Each payment or delivery of abandoned property pursuant to section five hundred two shall be accompanied by a written report, affirmed as true and accurate under penalty of perjury, in such form as the state comptroller shall prescribe, setting forth:

Terms Used In N.Y. Abandoned Property Law 503

  • Affirmed: In the practice of the appellate courts, the decree or order is declared valid and will stand as rendered in the lower court.
  • Amount: shall include , but is not limited to, any dividend, profit or other distribution, whether in cash or securities, and any interest or other payment on or of principal, including the cash value of any security which has matured or has been called for full or partial redemption or is payable to security owners or former security owners

    entitled to payments as the result of a merger, consolidation, acquisition or conversion of any type. See N.Y. Abandoned Property Law 500

  • Security: shall mean :

    (a) Any instrument issued by a corporation or public corporation or any entry on the books and records of such corporation or public corporation evidencing an obligation to make any payment of the principal amount of a debt or of any increment due or to become due thereon; or

    (b) Any instrument issued by a corporation to evidence a proprietary interest therein or any intangible interest in a corporation as evidenced by the books and records of the corporation except:

    (i) A policy of insurance issued by a mutual insurance corporation, or

    (ii) A share issued by a savings and loan association, a building and loan association, or a credit union. See N.Y. Abandoned Property Law 500

(a) The name and last known address, if any, of the person appearing to be entitled to such abandoned property;

(b) A description of such abandoned property;

(c) The number of shares represented or the face amount of the security;

(d) The amount of any principal, dividend, interest or other increment due thereon;

(e) The date such amount was demandable or payable; and

(f) Such other identifying information as the state comptroller may require.