Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 3 Emergency Seats of Government for Political Subdivisions
Chapter 4 Allocation of Accommodations Tax Revenues
Chapter 5 Investment of Funds by Political Subdivisions
Chapter 6 South Carolina Pooled Investment Fund
Chapter 7 Planning by Local Governments
Chapter 8 Building Codes Enforcement Officers
Chapter 9 Building Codes
Chapter 10 Energy Standard Act
Chapter 11 Special Purpose or Public Service Districts Generally
Chapter 13 Rural Community Water Districts
Chapter 15 Sewage Collection, Disposal and Treatment by Governmental Entities
Chapter 16 Solid Waste Disposal Resource Recovery Facilities Act
Chapter 17 Revenue Bond Refinancing Act of 1937
Chapter 19 State Grants for Water and Sewer Authorities, Districts or Systems
Chapter 21 Revenue Bond Act for Utilities
Chapter 23 Joint Municipal Electric Power and Energy Act
Chapter 24 Joint Agency Act
Chapter 25 Joint Authority Water and Sewer Systems Act
Chapter 27 State Aid to Subdivisions Act
Chapter 29 South Carolina Local Government Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act of 1994
Chapter 31 South Carolina Local Government Development Agreement Act
Chapter 34 Retail Facilities Revitalization Act
Chapter 35 Residential Improvement District Act
Chapter 37 Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority