Chapter 30-1 Militia
Chapter 30-2 Organization and Command of Military and Naval Forces
Chapter 30-3 National Guard
Chapter 30-4 Independent Military Organizations
Chapter 30-5 Unorganized Militia
Chapter 30-6 Pay and Allowances
Chapter 30-7 Privileges and Immunities of Militia Members
Chapter 30-8 Decorations
Chapter 30-9 Military Property
Chapter 30-10 Armories and Campgrounds
Chapter 30-11 Employment Rights of Members of Armed Forces
Chapter 30-12 General Offenses
Chapter 30-13 Rhode Island Code of Military Justice
Chapter 30-14 General Provisions
Chapter 30-15 Emergency Management
Chapter 30-15.1 Emergency Location of State Government
Chapter 30-15.2 Emergency Location of Governments for State Political Subdivisions
Chapter 30-15.4 Debris and Wreckage Removal in Disasters
Chapter 30-15.5 Community Disaster Loans in Major Disasters
Chapter 30-15.6 Temporary Housing for Disaster Victims
Chapter 30-15.7 Grants to Disaster Victims
Chapter 30-15.8 Mutual Aid Agreement With Bordering States
Chapter 30-15.9 The Rhode Island Emergency Management Assistance Compact
Chapter 30-16 Licensing Construction of Bomb Shelters
Chapter 30-17.1 Veterans’ Affairs
Chapter 30-18 Recordation of Honorable Discharges
Chapter 30-19 Capacity of Minor Veterans
Chapter 30-20 Veterans’ Professional Certificates
Chapter 30-21 Employment of Veterans
Chapter 30-22 Extension of Veterans’ Benefits
Chapter 30-23 Veterans’ Retraining and Reemployment Committees
Chapter 30-24 Rhode Island Veterans’ Home
Chapter 30-25 Burial of Veterans
Chapter 30-27 Veterans’ Organizations
Chapter 30-28 Monuments and Memorials
Chapter 30-29 Committee on Naval Affairs
Chapter 30-30 Benefits for Dependents of Deceased Veterans, P.O.W.S., and M.I.A.S
Chapter 30-30.1 Educational Benefits for Disabled American Veterans
Chapter 30-30.2 Educational Assistance For Combat Veterans
Chapter 30-30.3 Tuition for Covered Individuals Under Post-911 GI Bill and Montgomery GI Bill
Chapter 30-31 Medal of Honor Recipients
Chapter 30-32 National Security Infrastructure Support Fund
Chapter 30-33 The Rhode Island Military Family Relief Act