§ 59-56-10 Beaufort-Jasper Higher Education Commission; membership; terms of office; vacancies; chairman and secretary; meetings
§ 59-56-20 Powers and duties of commission
§ 59-56-30 Annual written financial report

Terms Used In South Carolina Code > Title 59 > Chapter 56

  • Board: means the South Carolina Board of Natural Resources. See South Carolina Code 50-5-15
  • convicted: means adjudication at trial or civil hearing and includes the entry of a plea of guilty, or nolo contendere, or the forfeiture of bail or collateral deposited to secure a defendant's appearance in court. See South Carolina Code 50-5-15
  • Department: means the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources unless otherwise stated. See South Carolina Code 50-5-15
  • Person: means an individual, a partnership, a firm, a corporation, an association, or other legal entity. See South Carolina Code 50-21-10