§ 63-8-101 Short title
§ 63-8-102 Chapter definitions
§ 63-8-103 Board of optometry — Created — Members — Terms
§ 63-8-104 Oath of board members
§ 63-8-105 Appointments to board
§ 63-8-106 Removal of members of board
§ 63-8-107 Officers of board — Meetings — Examinations
§ 63-8-108 Quorum — Records of board
§ 63-8-109 Reports of board
§ 63-8-110 Compensation of board members
§ 63-8-111 Administrative support
§ 63-8-112 Powers of board — Examinations
§ 63-8-113 Unlawful practices — Advertising
§ 63-8-114 Exemptions
§ 63-8-115 Qualifications of applicants
§ 63-8-116 Display of certificate
§ 63-8-118 Discrimination between ocular practitioners prohibited
§ 63-8-119 Annual registration — Continuing education
§ 63-8-120 Discipline of certificate holders
§ 63-8-121 Administrative procedures
§ 63-8-122 Penalties
§ 63-8-123 Regulation of laboratory practices of optometrists
§ 63-8-124 Public policy
§ 63-8-125 Lease between an optometrist and manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer of ophthalmic materials — Control of professional judgment or practice by lessor prohibited
§ 63-8-126 Drug prescriptions
§ 63-8-127 Prohibition against requirement of minimum purchase of ophthalmic materials as a condition of participation in vision or health care plan
§ 63-8-133 Inactive licenses to perform pro bono services

Terms Used In Tennessee Code > Title 63 > Chapter 8

  • Board: means the board of optometry created by this chapter, or similar boards created by the optometry law of other states. See Tennessee Code 63-8-102
  • Certificate of fitness: means the certificate issued by the board certifying to the division that the person therein named has met the requirements of this chapter and passed the standard examination given by the board. See Tennessee Code 63-8-102
  • Certificate of registration: means the certificate issued by the division of health related boards under chapter 1 of this title. See Tennessee Code 63-8-102
  • Code: includes the Tennessee Code and all amendments and revisions to the code and all additions and supplements to the code. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • Division: means the division of health related boards in the department of health. See Tennessee Code 63-8-102
  • Month: means a calendar month. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • Muscular anomalies: means any deviation from the normal standard. See Tennessee Code 63-8-102
  • Oath: includes affirmation. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • Ophthalmic materials: means any lens that has a spherical, cylindrical or prismatic power or value used before or upon the eye, any contact lens that has no prescription power, and any frame or other appliance used for the purpose of holding or positioning any ophthalmic lenses before the eyes. See Tennessee Code 63-8-102
  • Optometrist: means a person who is engaged in the practice of optometry as defined. See Tennessee Code 63-8-102
  • Person: includes a corporation, firm, company or association. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • Record: means information that is inscribed on a tangible medium or that is stored in an electronic or other medium and is retrievable in a perceivable form. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • Representative: when applied to those who represent a decedent, includes executors and administrators, unless the context implies heirs and distributees. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • signed: includes a mark, the name being written near the mark and witnessed, or any other symbol or methodology executed or adopted by a party with intention to authenticate a writing or record, regardless of being witnessed. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • Standard examination: means the examination prescribed by §. See Tennessee Code 63-8-102
  • State: means any of the fifty (50) states of the union, the District of Columbia and territories of the United States. See Tennessee Code 63-8-102
  • State: when applied to the different parts of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the several territories of the United States. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • United States: includes the District of Columbia and the several territories of the United States. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • written: includes printing, typewriting, engraving, lithography, and any other mode of representing words and letters. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • Year: means a calendar year, unless otherwise expressed. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105