Chapter 28-1 Department of Labor and Training
Chapter 28-2 Duty to Work in Time of War
Chapter 28-3 Employment of Women and Children
Chapter 28-4 Indenture of Apprentices
Chapter 28-5 Fair Employment Practices
Chapter 28-5.1 Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Chapter 28-6 Wage Discrimination Based on Sex
Chapter 28-6.1 Lie Detector Tests as Conditions of Employment
Chapter 28-6.2 Physical Examination as a Condition of Employment
Chapter 28-6.3 Fees for Employment Applications
Chapter 28-6.4 Inspection of Personnel Files
Chapter 28-6.5 Urine and Blood Tests as a Condition of Employment
Chapter 28-6.6 Labor Union Affiliation
Chapter 28-6.7 Genetic Testing as a Condition of Employment
Chapter 28-6.8 Confidentiality of Employer/Employee Assistance Plans
Chapter 28-6.9 Tax and Income Information From Job Applicants
Chapter 28-6.10 The Temporary Employee Protection Act
Chapter 28-6.11 Employer Transportation Service Charge
Chapter 28-6.12 Privacy in Private Spaces
Chapter 28-6.13 The Volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Technician Protection Act
Chapter 28-6.14 Employment Applications Prohibited
Chapter 28-7 Labor Relations Act
Chapter 28-7.1 Health and Welfare Funds, Pension Plans
Chapter 28-8 Actions by Labor Organizations
Chapter 28-9 Arbitration of Labor Controversies
Chapter 28-9.1 Firefighters’ Arbitration
Chapter 28-9.2 Municipal Police Arbitration
Chapter 28-9.3 Certified School Teachers’ Arbitration
Chapter 28-9.4 Municipal Employees’ Arbitration
Chapter 28-9.5 State Police Arbitration
Chapter 28-9.6 911 Employees’ Arbitration
Chapter 28-9.7 Correctional Officers Arbitration
Chapter 28-10 Labor Disputes
Chapter 28-11 Hours of Employment
Chapter 28-11.1 Part-Time Elected Officials
Chapter 28-12 Minimum Wages
Chapter 28-13 Measurement of Work in Textile Factories
Chapter 28-14 Payment of Wages
Chapter 28-15 Assignment of Future Wages
Chapter 28-16 Enforcement of Wage and Hour Laws
Chapter 28-17 Employees’ Trusts
Chapter 28-18 Industrial Homework
Chapter 28-20 Division of Occupational Safety
Chapter 28-21 Hazardous Substances Right-to-Know Act
Chapter 28-22 Division of Professional Regulation
Chapter 28-25 Boiler Inspection and Pressure Vessels
Chapter 28-26 Hoisting Engineers
Chapter 28-27 Mechanical Trades
Chapter 28-29 Workers’ Compensation — General Provisions
Chapter 28-30 Workers’ Compensation Court
Chapter 28-31 Workers’ Compensation — State and Municipal Employees
Chapter 28-31.1 State Employees’ Compensation Fund
Chapter 28-32 Workers’ Compensation — Report of Injuries
Chapter 28-33 Workers’ Compensation — Benefits
Chapter 28-34 Workers’ Compensation — Occupational Diseases
Chapter 28-35 Workers’ Compensation — Procedure
Chapter 28-36 Workers’ Compensation — Insurance
Chapter 28-37 Workers’ Compensation Administrative Fund
Chapter 28-38 Chief Judge Robert F. Arrigan Rehabilitation Center
Chapter 28-39 Temporary Disability Insurance — General Provisions
Chapter 28-40 Temporary Disability Insurance — Contributions
Chapter 28-41 Temporary Disability Insurance — Benefits
Chapter 28-42 Employment Security — General Provisions
Chapter 28-43 Employment Security — Contributions
Chapter 28-44 Employment Security — Benefits
Chapter 28-45 Apprenticeship Programs in Trade and Industry
Chapter 28-46 Private Nonvested Pension Benefits
Chapter 28-47 Workers’ Compensation — Group Self-Insurance
Chapter 28-48 Rhode Island Parental and Family Medical Leave Act
Chapter 28-49 Rhode Island Disaster Service Volunteer Leave Act
Chapter 28-50 The Rhode Island Whistleblowers’ Protection Act
Chapter 28-51 Sexual Harassment, Education and Training in the Workplace
Chapter 28-52 Workplace Violence Protection
Chapter 28-53 Rhode Island Uninsured Protection Fund
Chapter 28-54 Municipal Employees
Chapter 28-55 The Rhode Island Jobs Match Enhancement Program
Chapter 28-56 Employee Social Media Privacy
Chapter 28-57 Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces Act
Chapter 28-58 Local Ownership Opportunity Act
Chapter 28-59 Rhode Island Noncompetition Agreement Act