§ 11001.001 Definitions
§ 11001.002 Road District Powers and Duties
§ 11001.003 Master Plan Approval and Adoption
§ 11001.004 Master Plan Content
§ 11001.005 Master Plan Implementation
§ 11001.006 Master Plan Annual Hearing
§ 11001.007 Monthly Charges
§ 11001.008 City or County Approval of Plans and Specifications
§ 11001.009 Inspections, Sampling, and Testing
§ 11001.010 Conveyance of Improvements
§ 11001.011 Additional Powers
§ 11001.012 Report to Certain Legislators
§ 11001.013 Termination of Road District Authority; Distribution of District Money

Terms Used In Texas Special District Local Laws Code Chapter 11001 - Road District Authority of Bastrop County Water Control and Improvement District No. 2

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