In this chapter:
(1) “Cutoff luminaire” means a luminaire in which 2.5% or less of the lamp lumens are emitted above a horizontal plane through the luminaire’s lowest part and 10% or less of the lamp lumens are emitted at a vertical angle 80 degrees above the luminaire’s lowest point.
(2) “Light pollution” means the night sky glow caused by the scattering of artificial light in the atmosphere.
(3) “Outdoor lighting fixture” means any type of fixed or movable lighting equipment that is designed or used for illumination outdoors. The term includes billboard lighting, street lights, searchlights and other lighting used for advertising purposes, and area lighting. The term does not include lighting equipment that is required by law to be installed on motor vehicles or lighting required for the safe operation of aircraft.
(4) “State funds” means:
(A) money appropriated by the legislature; or
(B) bond revenues of the state.