§ 28-56-1 Definitions
§ 28-56-2 Social media password requests prohibited
§ 28-56-3 Social media access requests prohibited
§ 28-56-4 Disciplinary actions prohibited
§ 28-56-5 Exceptions
§ 28-56-6 Penalties for violations

Terms Used In Rhode Island General Laws > Chapter 28-56

  • Employee: means any person who has entered into the employment of or works under contract of service or apprenticeship with any employer, except that in the case of a city or town other than the city of Providence it shall only mean that class or those classes of employees as may be designated by a city, town, or regional school district in a manner provided in this chapter to receive compensation under chapters 29 – 38 of this title. See Rhode Island General Laws 28-29-2.
  • Employer: includes any person, partnership, corporation, or voluntary association, and the legal representative of a deceased employer; it includes the state, and the city of Providence. See Rhode Island General Laws 28-29-2.
  • person: extends to and includes co-partnerships and bodies corporate and politic. See Rhode Island General Laws 43-3-6.