(a) The citrus nursery stock certification program is established. The department administers the program.
(b) The department shall accomplish the purposes of the program through the certification of nurseries growing or selling citrus nursery stock in the citrus zone.

Terms Used In Texas Agriculture Code 19.0041

(c) All citrus nursery stock grown in or sold in the citrus zone must be grown in a certified citrus nursery.
(d) The department, in consultation with the advisory council, shall set standards for certified citrus nurseries and citrus nursery stock certification, and shall inspect citrus nurseries and the records of citrus nurseries to ensure that citrus nurseries comply with the provisions of the citrus nursery stock certification program.
(e) The department shall provide for an annual renewal of a certificate for a certified citrus nursery, including the imposition of applicable fees. The department shall renew the certificate if the nursery maintains the standards set by the department under Subsection (d).