Article 1 General Provisions for State Administration 115D-1 – 115D-9
Article 1A ApprenticeshipNC 115D-11.5 – 115D-11.14
Article 2 Local Administration 115D-12 – 115D-26
Article 2A Privacy of Employee Personnel Records 115D-27 – 115D-30
Article 3 Financial Support 115D-31 – 115D-43
Article 4A Budgeting, Accounting, and Fiscal Management 115D-54 – 115D-58.16
Article 5 Special Provisions 115D-59 – 115D-62
Article 5A North Carolina Center for Applied Textile Technology at Gaston College 115D-67.1 – 115D-67.4
Article 5B Manufacturing Solutions Center at Catawba Valley Community College 115D-67.10 – 115D-67.12
Article 6A Motorcycle Safety Instruction 115D-72
Article 7 Miscellaneous Provisions 115D-77 – 115D-81
Article 8 Proprietary Schools 115D-87 – 115D-97