If an instruction permit or driver’s license issued under the provisions of NRS 483.010 to 483.630, inclusive, is lost or destroyed, the person to whom the permit or license was issued may obtain a duplicate, or substitute thereof, upon:

Terms Used In Nevada Revised Statutes 483.370

  • Department: means the Department of Motor Vehicles. See Nevada Revised Statutes 481.015
  • person: means a natural person, any form of business or social organization and any other nongovernmental legal entity including, but not limited to, a corporation, partnership, association, trust or unincorporated organization. See Nevada Revised Statutes 0.039

1.  Furnishing proof satisfactory to the Department that:

(a) The permit or license was lost or destroyed; and

(b) He or she is the person to whom that permit or license was issued.

2.  Payment of the required fee.