No hospital, physician, nurse, hospital employee, nor any other person is under any duty, by law or contract, nor may such hospital or person in any circumstances be required to participate in the performance of an abortion, if such hospital or person objects to such abortion. No such person or institution may be discriminated against because the person or institution so objects. For purposes of this section, “abortion” means the act of using or prescribing any instrument, medicine, drug, or any other substance, device, or means with the intent to terminate the clinically diagnosable intrauterine pregnancy of a woman, including the elimination of one or more unborn children in a multifetal pregnancy, with knowledge that the termination by those means will with reasonable likelihood cause the death of the unborn child. Such use, prescription, or means is not an abortion if done with the intent to save the life or preserve the health of the unborn child; remove a dead unborn child caused by spontaneous abortion; or treat a woman for an ectopic pregnancy.

Terms Used In North Dakota Code 23-16-14

  • children: includes children by birth and by adoption. See North Dakota Code 1-01-18
  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Person: means an individual, organization, government, political subdivision, or government agency or instrumentality. See North Dakota Code 1-01-49