Whenever in this code provision is made for the filing or presentation of a petition with or to any officer or governing body or board of the state or any agency, instrumentality, or political subdivision thereof as a prerequisite to the calling of an election, or the performance or prohibition of any act, such petition must be filed with or presented to such officer or governing body or board not later than one year from the date such petition is first placed in circulation, or the date the first signature is affixed thereto, whichever date is the latest. If a petition is required by law to be filed or presented on or before a specific or certain date, the petition shall be filed or presented, and physically be in the possession of the person or office designated to receive such petition before four p.m. on such date. The provisions of this section shall not apply in any case in which the law governing a particular petition specifies a shorter or a longer period of time or a different time of day.

Terms Used In North Dakota Code 1-01-50