§ 13.021 Legal Standards
§ 13.022 Standard for Length and Surface
§ 13.023 Standard for Weight
§ 13.024 Standard for Liquid Capacity
§ 13.025 Standard for Solid Capacity
§ 13.026 Cord
§ 13.027 Standard Net Weight or Count Set by Rule
§ 13.028 Standard Weight Per Bushel for Certain Commodities
§ 13.029 Exemption of Weighing or Measuring Devices
§ 13.030 Sale of Commodities by Net Weight
§ 13.031 Sale of Commodities by Proper Measure
§ 13.032 Standard Fill and Quantity Labeling for Commodities in Package Form
§ 13.033 Sale of Milk or Cream in Nonstandard Container
§ 13.034 Sale of Cheese, Meat, or Meat Food Product by Nonstandard Weight
§ 13.035 Price Advertisement; Misrepresentation of Price or Quantity
§ 13.036 False Representation of Commodity Quantity
§ 13.037 Use of Incorrect Weighing or Measuring Device
§ 13.038 Sale of Commodity in Violation of Subchapter
§ 13.039 Testing of Package by Department
§ 13.040 Stop-Sale Order
§ 13.041 Penalties; Defense

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