1.    An applicant for licensure under this chapter shall pay any filing fee and file an application, on forms provided by the board, to the satisfaction of the board that the applicant is of good moral character and satisfies all of the requirements of this chapter, including:

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a.    Education at one of the following levels:

(1) Master of science degree from a genetic counseling training program that is accredited by the ABGC or an ABGC-approved equivalent organization and approved by the board; or

(2) Doctoral degree from a medical genetics training program that is accredited by the ABMG and approved by the board; and

b.    Successful completion of all requirements of the certification examination within a period not to exceed four years from initial examination to successful completion and with no more than three attempts; c.    Physical, mental, and professional capability for the practice of genetic counseling in a manner acceptable to the board; and

d.    A history free of any finding by the board, by any other state licensing board, or by any court of competent jurisdiction which would constitute grounds for disciplinary action under this chapter. The board may modify this restriction for cause.

2.    In compliance with chapter 43-17, the board may refuse to grant a license under this chapter if any of the license requirements are not met.