proceeds: shall mean the total receipts from all sales less expenditures for the purchase of any item in this state for the purpose of recycling such item. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1548.04
  • Guarantor: A party who agrees to be responsible for the payment of another party's debts should that party default. Source: OCC
  • Guardian: A person legally empowered and charged with the duty of taking care of and managing the property of another person who because of age, intellect, or health, is incapable of managing his (her) own affairs.
  • Hazardous waste management facility: shall mean all contiguous land, and structures, other appurtenances, and improvements on the land, used for the treatment, storage, or disposal of hazardous waste. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1521.08
  • High school grades: means all grades above the eighth grade. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • High-level radioactive waste: shall mean (1) irradiated reactor fuel, (2) liquid wastes resulting from the operation of the first cycle solvent extraction system or equivalent and the concentrated wastes from subsequent extraction cycles or equivalent in a facility for reprocessing irradiated reactor fuel, (3) solids into which such liquid wastes have been converted, and (4) other highly radioactive waste material as defined by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1589
  • Highway tourism marker: means a marker of a particular style authorized by the commission to designate tourism attractions. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3706.01
  • Household: means a family unit whose members are related by birth, marriage, or adoption and who share a common living arrangement. See Nebraska Statutes 86-308
  • Immune: shall mean that neither a civil action nor a criminal prosecution may arise from any action taken pursuant to sections 81-5,115 to 81-5,131 when actual malice on the part of an insurance company or authorized agency against the insured is not present. See Nebraska Statutes 81-5,120
  • Impeachment: (1) The process of calling something into question, as in "impeaching the testimony of a witness." (2) The constitutional process whereby the House of Representatives may "impeach" (accuse of misconduct) high officers of the federal government for trial in the Senate.
  • Indemnification: In general, a collateral contract or assurance under which one person agrees to secure another person against either anticipated financial losses or potential adverse legal consequences. Source: FDIC
  • Indictment: The formal charge issued by a grand jury stating that there is enough evidence that the defendant committed the crime to justify having a trial; it is used primarily for felonies.
  • Inhabitant: shall be construed to mean a resident in the particular locality in reference to which that word is used. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Injunction: An order of the court prohibiting (or compelling) the performance of a specific act to prevent irreparable damage or injury.
  • Instructional hour: means a period of time, at least sixty minutes, which is actually used for the instruction of students. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • Intellectual disability: means significant subaverage general intellectual functioning which is associated with significant impairments in adaptive functioning manifested before the age of twenty-two years. See Nebraska Statutes 83-1206.01
  • Inter vivos: Transfer of property from one living person to another living person.
  • Interest rate: The amount paid by a borrower to a lender in exchange for the use of the lender's money for a certain period of time. Interest is paid on loans or on debt instruments, such as notes or bonds, either at regular intervals or as part of a lump sum payment when the issue matures. Source: OCC
  • Interexchange service: means the access and transmission of communications between two or more local exchange areas, except for two-way switched communications between local exchanges that are grouped for extended area service. See Nebraska Statutes 86-111
  • Internet-protocol-enabled service or IP-enabled service: means any service, capability, functionality, or application provided using Internet protocol, or any successor protocol, that enables a service user to send or receive a communication in Internet protocol format, including, but not limited to, voice, data, or video. See Nebraska Statutes 86-111.01
  • Inventory form: means an emergency and hazardous chemical inventory form required to be prepared by an owner or operator of any facility required to prepare or have available a material safety data sheet for a hazardous chemical under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, 29 U. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,203
  • Land or real estate: shall include lands, tenements, and hereditaments and all rights thereto and interest therein other than a chattel interest. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • LATA: means local access and transport area as defined by 47 U. See Nebraska Statutes 86-114
  • Lawful occupation: means a course of conduct, a pursuit, or a profession that includes the sale of goods or services that are not themselves illegal to sell irrespective of whether the individual selling them is subject to an occupational regulation. See Nebraska Statutes 84-936
  • Least restrictive regulation: means one of the following types of regulation, listed from least restrictive to most restrictive, consistent with the health, safety, and welfare of the public:

    (1) Market competition. See Nebraska Statutes 84-937

  • Legacy: A gift of property made by will.
  • Legal voter: means a registered voter as defined in section 32-115 who is domiciled in a precinct or ward in which he or she is registered to vote and which precinct or ward lies in whole or in part within the boundaries of a school district for which the registered voter chooses to exercise his or her right to vote at a school district election. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • Legatee: A beneficiary of a decedent
  • Legislative session: That part of a chamber's daily session in which it considers legislative business (bills, resolutions, and actions related thereto).
  • Liabilities: The aggregate of all debts and other legal obligations of a particular person or legal entity.
  • Licensed facility operator: shall mean any person or entity who has obtained a license under the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Act to operate a facility, including any person or entity to whom an assignment of a license is approved by the department. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1590.01
  • Licensee: shall mean a natural person who is licensed by the commission as a real estate broker or salesperson. See Nebraska Statutes 81-885.50
  • Licensee: means a licensed architect or professional engineer. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3416.02
  • Lien: A claim against real or personal property in satisfaction of a debt.
  • Likely to engage in repeat acts of sexual violence: means the person's propensity to commit sex offenses resulting in serious harm to others is of such a degree as to pose a menace to the health and safety of the public. See Nebraska Statutes 83-174.01
  • List of chemicals: includes each of the following:

    (1) A list of the hazardous chemicals for which a material safety data sheet is required under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, 29 U. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,204

  • Litigation: A case, controversy, or lawsuit. Participants (plaintiffs and defendants) in lawsuits are called litigants.
  • Litter: shall mean all waste material susceptible to being dropped, deposited, discarded, or otherwise disposed of by any person upon any property in the state, but not including the wastes of primary processes of farming or manufacturing. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1541
  • Local exchange area: means a territorial unit established by a telecommunications company for the administration of telecommunications service within a specific area generally encompassing a city or village and its environs as described in maps filed with and approved by the commission. See Nebraska Statutes 86-115
  • Local long-term care ombudsman program: means an entity, either public or private and nonprofit, designated as a local long-term care ombudsman program by the office. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2242
  • Low-level radioactive waste: shall mean radioactive waste not classified as high-level radioactive waste, spent nuclear fuel, or byproduct material as defined in subdivision (2) of section 81-1582 and classified by the federal government as low-level radioactive waste but shall not include waste which remains a federal responsibility as designated in section 3(b) of the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act, as amended, 42 U. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1591
  • Manufacturer: shall mean any person engaged in a business activity who has annual gross proceeds in this state of at least one hundred thousand dollars resulting from the sale of tangible personal property which the person has made, produced, manufactured, processed, or fabricated which is within any of the categories listed in section 81-1560 . See Nebraska Statutes 81-1542
  • Marital deduction: The deduction(s) that can be taken in the determination of gift and estate tax liabilities because of the existence of a marriage or marital relationship.
  • Material safety data sheet: means the sheet required to be developed under 29 C. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,205
  • Mistrial: An invalid trial, caused by fundamental error. When a mistrial is declared, the trial must start again from the selection of the jury.
  • Month: shall mean calendar month. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Mortgage: The written agreement pledging property to a creditor as collateral for a loan.
  • Mortgagee: The person to whom property is mortgaged and who has loaned the money.
  • Municipality: shall mean an incorporated city or village. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1521.08
  • National Bank: A bank that is subject to the supervision of the Comptroller of the Currency. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is a bureau of the U.S. Treasury Department. A national bank can be recognized because it must have "national" or "national association" in its name. Source: OCC
  • National Credit Union Administration: The federal regulatory agency that charters and supervises federal credit unions. (NCUA also administers the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, which insures the deposits of federal credit unions.) Source: OCC
  • Nolo contendere: No contest-has the same effect as a plea of guilty, as far as the criminal sentence is concerned, but may not be considered as an admission of guilt for any other purpose.
  • Oath: shall include affirmation in all cases in which an affirmation may be substituted for an oath. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Occupational board: means a board, commission, department, or other entity created by state law which regulates providers through occupational regulations. See Nebraska Statutes 84-938
  • Occupational license: means a nontransferable authorization in law (1) for an individual to perform exclusively a lawful occupation for compensation based on meeting personal qualifications established by the Legislature and (2) which is required in order to legally perform the lawful occupation for compensation. See Nebraska Statutes 84-939
  • Occupational regulation: includes any government certification, registration, and occupational license. See Nebraska Statutes 84-940
  • Occupational regulation does not: include (a) business licensure, facility licensure, building permit requirements, or zoning and land-use regulation except to the extent that the same state laws that require a business license, a facility license, a building permit, or zoning and land-use regulation also regulate an individual's personal qualifications to perform a lawful occupation or (b) an occupational license administered by the Supreme Court. See Nebraska Statutes 84-940
  • Office: means the office of the state long-term care ombudsman. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2244
  • Older Americans Act: means the federal Older Americans Act, as amended. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2245
  • Older individual: shall mean any individual who is sixty years of age or older, the spouse of an individual who is sixty years of age or older, or, for purposes of employment services, any individual who is fifty-five years of age or older. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2211.03
  • Ombudsman advocate: means an employee or a volunteer of the office other than the state long-term care ombudsman or of a local program trained and certified to carry out duties of the office. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2247
  • Operational life of the facility: shall mean the period of time commencing when low-level radioactive waste is initially received at the facility and ending when the facility permanently ceases to receive such waste for disposal. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1591.01
  • Oral argument: An opportunity for lawyers to summarize their position before the court and also to answer the judges' questions.
  • Organization: includes a partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or other form of business entity. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3514
  • Organization: means a business entity created by law, including, but not limited to, a partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or joint venture. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3418
  • Oversight: Committee review of the activities of a Federal agency or program.
  • Parcel: means a contiguous tract of land determined by its boundaries, under the same ownership, and in the same tax district and section. See Nebraska Statutes 77-132
  • Pay-per-call services: means telecommunications services which permit simultaneous calling by a large number of callers to a single telephone number and for which the calling party is assessed, by virtue of completing the call, a charge that is not dependent on the existence of a presubscription relationship and for which the caller pays a per-call or per-time-interval charge that is greater than or in addition to the charge for transmission of the call. See Nebraska Statutes 86-261
  • Peace officer: shall include sheriffs, coroners, jailers, marshals, police officers, state highway patrol officers, members of the National Guard on active service by direction of the Governor during periods of emergency, and all other persons with similar authority to make arrests. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Permanent school fund: means the fund described in section 79-1035. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • Person: shall mean any natural person, political subdivision, government agency, public or private corporation, partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, association, firm, or individual proprietorship. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1543
  • Person: shall mean any individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, firm, association, joint venture, trust, estate, public or private institution, group, public agency, political subdivision of this state, any other state or political subdivision or agency thereof, and any legal successor, representative, agent, or agency of the foregoing, but shall not include federal governmental agencies. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1592
  • Person: shall mean any individual, firm, partnership, limited liability company, association, or corporation. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1906
  • person: shall be construed to practice architecture, within the meaning and intent of the Engineers and Architects Regulation Act, if he or she:

    (a) Practices the profession of architecture or holds himself or herself out as able and entitled to practice architecture. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3420

  • Person who suffers from a mental illness: means an individual who has a mental illness as defined in section 71-907 . See Nebraska Statutes 83-174.01
  • Person with a personality disorder: means an individual diagnosed with a personality disorder. See Nebraska Statutes 83-174.01
  • Personal qualifications: means criteria related to an individual's personal background and characteristics, including completion of an approved educational program, satisfactory performance on an examination, work experience, other evidence of attainment of requisite skills or knowledge, moral standing, criminal history, and completion of continuing education. See Nebraska Statutes 84-941
  • Personal telephone service: means telephone service located in an individual's room and the telephone service account is in the individual's name. See Nebraska Statutes 86-309
  • Plaintiff: The person who files the complaint in a civil lawsuit.
  • Plea: In a criminal case, the defendant's statement pleading "guilty" or "not guilty" in answer to the charges, a declaration made in open court.
  • Pleadings: Written statements of the parties in a civil case of their positions. In the federal courts, the principal pleadings are the complaint and the answer.
  • Polygraph: shall mean any mechanical or electronic instrument which uses attached sensors to record psychophysiological responses for the purpose of attempting to determine truth or deception and which records permanently and simultaneously at least three physiological responses. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1907
  • Power of attorney: A written instrument which authorizes one person to act as another's agent or attorney. The power of attorney may be for a definite, specific act, or it may be general in nature. The terms of the written power of attorney may specify when it will expire. If not, the power of attorney usually expires when the person granting it dies. Source: OCC
  • Practice of architecture: means providing or offering to provide design services in connection with the construction, enlargement, or alteration of a building or group of buildings and the space within and surrounding the buildings. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3420
  • Practice of engineering: means any service or creative work that requires engineering education, training, and experience in the application of special knowledge of the mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3421
  • Practice of geology: means any service or creative work if the adequate performance of the service or work requires geologic education, training, and experience to include such services or creative work as geological consultation, investigation, planning, surveying, mapping, and inspection of geological work, and the responsible supervision thereof, the performance of which is related to public welfare or the safeguarding of life, health, property, and the environment, and teaching, including research and service, of advanced geological subjects. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3515
  • Prekindergarten programs: means all early childhood programs provided for children who have not reached the age of five by the date provided in section 79-214 for kindergarten entrance. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • Prepaid wireless telecommunications service provider: means a wireless telecommunications company whose service must be paid for in advance and is sold in predetermined units or dollars of which the number declines with use in a known amount or expiration of time. See Nebraska Statutes 86-320.02
  • Presiding officer: A majority-party Senator who presides over the Senate and is charged with maintaining order and decorum, recognizing Members to speak, and interpreting the Senate's rules, practices and precedents.
  • Primary place of use: means the residential or business street address that is representative of the primary location of the customer's use of a service that includes the provision of 911 service. See Nebraska Statutes 86-429.01
  • Private certification: means a nontransferable recognition granted to an individual by a private organization through a voluntary program in which the individual meets personal qualifications established by the private organization. See Nebraska Statutes 84-942
  • Private examiner: shall mean any examiner who performs or purports to perform the service of attempting to verify truthfulness or detect deception or providing a diagnostic opinion regarding such truthfulness or deception under any circumstances other than as a public examiner. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1912
  • Private onsite wastewater treatment system: means any system of piping, treatment devices, or other appurtenances that convey, store, treat, or dispose of domestic or nondomestic wastewater, but not including wastewater from a livestock waste control facility, on the property where it originates or on nearby property under the control of the user, which system is not connected to a public sewer system. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,244
  • Prize: means anything offered, or purportedly offered, and given, or purportedly given, to a person by chance. See Nebraska Statutes 86-217
  • Prize promotion: means (1) a sweepstakes or other game of chance or (2) an oral or written express or implied representation that a person has won, has been selected to receive, or may be eligible to receive a prize or purported prize. See Nebraska Statutes 86-218
  • Probable cause: A reasonable ground for belief that the offender violated a specific law.
  • Probate: Proving a will
  • Probation: A sentencing alternative to imprisonment in which the court releases convicted defendants under supervision as long as certain conditions are observed.
  • Probation officers: Screen applicants for pretrial release and monitor convicted offenders released under court supervision.
  • Professional engineer: means a person who is licensed by the board to practice engineering. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3422
  • Professional geologist: means a geologist who has a current certificate of licensure issued by the board. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3516
  • Professional services: shall mean those services within the scope of the practice of architecture, professional engineering, landscape architecture, or registered land surveying as defined by the laws of the state, or those performed by any architect, professional engineer, landscape architect, or registered land surveyor in connection with his professional employment practice. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1704
  • Project: shall mean that fixed capital outlay, study, or planning activity, except renewal work as defined in section 81-173 , described in the public notice of a state agency. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1709
  • Project: means one or more related activities that require the practice of architecture or engineering for completion. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3422.01
  • Prosecute: To charge someone with a crime. A prosecutor tries a criminal case on behalf of the government.
  • Provider: means an individual provider of goods or services engaged in a lawful occupation. See Nebraska Statutes 84-943
  • Public defender: Represent defendants who can't afford an attorney in criminal matters.
  • Public examiner: shall mean an examiner who performs or purports to perform the service of attempting to verify truthfulness or detect deception or providing a diagnostic opinion regarding such truthfulness or deception exclusively in his or her official capacity as a salaried employee of some agency or political subdivision of the state. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1913
  • Public law: A public bill or joint resolution that has passed both chambers and been enacted into law. Public laws have general applicability nationwide.
  • Public place: shall mean any place or area in the state that is used or held out for use by the public, whether owned or operated by public or private interests. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1544
  • Public safety agency: means any federal, state, or political subdivision entity which provides emergency and public safety services, including medical services, law enforcement services, fire management services, correctional services, and emergency and disaster relief services. See Nebraska Statutes 86-408
  • Public safety agency: means an agency which actually provides firefighting, law enforcement, ambulance, emergency medical, or other emergency services. See Nebraska Statutes 86-430
  • Public safety answering point: means a twenty-four-hour, local-jurisdiction communications facility which receives 911 service calls and either directly dispatches emergency services or relays calls to the appropriate public safety agency. See Nebraska Statutes 86-431
  • Public service provider: means any political subdivision which employs or appoints an architect or a professional engineer to be in responsible charge of the political subdivision's architectural or engineering work. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3423
  • Purchase: shall include taking by sale, discount, negotiation, or any other transaction for value creating an interest in property except liens. See Nebraska Statutes 77-122
  • Radioactive material: shall mean any material, solid, liquid, or gas, which emits ionizing radiation spontaneously. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1593
  • Real property: Land, and all immovable fixtures erected on, growing on, or affixed to the land.
  • Recess: A temporary interruption of the legislative business.
  • Recourse: An arrangement in which a bank retains, in form or in substance, any credit risk directly or indirectly associated with an asset it has sold (in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles) that exceeds a pro rata share of the bank's claim on the asset. If a bank has no claim on an asset it has sold, then the retention of any credit risk is recourse. Source: FDIC
  • Recycling: shall mean the process of separating, cleaning, treating, and reconstituting waste or other discarded materials for the purpose of recovering and reusing the resources contained therein. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1545
  • Registration: means a nontransferable registration granted to an individual under which (a) the individual is required to give notice to the government that may include the individual's name and address, the individual's agent for service of process, the location of the activity to be performed, and a description of the service the individual provides, (b) upon receipt of the notice by the government, the individual may use the term registered as a designated title to engage in a lawful occupation, and (c) such notice is required to engage in the lawful occupation for compensation and is required in order to use the term registered as a designated title to engage in the lawful occupation. See Nebraska Statutes 84-944
  • Release: means to spill, leak, pump, pour, emit, empty, discharge, inject, escape, leach, dump, or dispose any hazardous chemical, extremely hazardous substance, or toxic chemical into the environment and includes the abandonment or discarding of barrels, containers, and other closed receptacles containing any such chemical or substance. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,206
  • Relevant: shall mean information having any tendency to make the existence of any fact that is of consequence to the investigation or determination of the issue more probable or less probable than it would be without the evidence. See Nebraska Statutes 81-5,118
  • Remainder: An interest in property that takes effect in the future at a specified time or after the occurrence of some event, such as the death of a life tenant.
  • Remand: When an appellate court sends a case back to a lower court for further proceedings.
  • Reporter: Makes a record of court proceedings and prepares a transcript, and also publishes the court's opinions or decisions (in the courts of appeals).
  • Representative of the office: means an employee or volunteer designated by the state long-term care ombudsman to fulfill the duties of the office, whether personnel supervision is provided by the state long-term care ombudsman or his or her designee or by an agency hosting a local long-term care ombudsman designated by the state long-term care ombudsman. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2247.01
  • Rescission: The cancellation of budget authority previously provided by Congress. The Impoundment Control Act of 1974 specifies that the President may propose to Congress that funds be rescinded. If both Houses have not approved a rescission proposal (by passing legislation) within 45 days of continuous session, any funds being withheld must be made available for obligation.
  • Residence service: means telecommunications service which is furnished to a dwelling and which is used for personal or domestic purposes and not for business, professional, or institutional purposes. See Nebraska Statutes 86-116
  • Resident: means an individual who resides in a long-term care facility as a patient, resident, or client. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2247.02
  • Resource recovery: shall mean a system or process for the recovery of materials or energy from waste material. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1547
  • Responsible charge: means direct control, direction, and personal supervision by use of initiative and independent judgment for geological work. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3518
  • Responsible charge: means the management of the technical and financial aspects of engineering or architectural work through an organization. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3425
  • Restitution: The court-ordered payment of money by the defendant to the victim for damages caused by the criminal action.
  • Retailer: shall mean any person engaged in business who has annual gross proceeds in this state of at least one hundred thousand dollars resulting from the sales of tangible personal property for storage, use, or other consumption or from the business of making sales at auction of tangible personal property owned by the person or others for storage, use, or other consumption of any of the products, including byproducts, falling into the categories listed in section 81-1560. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1548.02
  • Rules and regulations: means rules and regulations adopted and promulgated under the Engineers and Architects Regulation Act by the board. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3426
  • School: means a school under the jurisdiction of a school board authorized by Chapter 79. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • School board: means the governing body of any school district. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • School district: means the territory under the jurisdiction of a single school board authorized by Chapter 79. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • School lands: means the lands described in section 79-1035. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • School year: means (a) for elementary grades other than kindergarten, the time equivalent to at least one thousand thirty-two instructional hours and (b) for high school grades, the time equivalent to at least one thousand eighty instructional hours. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • Secretary: shall mean the Secretary of State for the State of Nebraska. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1904
  • Seller: means any person or organization who individually or through salespersons initiates unsolicited consumer telephone calls in order to (1) sell, lease, or rent consumer goods or services, (2) offer gifts or prizes with the intent to sell, lease, or rent consumer goods or services, or (3) represent to a consumer that the consumer has won or will receive a prize by telephonic means or by written notice sent through the mail in which the goods and services and all the material terms of the transaction are not fully described and which require that the consumer contact the seller by telephone to learn about or initiate the transaction. See Nebraska Statutes 86-219
  • Senior service center: shall mean a senior center or other community facility that provides ready access to a broad range of community aging services. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2211
  • Service of process: The service of writs or summonses to the appropriate party.
  • Service supplier: means any person providing 911 service in this state. See Nebraska Statutes 86-432
  • Service surcharge: means a charge set by a governing body and assessed on each telephone number or functional equivalent of service users whose primary place of use is within the governing body's designated 911 service area, with the exception of those service users served by wireless carriers as defined in section 86-456 and those service users who have no access to 911 service. See Nebraska Statutes 86-433
  • Service user: means any person who is provided 911 service in this state. See Nebraska Statutes 86-434
  • Settlement: Parties to a lawsuit resolve their difference without having a trial. Settlements often involve the payment of compensation by one party in satisfaction of the other party's claims.
  • Sex offense: means any of the offenses listed in section 29-4003 for which registration as a sex offender is required. See Nebraska Statutes 83-174.01
  • Solicitor: means any person, who is not the seller offering a prize promotion, who represents to an individual that the individual has won or will receive a prize. See Nebraska Statutes 86-220
  • Source material: shall mean (1) uranium or thorium or any combination thereof in any chemical or physical form or (2) ores which contain by weight one-twentieth of one percent or more of uranium or thorium or any combination thereof. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1594
  • Source separation: shall mean separation by the public from their general refuse of recyclable material. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1548
  • Special nuclear material: shall mean (1) plutonium, uranium 233, and uranium enriched in the isotope 233 or in the isotope 235 but does not include source material or (2) any material artificially enriched by any of the foregoing, but shall not include source material. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1595
  • Specialized program: shall mean an agency, organization, association, or other entity which provides specialized services. See Nebraska Statutes 83-1207
  • Specialized service: shall mean a service provided specifically for persons with developmental disabilities. See Nebraska Statutes 83-1208
  • Specialized telecommunications equipment: means any telecommunications device enabling deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-impaired persons to communicate using conventional telephone systems. See Nebraska Statutes 86-310
  • Spent nuclear fuel: shall mean irradiated nuclear fuel that has undergone at least one year of decay since being used as a source of energy in a power reactor. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1596
  • Sponsor: means any person on whose behalf a solicitor gives a prize but who is not the seller offering a prize promotion. See Nebraska Statutes 86-221
  • State long-term care ombudsman: means the person appointed under section 81-2249 to fulfill the responsibilities of the office. See Nebraska Statutes 81-2248
  • Statute: A law passed by a legislature.
  • Subpoena: A command to a witness to appear and give testimony.
  • Subpoena duces tecum: A command to a witness to produce documents.
  • Substantially unable to control his or her criminal behavior: means having serious difficulty in controlling or resisting the desire or urge to commit sex offenses. See Nebraska Statutes 83-174.01
  • Summons: Another word for subpoena used by the criminal justice system.
  • Supplemental appropriation: Budget authority provided in an appropriations act in addition to regular or continuing appropriations already provided. Supplemental appropriations generally are made to cover emergencies, such as disaster relief, or other needs deemed too urgent to be postponed until the enactment of next year's regular appropriations act.
  • Sworn: shall include affirmed in all cases in which an affirmation may be substituted for an oath. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Tangible personal property: shall mean all tangible personal property except:

    (1) Gas, electricity, and water delivered through mains, lines, pipes, or channels to purchasers. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1548.03

  • Taxable property: shall mean any real or tangible personal property subject to tax pursuant to law and not exempt from tax. See Nebraska Statutes 77-121
  • Teach: means and includes, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities: (a) The organization and management of the classroom or the physical area in which the learning experiences of pupils take place. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • Teacher: means any certified employee who is regularly employed for the instruction of pupils in the public schools. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • Technical submissions: means designs, drawings, specifications, studies, and other technical reports that constitute, or may be prepared in conjunction with, a project. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3427
  • Technical submissions: means designs, drawings, specifications, studies, and other technical reports. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3519
  • Telecommunications: means the transmission, between or among points specified by the subscriber, of information of the subscriber's choosing, without a change in the form or content of the information as sent or received. See Nebraska Statutes 86-117
  • Telecommunications: means the transmission between or among points specified by the user of information of the user's choosing without change in the form or content of the information as sent and received. See Nebraska Statutes 86-320.01
  • Telecommunications common carrier: means a provider of telecommunications service for hire which offers telecommunications service to the general public at large in Nebraska intrastate commerce. See Nebraska Statutes 86-118
  • Telecommunications company: means any person, firm, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, association, or governmental entity offering telecommunications service in Nebraska intrastate commerce. See Nebraska Statutes 86-119
  • Telecommunications company: means any natural person, firm, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or association providing telecommunications or telecommunications service for hire in Nebraska without regard to whether such company holds a certificate of convenience and necessity as a telecommunications common carrier or a permit as a telecommunications contract carrier from the commission. See Nebraska Statutes 86-322
  • Telecommunications contract carrier: means a provider of telecommunications service for hire, other than as a common carrier, in Nebraska intrastate commerce. See Nebraska Statutes 86-120
  • Telecommunications relay system: means a service permitting full and simultaneous communication between deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-impaired persons using specialized telecommunications equipment and other persons using conventional telephone equipment. See Nebraska Statutes 86-311
  • Telecommunications service: means the offering of telecommunications for a fee. See Nebraska Statutes 86-121
  • Telephone solicitation: means a telephone call or message using an automatic dialing-announcing device for the purpose of encouraging the purchase or rental of, or investment in, property, goods, or services, which call or message is transmitted to any person. See Nebraska Statutes 86-242
  • Telephone solicitation does not: include a call or message (a) made to any person with the person's prior express invitation or permission, (b) made to any person with whom the caller has an established business relationship, (c) made by a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, (d) not made for commercial purposes, (e) made for a commercial purpose but which does not include the transmission of an unsolicited advertisement, or (f) placed by a live operator and a prerecorded message is not utilized. See Nebraska Statutes 86-242
  • Temporary restraining order: Prohibits a person from an action that is likely to cause irreparable harm. This differs from an injunction in that it may be granted immediately, without notice to the opposing party, and without a hearing. It is intended to last only until a hearing can be held.
  • Temporary school fund: means the fund described in section 79-1035. See Nebraska Statutes 79-101
  • Title III: means the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act pursuant to Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986, as amended. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,208
  • Tort: A civil wrong or breach of a duty to another person, as outlined by law. A very common tort is negligent operation of a motor vehicle that results in property damage and personal injury in an automobile accident.
  • Tourism industry: includes any person or other entity, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, that promotes an activity, an event, or a site which attracts both instate and out-of-state visitors, including, but not limited to, a chamber of commerce, a convention and visitors bureau, the hospitality industry, the food and beverage industry, the hotel industry, a passenger transportation provider, any business or organization engaged in recreational, historical, cultural, artistic, or entertainment pursuits, and any person who owns or operates any such activity, event, or site. See Nebraska Statutes 81-3709.01
  • Toxic chemical: means a substance on the list in Committee Print Number 99-169 , as amended, of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, titled "Toxic Chemicals Subject to Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act of 1986" including any revised version as may be made pursuant to section 313 of Title III. See Nebraska Statutes 81-15,209
  • Transuranic waste: shall mean radioactive waste containing alpha emitting transuranic elements at levels determined by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission to be transuranic waste. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1597
  • Trial: A hearing that takes place when the defendant pleads "not guilty" and witnesses are required to come to court to give evidence.
  • Trust account: A general term that covers all types of accounts in a trust department, such as estates, guardianships, and agencies. Source: OCC
  • Trustee: A person or institution holding and administering property in trust.
  • Tuition and mandatory fees: means the lesser of the student costs for tuition and mandatory fees for a full-time, resident, undergraduate student for the last completed award year at the eligible postsecondary educational institution or the student costs for tuition and mandatory fees for a full-time, resident, undergraduate student for the last completed award year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. See Nebraska Statutes 85-1909
  • Two-year period: shall mean twenty-four months commencing on January 1 following either the date of licensing of the real estate broker or salesperson or March 8, 1985, whichever is later, and each succeeding twenty-four-month period. See Nebraska Statutes 81-885.50
  • Undergraduate student: means an individual who has not earned a first baccalaureate or professional degree and is enrolled in a postsecondary educational program which leads to, or is creditable toward, a first baccalaureate degree, associate degree, certificate, diploma, or equivalent. See Nebraska Statutes 85-1910
  • Uniform Commercial Code: A set of statutes enacted by the various states to provide consistency among the states' commercial laws. It includes negotiable instruments, sales, stock transfers, trust and warehouse receipts, and bills of lading. Source: OCC
  • United States shall: include territories, outlying possessions, and the District of Columbia. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Unsolicited advertisement: means any material advertising the commercial availability or quality of any property, goods, or services which is transmitted to any person without that person's prior express invitation or permission. See Nebraska Statutes 86-243
  • User fees: Fees charged to users of goods or services provided by the government. In levying or authorizing these fees, the legislature determines whether the revenue should go into the treasury or should be available to the agency providing the goods or services.
  • Venue: The geographical location in which a case is tried.
  • Verifiable retail value: means the price (1) at which the solicitor or sponsor can demonstrate that a substantial number of prizes have been sold within the prior twelve months by a person other than the solicitor in the trade area in which the prize notice is given or (2) no more than one and one-half times the amount the solicitor or sponsor paid for the prize. See Nebraska Statutes 86-223
  • Voice analysis examiner: shall mean any person, other than an intern, who uses an instrument capable of permanently recording on a graph one or more psychophysiological reactions present in the voice of an examinee for the purpose of attempting to determine truth or deception. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1910
  • Voice over Internet protocol service: means an interconnected voice over Internet protocol service as defined in 47 C. See Nebraska Statutes 86-121.01
  • voice stress analyzer: shall mean a mechanical or electronic instrument capable of recording the human voice, which detects and measures pitch, amplitude, frequency, and other components of the human voice for the purpose of attempting to determine truth or deception, and whose records are permanently and simultaneously recorded. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1909
  • Wholesaler: shall mean any person engaged in business who has annual gross proceeds in this state of at least one hundred thousand dollars resulting from sales at the wholesale level to retailers, other merchants, or industrial, institutional, and commercial users of any tangible personal property falling into any of the categories listed in section 81-1560 which is sold at the wholesale level. See Nebraska Statutes 81-1548.01
  • Writ: A formal written command, issued from the court, requiring the performance of a specific act.