Article 1 Judicial Power and Organization 7A-1 – 7A-4
Article 1A Retention Elections 7A-4.1 – 7A-4.2
Article 1B Age Limits for Service as Justice or Judge 7A-4.20 – 7A-4.21
Article 2 Appellate Division Organization 7A-5 – 7A-7
Article 3 The Supreme Court 7A-10 – 7A-14
Article 4 Court of Appeals 7A-16 – 7A-21
Article 5 Jurisdiction 7A-25 – 7A-39
Article 6 Retirement of Justices and Judges of the Appellate Division; Retirement Compensation; Recall to Emergency Service; Disability Retirement 7A-39.1 – 7A-39.15
Article 7 Organization 7A-40 – 7A-49.6
Article 8 Retirement of Judges of the Superior Court; Retirement Compensation for Superior Court Judges; Recall to Emergency Service of Judges of the District and Superior Court; Disability Retirement for Judges of the Superior Court 7A-50 – 7A-57
Article 9 District Attorneys and Prosecutorial Districts 7A-60 – 7A-69
Article 11 Special Regulations 7A-95 – 7A-98
Article 12 Clerk of Superior Court 7A-100 – 7A-114
Article 13 Creation and Organization of the District Court Division 7A-130 – 7A-135
Article 14 District Judges 7A-140 – 7A-149
Article 16 Magistrates 7A-170 – 7A-178
Article 17 Clerical Functions in the District Court 7A-180 – 7A-183
Article 18 District Court Practice and Procedure Generally 7A-190 – 7A-200
Article 19 Small Claim Actions in District Court 7A-210 – 7A-232
Article 20 Original Civil Jurisdiction of the Trial Divisions 7A-240 – 7A-253
Article 21 Institution, Docketing, and Transferring Civil Causes in the Trial Divisions 7A-255 – 7A-260
Article 22 Jurisdiction of the Trial Divisions in Criminal Actions 7A-270 – 7A-274
Article 22A Prohibited Orders 7A-276.1
Article 25 Jurisdiction and Procedure in Criminal Appeals from District Courts 7A-290
Article 26 Additional Powers of District Court Judges and Magistrates 7A-291 – 7A-293
Article 27 Expenses of the Judicial Department 7A-300 – 7A-303
Article 28 Uniform Costs and Fees in the Trial Divisions 7A-304 – 7A-321
Article 29 Administrative Office of the Courts 7A-340 – 7A-354
Article 29A Trial Court Administrators 7A-355 – 7A-356
Article 30 Judicial Standards Commission 7A-374.1 – 7A-377
Article 31A State Judicial Council 7A-409 – 7A-409.2
Article 31B Declaration of Vacancy, Suspension of Salary 7A-410 – 7A-410.1
Article 32 Conference of District Attorneys 7A-411 – 7A-414
Article 36 Entitlement of Indigent Persons Generally 7A-450 – 7A-458
Article 37B Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Act 7A-474.16 – 7A-474.20
Article 39A Custody and Visitation Mediation Program 7A-494 – 7A-495
Article 39B Indigent Defense Services Act 7A-498 – 7A-498.9
Article 40A North Carolina Courts Commission 7A-506 – 7A-510
Article 60 Office of Administrative Hearings 7A-750 – 7A-761
Article 61 Sentencing Services Program 7A-770 – 7A-777
Article 62 Judicially Managed Accountability and Recovery Court Act 7A-790 – 7A-802
Article 63 Conference of Clerks of Superior Court 7A-805 – 7A-808