§ 5147.07 Purchasing supplies
§ 5147.12 Labor of prisoners not to be sold
§ 5147.13 Prisoners in workhouses or jails may be employed to manufacture articles for public institutions
§ 5147.14 Authority to procure equipment
§ 5147.15 Employment of prisoners
§ 5147.16 Purchase or lease beds of limestone, or other suitable road-building material
§ 5147.17 Sentence of hard labor in county
§ 5147.18 Duty of county commissioners to work prisoners at hard labor
§ 5147.19 Control of prisoners at hard labor
§ 5147.20 Resentence of prisoner sick or incapacitated for work
§ 5147.21 Board of county commissioners may employ superintendent
§ 5147.22 Earnings of prisoners
§ 5147.27 Temporary details to specified labor
§ 5147.28 Court may establish work-release program
§ 5147.29 Collection and disbursal of prisoner’s earnings from work-release program
§ 5147.30 County jail industry program

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