No person shall distribute adulterated commercial fertilizers or soil conditioners. A commercial fertilizer or soil conditioner shall be deemed to be adulterated if:

Terms Used In Nebraska Statutes 81-2,162.26

  • Foreign: when applied to corporations shall include all those created by authority other than that of this state. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Person shall: include bodies politic and corporate, societies, communities, the public generally, individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, and associations. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801

(1) It contains any toxic materials, other than pesticides registered pursuant to law, in quantities injurious to plant or animal health;

(2) Any valuable constituent has been in whole or in part omitted or subtracted therefrom or any less valuable substance substituted therefor;

(3) Its composition or quality falls below or differs from that which it is purported or is represented to possess by its label;

(4) Warning statements or directions for use, as prescribed by the director to be shown on the label, are not displayed thereon; or

(5) It contains amounts of crop seed, weed seed, or other foreign materials in excess of tolerances as may be established by rules and regulations of the department.