§ 3B:12-1 Power of the court to order a protective arrangement.
§ 3B:12-2 Matters within a protective arrangement.
§ 3B:12-3 Factors to be considered before approving a protective arrangement.
§ 3B:12-4 Appointment of special guardian.
§ 3B:12-5 Right of alleged incapacitated person to trial on issue of incapacity.
§ 3B:12-6 Circumstances under which money may be paid or personal property delivered.
§ 3B:12-7 When payment of money or delivery of property prohibited
§ 3B:12-8 Application of money and property; reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses
§ 3B:12-9 Preservation of excess sums; payment and delivery to minor upon attaining 18 years of age
§ 3B:12-10 Persons paying money or delivering property not liable for application
§ 3B:12-11 Affidavit of receipt; contents; filing.
§ 3B:12-12 Jurisdiction of surrogate to appoint guardians for minors
§ 3B:12-13 Power to designate testamentary guardian.
§ 3B:12-14 Consent of surviving parent; formal requisites
§ 3B:12-15 Appointment of testamentary guardian by surviving parent.
§ 3B:12-16 Bond of testamentary guardian.
§ 3B:12-17 Determination into fitness of a testamentary guardian of a minor’s person
§ 3B:12-18 Effect of a testamentary appointment
§ 3B:12-19 Guardian for property of nonresident minor
§ 3B:12-20 Special guardian for consent to enlist; bond; fees
§ 3B:12-21 Persons entitled to appointment
§ 3B:12-22 Appointment when heirs are nonresidents
§ 3B:12-23 Guardian for child of absconding or absent parent
§ 3B:12-24 Issue of incapacity triable without jury unless jury is demanded.
§ 3B:12-24.1 Determination by the court of need for guardianship services, specific services.
§ 3B:12-25 Appointment of guardian.
§ 3B:12-26 Action against incapacitated person when guardian newly appointed; leave of court required.
§ 3B:12-27 Distribution of property of an incapacitated person as intestate property.
§ 3B:12-28 Return to competency; restoration of estate.
§ 3B:12-30 Appointment of guardian of adult by parents or spouse or domestic partner; judgment confirming appointment.
§ 3B:12-31 Consent by surviving parent to guardian’s appointment.
§ 3B:12-32 Temporary appointment of guardian if person not adjudicated an incapacitated person
§ 3B:12-33 Bond of testamentary guardian.
§ 3B:12-34 Determination into fitness of a testamentary guardian of the person of an incapacitated person.
§ 3B:12-35 Effect of a testamentary appointment.
§ 3B:12-36 Authority of court with respect to ward’s person and estate.
§ 3B:12-37 Letters of guardianship to state any limitations at the time of appointment or later.
§ 3B:12-38 Title to ward’s property vested in guardian as trustee.
§ 3B:12-39 Delegation of parent’s or guardian’s powers regarding ward’s care, custody or property; limitations.
§ 3B:12-40 Duty of guardian of ward’s person to account to guardian of his estate
§ 3B:12-41 Guardian of ward’s person entitled to reimbursement for expenses; payments to third persons.
§ 3B:12-42 Reporting condition of ward’s person and property to court.
§ 3B:12-43 Expenditures to be made by guardian out of ward’s estate.
§ 3B:12-44 Recommendations to be considered by guardian of ward’s estate in making expenditures.
§ 3B:12-45 Other factors to be considered by guardian of ward’s estate in making expenditures.
§ 3B:12-47 Persons to whom funds may be paid.
§ 3B:12-48 Powers conferred upon a guardian.
§ 3B:12-50 Additional powers which may be exercised by the court
§ 3B:12-51 Powers and responsibilities of a guardian of the person of a minor generally
§ 3B:12-53 Powers and duties of a guardian of the estate of an unmarried minor as guardian of the minor’s person
§ 3B:12-54 Duty of guardian to deliver property when minor attains 18 years of age.
§ 3B:12-55 When authority and responsibility of guardian terminate
§ 3B:12-56 Powers, rights and duties of a guardian of the person of a ward generally.
§ 3B:12-58 Gifts to charities and other objects.
§ 3B:12-59 Purchase of real property for use of an incapacitated person and his dependents.
§ 3B:12-61 Power of guardian to act as personal representative of the estate of a deceased incapacitated person.
§ 3B:12-62 Factors to be considered by the court or guardian in exercising certain powers
§ 3B:12-64 When authority and responsibility of guardian terminate.
§ 3B:12-65 Vacancy in guardianship
§ 3B:12-66.1 Removal from New Jersey after appointment of guardian.
§ 3B:12-66.2 Transfer into New Jersey of guardianship established in another state.
§ 3B:12-68 Findings, declarations
§ 3B:12-69 Definitions.
§ 3B:12-71 Applicability
§ 3B:12-72 Appointment of standby guardian by court
§ 3B:12-74 Designation of standby guardian by parent
§ 3B:12-75 Immediate assumption of duties of designated standby guardian; revocation
§ 3B:12-77 Notice of petition to child
§ 3B:12-78 Filing, delivery of appointment, designation