§ 689C.015 Definitions
§ 689C.017 ‘Affiliated’ defined
§ 689C.019 ‘Affiliation period’ defined
§ 689C.021 ‘Basic health benefit plan’ defined. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.023 ‘Bona fide association’ defined
§ 689C.025 ‘Carrier’ defined
§ 689C.035 ‘Characteristics’ defined. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.045 ‘Class of business’ defined
§ 689C.047 ‘Control’ defined
§ 689C.051 ‘Converted policy’ defined. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.053 ‘Creditable coverage’ defined
§ 689C.055 ‘Dependent’ defined
§ 689C.065 ‘Eligible employee’ defined
§ 689C.066 ‘Employee leasing company’ defined
§ 689C.067 ‘Established geographic service area’ defined. [Replaced in revision by NRS 689C.072.]
§ 689C.071 ‘Geographic rating area’ defined
§ 689C.072 ‘Geographic service area’ defined
§ 689C.073 ‘Group health plan’ defined
§ 689C.075 ‘Health benefit plan’ defined
§ 689C.076 ‘Health status-related factor’ defined. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.077 ‘Network plan’ defined
§ 689C.078 ‘Open enrollment’ defined
§ 689C.079 ‘Plan for coverage of a bona fide association’ defined
§ 689C.081 ‘Plan sponsor’ defined
§ 689C.082 ‘Preexisting condition’ defined
§ 689C.083 ‘Producer’ defined
§ 689C.084 ‘Program of Reinsurance’ defined. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.085 ‘Rating period’ defined
§ 689C.089 ‘Risk-assuming carrier’ defined. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.095 ‘Small employer’ defined
§ 689C.099 ‘Standard health benefit plan’ defined. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.106 ‘Waiting period’ defined
§ 689C.1065 Applicability
§ 689C.107 Affiliated carriers deemed one carrier in certain circumstances; affiliated carrier that is health maintenance organization considered separate carrier; ceding arrangement prohibited in certain circumstances. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.109 Certain plan, fund or program to be treated as employee welfare benefit plan which is group health plan; partnership deemed employer of each partner
§ 689C.111 Determination of whether employer is small or large; applicability of provisions after employer is deemed large
§ 689C.113 Requirements for employee welfare benefit plan for providing benefits for employees of more than one employer
§ 689C.115 Mandatory and optional coverage
§ 689C.125 Rating factors for determining premiums
§ 689C.135 Effect of provision in health benefit plan for restricted network on determination of rates
§ 689C.143 Offering of policy of health insurance for purposes of establishing health savings account
§ 689C.145 Characteristics that carrier may use to determine rating factors for establishing premiums. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.155 Regulations
§ 689C.156 Each health benefit plan marketed in this State required to be offered to small employers
§ 689C.1565 Coverage to small employers not required under certain circumstances; notice to Commissioner of and prohibition on writing new business after election not to offer new coverage required
§ 689C.157 Requirement to file basic and standard health benefit plans with Commissioner; disapproval of plan. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.158 Producer may only sign up small employers and eligible employees in bona fide associations if employers and employees are actively engaged in or related to bona fide association
§ 689C.159 Certain provisions inapplicable to plan that carrier makes available only through bona fide association
§ 689C.160 Carrier must uniformly apply requirements to determine whether to provide coverage
§ 689C.165 Carrier prohibited from modifying plan to restrict or exclude coverage for certain services
§ 689C.1655 Coverage for autism spectrum disorders. [Effective through December 31, 2016.]
§ 689C.1655 v2 Coverage for autism spectrum disorders. [Effective January 1, 2017.]
§ 689C.166 Coverage for abuse of alcohol or drugs: Required
§ 689C.167 Coverage for abuse of alcohol or drugs: Benefits
§ 689C.168 Coverage for prescription drug previously approved for medical condition of insured
§ 689C.1683 Coverage for prescription drugs irregularly dispensed for purpose of synchronization of chronic medications. [Effective January 1, 2017.]
§ 689C.1685 Coverage for early refills of topical ophthalmic products
§ 689C.169 Coverage for severe mental illness
§ 689C.170 Authorized variation of minimum participation and contributions; denial of coverage based on industry prohibited
§ 689C.180 Carrier to offer same coverage to all eligible employees; denial of coverage to otherwise eligible employee
§ 689C.183 Plan and carrier required to permit employee or dependent of employee to enroll for coverage under certain circumstances
§ 689C.187 Manner and period for enrolling dependent of covered employee; period of special enrollment
§ 689C.190 Coverage of preexisting conditions
§ 689C.191 Determination of applicable creditable coverage of person; determining period of creditable coverage of person; required statement; applicability
§ 689C.192 Written certification of coverage required for purpose of determining period of creditable coverage accumulated by person
§ 689C.193 Carrier prohibited from imposing restriction on participation inconsistent with certain sections; restrictions on rules of eligibility that may be established; premiums to be equitable
§ 689C.194 Plan that includes coverage for maternity and pediatric care: Required to allow minimum stay in hospital in connection with childbirth; prohibited acts
§ 689C.195 Coverage for services provided through telehealth
§ 689C.196 Insurer prohibited from denying coverage solely because person was victim of domestic violence
§ 689C.197 Carrier prohibited from denying coverage because insured was intoxicated or under influence of controlled substance; exceptions
§ 689C.198 Insurer prohibited from requiring or using information concerning genetic testing; exceptions
§ 689C.200 When carrier is not required to offer coverage
§ 689C.203 Denial of application for coverage from small employer; regulations
§ 689C.207 Regulations concerning reissuance of health benefit plan
§ 689C.210 Procedure for increasing premium rates. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.220 Adjustment in rates to be applied uniformly
§ 689C.230 Determination and application of index rate. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.240 Use of industry classifications as rating factor. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.250 Information considered to be trade secret; exception. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.260 Manner in which carrier may establish separate class of business; transferring small employer into or out of class of business. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.265 Carrier authorized to modify coverage for insurance product under certain circumstances
§ 689C.270 Regulations concerning disclosures by carrier to small employer; copy of disclosure to be made available to small employer
§ 689C.280 Carrier to provide required disclosures to small employer before issuing policy of insurance
§ 689C.281 Coverage for prescription drugs: Provision of notice and information regarding use of formulary
§ 689C.283 Election to operate as risk-assuming carrier or reinsuring carrier: Notice to Commissioner; effective date; change in status. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.287 Election to act as risk-assuming carrier: Suspension by Commissioner; applicable statutes. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.290 Commissioner authorized to suspend restriction on increase of premiums for new rating period based on new business for policy. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.300 Carrier to file actuarial certification annually with Commissioner. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.310 Renewal of health benefit plan; discontinuing issuance and renewal of coverage, plan or form of product of health benefit plan
§ 689C.320 Required notification when carrier discontinues transacting insurance in this State; restrictions on carrier that discontinues transacting insurance
§ 689C.325 Coverage offered through network plan not required to be offered to eligible employee who does not reside or work in geographic service area or if carrier lacks capacity to deliver adequate service to additional employers and employees
§ 689C.327 Carrier that offers network plan: Contracts with certain federally qualified health centers. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.330 When insurer is required to allow employee to continue coverage after employee is no longer covered by health benefit plan
§ 689C.340 Required provisions in health benefit plan of employer who employs less than 20 employees related to continuation of coverage. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.342 Notice of election and payment of premium. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.344 Amount of premium for continuation of coverage; change in rates; payment to insurer; termination. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.346 Effect of change in insurer during period of continued coverage. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.348 Continued coverage ceases before end of established period under certain circumstances. [Repealed.]
§ 689C.350 Health benefit plan with preferred providers of health care: Deductible; when service is deemed to be provided by preferred provider
§ 689C.355 Prohibited acts of carrier or producer; denial of application for coverage; violation may constitute unfair trade practice; applicability of section