All case-specific and patient-identifying data obtained from medical records of individual patients shall be for the confidential use of the department, those reporting data to the department, and the public health agencies and approved researchers that the department determines may view such records in order to carry out the intent of sections 81-663 to 81-675. Such information shall be privileged and shall not otherwise be divulged or made public so as to disclose the identity of an individual whose medical records and health information have been used for acquiring such data. Aggregate data collected shall be open and accessible to the public, and such information shall not be considered medical records pursuant to section 84-712.05. The cost of data retrieval and data processing shall be paid by the data requester.

Case-specific and patient-identifying data may be released to those individuals or entities who have reported information to the department. Such data may be released for the purpose of confirming the accuracy of the data provided and to coordinate information among sources.