“Unprofessional conduct” includes the following and may be further defined by division rule:

(1)  maintaining, operating, or assisting in the establishment or operation of any place of business for the purpose of performing massage without first obtaining a business license, if a license is required;

Terms Used In Utah Code 58-47b-502

  • Practice of massage therapy: means :
(a) the examination, assessment, and evaluation of the soft tissue structures of the body for the purpose of devising a treatment plan to promote homeostasis;
(b) the systematic manual or mechanical manipulation of the soft tissue of the body for the purpose of:
(i) promoting the therapeutic health and well-being of a client;
(ii) enhancing the circulation of the blood and lymph;
(iii) relaxing and lengthening muscles;
(iv) relieving pain;
(v) restoring metabolic balance;
(vi) achieving homeostasis; or
(vii) other purposes;
(c) the use of the hands or a mechanical or electrical apparatus in connection with this Subsection (6);
(d) the use of rehabilitative procedures involving the soft tissue of the body;
(e) range of motion or movements without spinal adjustment as set forth in Section 58-73-102;
(f) oil rubs, heat lamps, salt glows, hot and cold packs, or tub, shower, steam, and cabinet baths;
(g) manual traction and stretching exercise;
(h) correction of muscular distortion by treatment of the soft tissues of the body;
(i) counseling, education, and other advisory services to reduce the incidence and severity of physical disability, movement dysfunction, and pain;
(j) similar or related activities and modality techniques;
(k) the practice described in this Subsection (6) on an animal to the extent permitted by:
(i) Subsection 58-28-307(12);
(ii) the provisions of this chapter; and
(iii) division rule; or
(l) providing, offering, or advertising a paid service using the term massage or a derivative of the word massage, regardless of whether the service includes physical contact. See Utah Code 58-47b-102
  • State: when applied to the different parts of the United States, includes a state, district, or territory of the United States. See Utah Code 48-2e-1156
  • Unprofessional conduct: is a s defined in Sections 58-1-501 and 58-47b-502 and as may be further defined by division rule. See Utah Code 58-47b-102
  • (2)  failing to comply with any applicable ordinances relating to the regulation of massage establishment;

    (3)  failing to comply with all applicable state and local health or sanitation codes;

    (4)  failing to properly supervise an apprentice;

    (5)  failing to maintain mechanical or electrical equipment in a safe operating condition;

    (6)  failing to adequately monitor patrons utilizing steam rooms, dry heat cabinets, or water baths;

    (7)  prescribing or administering medicine or drugs;

    (8)  engaging in any act or practice in a professional capacity that is outside of the practice of massage therapy; and

    (9)  engaging in any act or practice in a professional capacity for which the licensee is not competent to perform through training or experience.

    Amended by Chapter 159, 1998 General Session