§ 260 Formation of Association; By-Laws; Inspection and Disposition of Funds
§ 261 Formation of State Association
§ 262 Customs and Usage of the Armed Forces of the United States
§ 263 Amendatory and Repealing Statutes
§ 265 Name of This Chapter
§ 266 When to Take Effect

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  • Answer: The formal written statement by a defendant responding to a civil complaint and setting forth the grounds for defense.
  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Jurisdiction: (1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case. Concurrent jurisdiction exists when two courts have simultaneous responsibility for the same case. (2) The geographic area over which the court has authority to decide cases.
  • Lease: A contract transferring the use of property or occupancy of land, space, structures, or equipment in consideration of a payment (e.g., rent). Source: OCC
  • Personal property: All property that is not real property.
  • Real property: Land, and all immovable fixtures erected on, growing on, or affixed to the land.
  • Statute: A law passed by a legislature.
  • Trial: A hearing that takes place when the defendant pleads "not guilty" and witnesses are required to come to court to give evidence.