(a) An association may be governed by a board of directors. Except as provided in the project instrument, or this chapter, the board may act in all instances on behalf of the association.
(b) Except as expressly authorized in the project instrument or otherwise permitted by the association, the board may not act on behalf of the association to:
(1) amend the project instrument;
(2) terminate the timeshare plan;
(3) elect or remove board members; or
(4) determine the qualifications, powers, duties, or terms of office of board members.

Terms Used In Texas Property Code 221.082

  • Association: means a council or association composed of all persons who have purchased a timeshare interest. See Texas Property Code 221.002
  • Board: means the governing body of a timeshare association designated in a project instrument to act on behalf of the association. See Texas Property Code 221.002
  • Project instrument: means a timeshare instrument or one or more recordable documents, by whatever name denominated, applying to the whole of a timeshare project and containing restrictions or covenants regulating the use, occupancy, or disposition of units in a project, including a declaration for a condominium, association articles of incorporation, association bylaws, and rules for a condominium in which a timeshare plan is created. See Texas Property Code 221.002
  • Timeshare plan: means any arrangement, plan, scheme, or similar method, excluding an exchange program but including a membership agreement, sale, lease, deed, license, or right-to-use agreement, by which a purchaser, in exchange for consideration, receives an ownership right in or the right to use accommodations for a period of time less than a year during a given year, but not necessarily consecutive years. See Texas Property Code 221.002

(c) Subject to the project instrument, the board may appoint a member to fill a vacancy on the board and the member appointed serves for the unexpired portion of the term of the predecessor board member.