Article 1 General Provisions
Article 2 Organization of the Department of Financial Services
Article 3 Administrative and Procedural Provisions
Article 4 Insurance Frauds Prevention
Article 5 Certificates of Insurance
Article 11 Licensing of Insurers
Article 12 Organization and Corporate Procedure
Article 13 Assets and Deposits
Article 14 Investments
Article 15 Holding Companies
Article 16 Subsidiaries of Domestic Property/casualty Insurance Companies and Certain Other Entities
Article 17 Subsidiaries of Domestic Life Insurance Companies and Certain Other Entities
Article 21 Agents, Brokers, Adjusters, Consultants and Intermediaries
Article 22 Certification of Employees of Insurers and Savings Banks Offering Life Insurance
Article 23 Property/casualty Insurance Rates
Article 24 Unfair Methods of Competition and Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices
Article 25 Prohibitions Against Controlled Business
Article 26 Unfair Claim Settlement Practices; Other Misconduct; Discrimination
Article 27 Holocaust Victims Insurance Act of 1998
Article 28 Use of Credit Information
Article 29 Pharmacy Benefit Managers
Article 31 Insurance Contracts – General
Article 32 Insurance Contracts – Life, Accident and Health, Annuities
Article 34 Insurance Contracts-property/casualty
Article 41 Property/casualty Insurance Companies
Article 42 Life Insurance Companies and Accident and Health Insurance Companies and Legal Services Insurance Companies
Article 43 Non-profit Medical and Dental Indemnity, or Health and Hospital Service Corporations
Article 44 Employee Welfare Funds
Article 45 Fraternal Benefit Societies
Article 46 Retirement Systems
Article 47 Municipal Cooperative Health Benefit Plans
Article 48 Managed Care Health Insurance Contracts
Article 49 Utilization Review and External Appeal
Article 51 Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Reparations
Article 52 Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation
Article 53 Motor Vehicle Insurance Assigned Risk Plans
Article 54 New York Property Insurance Underwriting Association
Article 55 Medical Malpractice Insurance Association
Article 56 Health Care Arbitrations
Article 59 Risk Retention Groups and Purchasing Groups
Article 61 Reciprocal Insurers and Lloyds Underwriters
Article 62 New York Insurance Exchange
Article 63 Special Risks; Filing Exemption
Article 64 Title Insurance Corporations
Article 65 Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Companies
Article 66 Co-operative Property/casualty Insurance Companies
Article 67 Nonprofit Property/casualty Insurance Companies
Article 68 Bail Bonds
Article 69 Financial Guaranty Insurance Corporations
Article 70 Captive Insurance Companies
Article 71 Merger, Consolidation, Redomestication, Acquisition of Assets and Acquisition of Certain Shares of Insurers
Article 72 Domestication of the United States Branch of an Alien Insurer
Article 73 Conversion to Different Type of Insurer
Article 74 Rehabilitation, Liquidation, Conservation and Dissolution of Insurers
Article 75 Life Insurance Guaranty Fund
Article 76 Property/casualty Security Funds
Article 77 The Life and Health Insurance Company Guaranty Corporation of New York Act
Article 78 Life Settlements
Article 79 Service Contracts
Article 80 Mutual Holding Company
Article 91 Taxes and Fees
Article 99 Time of Taking Effect

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